State Championship Racer Data

On January 16, 2013 by Super Rookie

Yes, we are a bunch of nerds, but we love looking at cool stuff.

This past weekend 124 total racers showed up to the Florida State Cyclocross Championships. This got us thinking about how the largest race of the year in the Sunshine State compares to those across the country. We then decided to scour the internet and seek out the total number of racers at the other State Championships across the country.

Naturally, some parts of the country take their State Championships very seriously and these races are among the best attended in their respective series. Minnesota is an example of this as the participation at their event is head and shoulders above the rest in their series. Florida is also an example of this. We then have some states in which the State Championships don’t seem to be a very big deal. An example of this is the New England Regional Championships of Mass., NH, ME and RI. The combined total for that race is far below what you see at some of the larger regional races, such as, The Gran Prix of Gloucester.

Super Rookie took time away from his calculations to pose for a picture. (Photo: Google Search)

These numbers were mostly pulled from USA Cycling Sanctioned events, but we did have to venture to the “dark side” and get the numbers for the Oregon race from the OBRA website (we assure USA Cycling that we have since washed our hands multiple times). There’s also that weird situation in California of two championships and one being combined with Nevada.

There were a few states that didn’t host State Championships and that is reflected below. There were also a few states that don’t have the results from their State Championships anywhere remotely rational for someone to look on the internet. How hard is it people? Seriously.

In addition, these numbers are calculated using the ‘Total Racers’ method. This is not ‘unique racers’ so these numbers include racers that doubled up. This was due to the fact that we didn’t want to look at results for riders that doubled up. It should also be noted that we decided to combine the totals of a few races that had age-group and category racing on the same weekend, but on different days.

We are fairly confident in the numbers provided below as we pulled it from because that site is amazing. For those states that refuse to get with the 90s and submit their results to crossresults we went to USA Cycling to get it (this required a calculator, uggh).

The numbers out of Wisconsin seemed a little fishy using the USA Cycling website as they seem to have multiple championships for the same category–both a Wisconsin and a Regional championship. For this we went with the Wisconsin Cycling Association championships held on Saturday and not the “Midwest Regional Championships” held on

Finally, the best flyer for a State Championship goes to the folks from Montana that provided this gem: HOT CHEETOS AND TAKIS CYCLOCROSS

State Championships Total Racers:

Nebraska: 39
Montana: 41
Arkansas: 43
Oklahoma: 55
South Carolina: 69 (two days combined)
New Mexico: 75
Arizona: 92
Idaho: 107
Tennessee: 113
Missouri: 122
Florida: 124
Virginia: 126
West Virginia: 126
Michigan: 143
Kansas: 144
Indiana: 154
Southern California District: 162
Pennsylvania: 164
Georgia: 183
Iowa: 183
Texas: 208
Utah: 209
Vermont: 211
Connecticut: 226
Northern California District: 229
New Jersey: 233
Oregon (OBRA): 233
Ohio: 244 (two days combined – age/category)
New York: 280
Maryland/Delaware/DC: 299 (MABRA Championships)
Wisconsin: 315* (See notes above)
Mass/Maine/NH/RI: 372
North Carolina: 382
Washington: 395
Minnesota: 400 (two days combined – age/category)
Wisconsin: 563* (two days combined)
Colorado: 632
Illinois: 681

Data Unavailable:


State Championship Unknown:


No State Championship Held:

Nevada (Held in conjuntion with Northern California)
North Dakota
South Dakota