The Swamp Cross Sand Pit and Communique!

On December 14, 2012 by Super Rookie

Swamp Cross is right around the corner and the crew from 352 Racing has some new course features in store for you. Perhaps the most noticeable is the all new sand pit. We were able to score a spy video of the sand pit in action!

Make sure to view it in full-screen!

The promoters also released this race communique this morning:


1) We do not have running water at the course. We wish we did, but we get the best course in Florida in exchange!

2) We have a ton of free parking at the course. It is at the bottom of the hill. We do not allow parking up top. Only official race vehicles and vendors are allowed to drive up top. Sorry.3) Please do not interfere with riders that are racing while you are warming up. Please do not ride past the finish line while warming up. If this happens you will be PUBLICLY SHAMED by the old guy on the microphone.

4) We really love our course. We really love hanging out with our cycling friends. In exchange for the awesome opportunity to race at this course we ask in your help in keeping the grounds clean and the atmosphere friendly. Pack out what you brought in and keep the sailor talk at home.