Savannah Super-Prestige Preview

On October 24, 2012 by Super Rookie

Yes, we know that Savannah isn’t in Florida.

However, it is really close and a lot of Floridians are heading north to get in two days of racing action prior to the FLCX season opener in Miami on the 2nd and 3rd of November. So, if you plan on racing study up. If you plan on staying home and hanging out with your hobby shop friends at a Helicopter Fly-In than you can read this and try to live vicariously through us.

This is a top notch race. You don’t want to miss it.

GeorgiaCX: A Primer

The Georgia Cyclocross scene is a little further along than ours. The series has a functioning website at that is full information. The series also has a lot more racers than ours with attendance averaging above 175 racers per event. The races are structured a little bit differently with more category options to help facilitate the larger number of participants.

The folks in Georgia also have a set payout structure for the cat1/2 race with payout on a sliding scale dependent on participants. It should also be noted that the Single Speed race in Georgia is specific in stating that racers can not have a deraileur on their bike!

They claim to be the “premier series” in the Southeast, so we have now set the goal to prove them wrong here in the Sunshine State.

GeorgiaCX: Racers

The racers in Georgia seem to have a lot in common with those in Florida. A quick venture over to shows a bunch of racers of different quality, just a lot more of them. The fastest of them all is Thomas Turner (Jamis). He was able to get second at Masters Worlds last season in Louisville and he seems to be on track this season with three wins in three tries. So, yeah, get on that guys wheel.

Savannah Super-Prestige Saturday Preview

The race takes place at the Oglethorpe Speedway on the outskirts of Savannah. The course is centered around the dirt racing track and it features a long start onto the backstretch which leads into a spiral. We here in Florida feel this is lame, but we are guests and we keep our mouths shut when in a guests house. After the exit from the spiral you hit some barriers and then a bunch of off camber stuff before leading into a long stretch into the main feature of the Savannah race, THE FLYOVER!

Not the Savannah Flyover. (Photo: Brady Prenzlow via

The flyover is basically some scaffolding with plywood. It is cool, but have you seen this? Yeah, Florida 1, Georgia 0. After the flyover you hit up the coolest section of the course which features a cool little run-up of three steps prior to hitting up the last section that leads into the pinwheel. It is a great course and the size of the fields ensure some great racing action, regardless of your skill level.

Savannah Super-Prestige Sunday Preview

It is pretty much the same as Saturday, but they add a woods section which is a little bit more technical. Ah, just take a look at the drawing below!

Race map. Featuring spiral of lameness. (Photo: Savannah Super Prestige)


Get there early. Pre-ride the course. Take advantage of the beer stand in the grandstand. Have a lot of fun. Repeat on Sunday. This is the biggest race within driving distance of Florida. Why would you miss this? Unless it is to improve your #crosscopter skills you should make your way up Interstate 95.