Series Rules


USAC Cyclocross Rules apply with some modifications noted on this page. FLCX Series races are not UCI events therefore UCI restrictions on cyclocross bikes (e.g., tire width restrictions) do not apply.

Categories: All riders must race the category shown on their USAC License. One-day license may not race in M1/2/3 or W1/2/3.

Forced Upgrades Mid-Season: M4, M3, and W4 riders that win 2 races in a single season will be forced to upgrade with a percentage of their points carrying over to their new category series (See Points: Forced Upgrade Points).

License: All riders must hold a USAC License or must purchase a one-day license for each day of racing.

Series and Race Day Structure:

Call-Ups: Call-ups are optional, but may only be used in the following way: The top 8 riders in the series standings at the start of the current race may be called up to the line first in one row, remaining riders must line up behind the first row. If less than 16 riders are entered in a race, no call-ups may be used. Championship races may only call-up the previous year’s defending champion in that race.

Classes: Each event in the series must offer races for each of the 10 FLCX Classes. This rule does not prohibit but recommends other classes or categories (e.g., Mountain Bike Only, Kids Race, etc.). FLCX Series Championship awards will be based on riders’ points scored in the following classes*:

Men Pro 1/2/Open Women Pro 1/2/Open
Men 3 Women 4
Masters 35+ Masters 45+, 55+
Juniors 10-14 Juniors 15-18
Singlespeed Men 4/5*
*In an effort to increase field sizes and keep fields fair and fun we have decided to make Men’s Category 4/5 a non-championship category. Riders scores will be maintained and riders will be given 50% of their earned points for when they upgrade to Men’s Category 3.
Race Day Start Time: FLCX Series race promoters are able to choose their own start times that fit their course requirements.
Series Race Day Format: The following race format is to be used for the 2013-2014 series:
  • Wave 1 (45mins): Masters 35+, Masters 45+, Masters 55+
  • Wave 2 (60mins): Men Pro/1/2/Open
  • Wave 3 (30mins): Men 4/5, Women 4/5 (Staggered Start Required)
  • Wave 4 (45mins): Women 1/2/Open, Men 3
  • Wave 5 (30mins): Singlespeed, Juniors 15-18, Juniors 10-14 (Staggered Start Required)

FLCX Point Series Rules:

Awards: The winner based on the below points system of each category will receive a Series Champions Cowbell. The top three based on below points system of each category will receive trophies/medals. All awards will be presented at the state championships in Dade City.

Dropped Races: The series consists of 8 races (excluding State Championships) so we will drop 2 races from your score.

Eligibility: A rider must compete in a minimal 6 FLCX Series Races to be eligible for overall awards.

Forced Upgrade Points: Riders forced to upgrade mid-season (see General: Forced Upgrades) will be allowed to carry over 50% of their points into the next category. In the case of an odd number of points, the riders’ points will be rounded up (e.g.: Rider with 71 Points upgrades, 50% would be 35.5 so it would be rounded up to 36 Points).

Point Earnings: Riders will earn points in the category of the race that they have entered (e.g. a Women 2 racing in a Master’s field will earn points in the Master’s Series, not the Women’s Series).

Points Schedule:

1st 30points 7th 12points 13th 5points
2nd 25points 8th 10points 14th 4points
3rd 20points 9th 9points 15th 3points
4th 18points 10th 8points 16th 2points
5th 16points 11th 7points 17th 1point
6th 14points 12th 6points >18th 0points

State Championships: State Championship races will NOT be awarded points. It is a stand alone event used to determine the state champion.

Tie Breaker: In the situation that a series class podium ends in a tie, the finishing order of those riders at the State Championship event to determine the tie breaker.

FLCX Team Trophy Challenge:

For more information about the Team Trophy Challenge please read this post about the rules and procedures.