Tampa Riverfront CX Day 2 Race Report

On October 16, 2013 by Christian

Sunday morning went a lot smoother than Saturday, as most of the course was unchanged from Saturday. The only big change was the addition of a steep rideable run up to the top of the amphitheater mound with a steep drop off the back side of it. There were a few new turns added, but if anything the course got a little bit faster. The first FLCX Points Series race of the 2013/14 season had 125 unique riders, which is an all time high for a non-state championship race in Florida. We’re all very excited that all of you came out, we hope you had as much fun as we did.


Thirty-Five Masters 35, 45, and 55 toed the line for wave one, so as you can imagine, there was some traffic on the first few corners. From Left, Todd Leedy (352), Steve Noble (Infinity Racing), Chris Stevens (Pinnacle Wheelworks) Todd Frobish (Brick City) jockey for position early in the race.

Rob Robins tip-toeing along the tip of a ridge on his fancy new Giant. I am pretty ambivalent about the need for disc brakes, or at least I was until I saw this bike in the flesh. So sweet.

Steve Noble in his familiar position in the drops.

doing it wrong

Pete Miner (Swift Cycles), most certainly not suitcasing his bike over the barriers. Kids, don’t do it this way unless you like making your arms extra tired.

Chris Stevens did an entire lap with no seat post. What an animal.

Zach Fout took of from the gun, with Andy Mills and Jack Rich chasing him. After two or three laps, Zach burped his tubeless tires and was gone. Mills and Rich traded the lead a few times, but a loss of tire pressure in his own tubeless tires slowed Jack’s pursuit leaving Andy Mills the winner. Steve Mace finished a strong third, riding just off the pace of Jack and Andy, but never in any danger of getting caught. In the 45 plus, Steve Noble held off the furious pressure of Vitore Alexandre and Brian Knight. They were riding well enough to come in 5th, 6th, and 7th overall in the wave, very impressive indeed. In the 55 plus, John Torrey took the win over Paul Schwartz and Brad Scott.


Eleven riders lined up for the Pro 12 Open field, including 13 year old Mike Mace, who is apparently not only wickedly fast but also a glutton for punishment. Mike stayed out there all 60 minutes, which is even more impressive, because 60 minute CX races hurt more than the 90 minute MTB races Mike is used to. Round two of Thornton VS Woodall was over almost as fast as round one, with the same result. Josh is just riding so well right now, and Ryan can barely lift one of his arms above his head. Even so, Ryan was never in any danger of coming in any lower than second. The real race was for the third step on the podium, between Walker Owen (Swift Cycle) and Michael Danish (Rose Bandits.) They dueled for the last half of the race, but Danish had a little more at the end and took third. Walker was fourth, and Keith Richards was fifth, although if Jason Guillen could have kept air in his tires, it could have been a different race- Jason flatted twice and mounted furious chases to almost catch Keith by the end. Back in the giggling group, Tim Hayes took his revenge on Rich Dybdahl for his shocking defeat at Dunedin.

Walker Owen

podium by aliyah ryan .


An absolutely huge (by FLCX standards) field of 36 Cat 4/5 / First timers came running to the line when I announced that it was time to stage them, including a Dad and his three sons. Of course, Rich Dybdahl had a ringer in the mix as well. Where does he find all of these guys? The ringer on question, Alexander Lonsdale, pretty much took off from the word “go” and just kept expanding the time gap back to second place. Justin DeLeo and John Kingham rounded out the podium.

start line pib by Brick City Bikes


Eleven! women lined up for the Cat 4 race. Jennifer Kraatz took the ball and ran with it for her second win of the weekend. Maybe she will show up on next week’s Power Ranking? Yarrow Greggus from Gaineville was second, and Erica Richards and Melissa Isenden were third and fourth respectively. It sure looks like Cat 4 women will be pretty competitive this season.

W4 start by Dave Horst.

Dana Putney by Dave Horst


Category 3 Mens featured the debut of Addison Zawada as a major force in FLCX. He’s so fast that he’ll be racing for 60 minutes before the end of the year. He’s so fast he has a Red Bull helmet. Look for him on the Power Rankings next time. A dominating day for him. Wojtek Dyszkiewicz showed that as the weather cools off, he’s just going to get stronger with a solid second place. In third place was Mark Pettingill.

Michael Davis by Dana Putney


In the Women 123 Open, Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) took off like she was shot from a cannon that shoots people and bicycles really fast and rode away for the win. Duffy Danish (Rose Bandits) managed to keep her tires inflated unlike Saturday and took second from consistant rider and drinker Kristen Apotsos (Infinity), who supplied most of the photo’s used in this update, so thanks to her for not only kicking ass on her bike, but also for the pics.

Kids Race


For someone with no kids of his own, Tim Hayes sure loves to yell at kids through a megahorn while they’re racing. I’ll chalk it up to the fact that he’s a teacher, and the Principal at his school has a desk drawer full of Tim’s megahorns. We had the kids go around the tennis courts and around the Old Oak Tree to give them some technical riding, too.

Tim encouraging the kids race.

SS / Juniors

Since I hadn’t really raced all weekend, I decided to do the Single Speed on Sunday. I zip tied my shifters and had a decent start, and was 5th or so at the holeshot. I passed Michael Weimar at the run up, and then proceded to destroy a tubular that I had filled up with caffe latex the day before on the sidewalk of doom. I changed the tire and then I hit something else and knocked my front wheel loose. and that was pretty much my race. Sigh. I guess I shouldn’t have talked all that crap about the tubeless guys having trouble keeping air in their tires. Josh Thornton, operating on that really fast planet that few people in Florida are capable of operating on, rode away from everyone on one gear almost as quickly as he does it on multiple gears, and won the Bulleit 10 year. Woodall and Richards rounded out the podium. Melissa Isenman won the badass of the day award for flatting on the last last and running with her bike for the majority of the lap.

In the Junior race, Jackson Mehr (Swift Cycles) was the winner in 10-14, followed by Jake Thornton, who I’m pretty sure I dragged up to the top of the amphitheater at one point, when he got stuck halfway up the run up. Brandon Isenman came in third place. In 15-18, Eric Meucci was the only rider, and if he’s even remotely as fast as his older brother, then expect to see his name at the top of the results page again.


dybdahl and richards

Sidewalk of doom, pic by Mike Weimar

Many thanks to Jordan and Chelsea from Velo Champ and all of their volunteers for the hard work they put in to make the second edition of the Tampa Riverfront CX even better than the first. You will be seeing more of this venue, it was phenomenal.