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FLCX Team Point Series: Updated After Gainesville

On December 18, 2012 by Super Rookie

Ed: It is amazing what one can do when they try to avoid thinking about a pending move to Cleveland, Ohio. They are able to tally up the team point standings in record time! Here is the latest update from our Team Point Series coordinator, Dr. Ryan Fisher.

FLCX Team Points Update: Swamp Cross – In which 352 Rightfully ascends to the top of the rankings*

The FLCX series descended upon Gainesville this past weekend for Swamp Cross 2012, with great courses on both days featuring a mud pit, a stair run up, a challenging sand pit sitting diabolically at the top of a climb, and probably the most elevation in the series this side of Clermont. The heckling was fierce, and the hand-ups were multiple and sometimes of questionable legality & quality, but at the end of the day on Saturday, a massive team showing and plentiful podium placings propelled (mad alliteration, yo) 352 Racing p/b Bikes and More to a commanding hometown victory over rivals representing Infinity Bike Shop, who placed second on the day. Tallahassee outfit Gulf Coast Velo rounded out the team podium, anchored by strong finishes in the 3’s and Masters 45+ categories.

Sunday’s racing saw none other than Santa Claus getting down and dirty in the Southeastern Single Speed Cyclocross Championship, which brought a slightly longer single-speed race with the accompanying points bump. Santa didn’t need his list to see the pink and black all over the podium of multiple categories, ensuring another 352 team over Infinity. Rich Dybdahl rounded up a crew of ringers who put in strong enough performances to put Pure Cycles on the 3rd podium step.

Heading into the final weekend of racing for the team series, 352 has taken over the top place in the overall points. Will their 59 points over Infinity be enough to take the overall? That might depend on whether Chris Slack was able to find his way back home after the SESSCXC race on Sunday…

*Let the record show that the team points were updated prior to Tim finishing the individual point update. Eat it, Tim.


Swamp Cross Day One Photo Gallery by Bob Croslin

On December 18, 2012 by Christian

As you may or may not know, Bob Croslin not only races CX, he’s also a professional photographer. Click that link if you want to see more, and trust me, you do. He’s good.

Here’s a few images he got from the Pro12/Master’s 35 race on Saturday. Amazing stuff. Thanks for letting us publish them.

Tim Hayes (352) and David Monismith (352) (running) in the mud pit early in the race.

Robert Rimmer (Virginia Intermont College) and Eric Stubbs (352) exit the sand pits.

Jason Guillen (Gearlink) runs the sand.

Jack Rich (Infinity) on the stairs.

Tony Timonere (Team Top Gear) on the stairs.

Ben Smith (352) in the mud pit.

Tim Hayes (352) in the mud pit.

Graham Partain (352/Crosscopter.com) on the footbridge.

Stubbs leads Rimmer up the steps late in the race.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will, DO NOT republish these on your cycling website without express permission from Bob Croslin. If you want to put them on your personal Facebook page, it’s ok, but you should give him credit. If you want a hi-res version, please contact him for pricing.

Swamp Cross Day 1 Race Report

On December 18, 2012 by Christian

It’s only fitting that a race that was run as efficiently and smoothly as Swamp Cross gets a race report posted on the next evening after the event. Major kudos to 352 Racing in general and Tim Hayes and Keith Richards in particular for their tireless efforts in every aspect of their promotion- from course creation to prizes to a keg of root beer for the kids (and two kegs of real beer for the adults) to the smooth timing and lightning fast results posting, every aspect was top notch. If you skipped this race, you picked the wrong weekend to quit racing bikes, because this year’s Swamp Cross was certainly the best yet.

Saturday’s course was probably the toughest we’ve raced on all season. It featured five climbs to the top of the hill; none of which were particularly steep, one of which was paved, all of which were painful, grating, and sort of mean. There were two standard barriers, three 2×4 mini barriers, a wooden bridge between two dirt jumps that was much faster to dismount and run, some bumps and jumps on a pump track, a mud pit which refused to dry out, and a dump truck load of sand which had been semi-smoothed into two 2 foot tall lumps, the first of which was about 10 feet long, and the second of which was about 20 feet long. The sand stubbornly refused to settle into anything like a rideable line or rut, adding to the difficulty.

The Sand, pic by Larry Grimm

The Stairs, pic by Larry Grimm

Tim Hayes (promoter, 352 Racing) on the barriers, pic by Larry Grimm

There was also a staircase, with un-evenly spaced steps this year. In short, there were a lot of technical features packed into it. The downhills were mostly bumpy, and all featured a chicane of some sort to disrupt any recovery you might have been getting. It was pretty unforgiving, really.

They started the race at the bottom of the hill on the paved road, pretty close to on time, with 39 riders in Wave 1 (Women 123, Men’s 3, Masters 45, Masters 55). Since the climb was paved, and we were all fresh, it was an express train to the top of the hill, and I surprised myself by hanging in the top 10. Once we arrived at the top, we did a hairpin to the left onto the grass and back about halfway down the hill, then through a sweeping right, another right, and straight up the incline, left, and the the mini-barriers. Some people dismounted for the mini-barriers. This is a mistake. Pop a wheelie and maintain momentum and you’ll get over them, I promise. Then we descended a little bit, entered the pumptrack, went through the mud puddle (I had to dismount and run it on the first lap after someone balled up the entrance to the track, it was awesome to fill my shoes with disgusting, muddy water at the beginning of the race), and then went over a couple more jumps up to the top of the hill, then another hairpin, a loop around a tree, and then a very tight 180 leading into the wooden bridge that was barely rideable with there was no one around you, and was always faster to run. Then another 180 and remount, and descend, over a jump that you could get boosty on, a rough, rutted descent onto some grass, a big curve leading into another trip up the hill, a hairpin at the top, and another descent, with a fast chicane 3/4’s of the way to the bottom to make sure you were paying attention. Then some turns in the trees on pine needles, and an increasing radius corner out of the trees that led toward the barriers. A bit more flat, and then a climb up a good portion of the hill, another hairpin at the top, and then a curve that lead into a bit of a decent and then the stairs, followed by the climb up to the finish line. Once you’d gone past the finish line, the fun wasn’t over, because then came the sand pit, and you were already gassed from the climb. So if you’re anything like me, you ended up running at least a portion of the sand pit more often than not. Then you had the longest descent of the day, through a chicane, into the woods and some singletrack, finally bringing you back to the bottom of the pave climb. Dizzy yet? You would have been if you had to race on it.

Anyway, I went backwards a lot when the course went up, and regained a bit on the technical stuff and the downhills. I was hanging out with @aheymee(352 Racing) for a little while, but my nemesis Michael King (Infinity) started catching us, so I had to go. I caught and passed Todd Leedy(352) who managed to grunt out some french at me (jour sans, jour sans), but Paul Schwartz(55+ Orlando Road Club) caught and passed me, which pleased him to no end I’m sure, as he’s been threatening to pass me for weeks. At the front of the race, UF’s Dustin White used his local knowledge to turn in the 7th fastest lap times all day, which is impressive considering the full racks and panniers on his mountain bike he was using to carry his bags of sand. Taylor Norton (Orange State Cycling) outkicked Ed Dunne (Cycle Logic) up the final climb to take second by three seconds in a nail-biter. Amy Horstmeyer was first in the Women’s 123 field, with Jennifer Talley and Kristen Apotsos finishing second and third. Kristin was racing with the big kids for the first time, and suffered a flat, and fell in the mud pit, so she had herself quite a day. Masters 45 was won by Timothy Shank, who was a couple of minutes up on Tom Gillis (Gulf Coast) and Scotty Graham(West Coast). Dan Sullivan (West Coast) won 55 plus by a couple of minutes ahead of Ted Hollander (Florida Masters), who outsprinted David Norman.

Wave 2 was again dangerously close to going off on schedule. Pro 12 Open and Masters 35 plus. The 60 minute main event. Hammers were dropped from the get-go. Robert Rimmer (Virginia Intermont College), Eric Stubbs (352), Martin Cox (Super Cool), and Chris Slack (Infinity) hammered each other for two or three laps, trading attacks and covers furiously. Cox was first to fall off the pace with mechanical issues with a pedal, he would get a replacement pedal from Velo Champ’s neutral support and would rejoin the race, but too far back to feature in the action at the front. Slack would be gradually distanced a few laps later, giving in to the inexorable pressure from Stubb’s and Rimmer’s attacks and chases. With one to go, the two were still together, but Stubbs looked and more importantly felt a lot more comfortable than Rimmer, and a hard attack by Stubbs sealed the victory. Rimmer was second, Slack finished 90 seconds back. In Masters 35, it was the Jack Rich (Infinity) show- he led from wire to wire. Ben Smith (352) was second, followed by Tony Timonere (Team Top Gear).

Wave 3 was the cat 4 Men and Women as well as the first timers. Beardo was 13th.

Beardo (Matt Porbaix) (Top Dog Racing) pic by Larry Grimm

If you don’t know why we love Beardo so much, do yourself a favour and hang out with him for 15 minutes or so. The dude gets “it”. So much love.

As if it really matters, I guess some other people raced, so we should recognize them, too. A large MTB contingent showed up, including some suspiciously fit looking doods. A guy on a full suspension bike took off like a rocket and put a huge gap into the field, but detonated in true Cat 4 spectacular fashion and fell back into the clutches of the field by the end of the second lap. Leif Stringer, Tom Lowery (Bike Works) and Mike Mace (Brick City) were the podium, and all three were on MTB’s. Dan Doan (352), riding Ryan Fisher’s old disc brake Cannondale, was 4th, and the first CX bike. In the women’s 4’s, in the absence of the upgraded Kristin Apotsos, Jennifer Talley beat out Nicole Carson (Slacker Racing) and Kristen Sauby (352).

In a small Single Speed field, Cabe Crissler (Super Cool/2Hip/FlatstateBMX.4t.com) launched off the front for the first half a lap, and then plummetted off the back almost as quickly. Yes, his gearing choice was way too big. A lead group of three developed, with Rick Buning (352) dueling with Taylor Norton and Christian Ahrens (352). Bunning got a bit of a gap, and then Ahrens made the critical mistake of smacking Taylor’s bottle hand up out of Taylor’s wife’s hand. Hulk Taylor quickly emerged, sprinted around Christian, and dismounted in the middle of the sand pit and ran with his bike at a 90 degree angle to the course, forcing Christian off his bike as well, and clearly demoralizing him. Christian was never to recover from his fear, and who could blame him, because Taylor was 6’2″ and 157 pounds of aquamarine and Orange fury, and who wants to chase that down? So that’s how it ended, with Bunning winning from Norton and then Ahrens. In the Juniors race, James Mertens (Colavita) showed up and won, which is super easy when you’re the only junior 15-18. Lochlan Hovius (AAA) toyed with Jackson Mehr (Outspoken) for much of their race, but like Lochlan does, he put in a huge dig when Jackson was hurting most and got the winning gap. For an 11 year old, Lochlan is pretty savvy as far as race tactics go.

So that was Day 1. 87 unique riders makes it one of the biggest races so far this season. Many thanks to the sponsors, Smith Optics, SRAM, Grilled Cheese Wagon, Shimano, Velo Champ, Thompson, Lazer Helmets, Bikes and More, 352 Racing, Courtney, Catherine, Jason, and Jenn for scoring assistance, and whoever else I forgot. More pics and coverage to come!

Check out all of Larry Grimm’s photo’s on his Flickr HERE,

Swamp Cross Day Two Results Posted

On December 17, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have day two results uploaded to USA Cycling and Cross-Results.

Go ahead, nerd out and take a look at your rankings!

2012 FLCX Race Results


Swamp Cross Teaser GIF

On December 16, 2012 by Super Rookie

Swamp Cross was a ton of fun and the mud pit was a huge success.

How awesome was it?

Courtesy of our good friend Matt at Syzygy Graphics!

Swamp Cross Day One Results

On December 16, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have posted the results for the first day of Swamp Cross including the average lap times!

See you on Sunday!

Race Results

The Swamp Cross Sand Pit and Communique!

On December 14, 2012 by Super Rookie

Swamp Cross is right around the corner and the crew from 352 Racing has some new course features in store for you. Perhaps the most noticeable is the all new sand pit. We were able to score a spy video of the sand pit in action!

Make sure to view it in full-screen!

The promoters also released this race communique this morning:


1) We do not have running water at the course. We wish we did, but we get the best course in Florida in exchange!

2) We have a ton of free parking at the course. It is at the bottom of the hill. We do not allow parking up top. Only official race vehicles and vendors are allowed to drive up top. Sorry.3) Please do not interfere with riders that are racing while you are warming up. Please do not ride past the finish line while warming up. If this happens you will be PUBLICLY SHAMED by the old guy on the microphone.

4) We really love our course. We really love hanging out with our cycling friends. In exchange for the awesome opportunity to race at this course we ask in your help in keeping the grounds clean and the atmosphere friendly. Pack out what you brought in and keep the sailor talk at home.

2012/2013 FLCX Power Rankings: Pre Gainesville Edition

On December 13, 2012 by Christian

After a great weekend in on some technically challenging but flat courses in Melbourne, we head up to Gainesville to climb up on top of the Rock two or three times a lap. There will probably not be a lot of tight corners, but there will be stairs, there will be a new sand pit, there will be another boosty ramp, there will be a pump track, and of course, on Sunday, there will be the South East Single Speed CX Championships, with the winner claiming not only a new tattoo, but also getting a free entry into the 2013 Single Speed CX Worlds in Philadelphia. This is sort of a big deal.

2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Weekend #5

1. Eric Stubbs (352 pb Bikes & More/Vegan Cream Cheese) | Cat1/2 & SS | Last Week: 6

In the absence of last ranking’s leader Ryan Woodall (Team Top Gear/ApocalypseMilitiaSupply.com), who was riding MTB’s at home, Eric went three wins and one second in four starts, which is pretty dominant by pretty much anyone’s definition of the term. His battle with Earl Bradley (Infinity) on Saturday was a great one, with the two of them endlessly launching and covering attacks right up until the final lap, when Eric’s collarbones screamed at him to stop ramping up the jawn on the BMX course leading into the finish. Eric took his revenge on the single speeders later that day, and then attacked and cracked Earl early in Sunday’s P12 race. It will be a glorious battle indeed between Stubbs and Woodall, and the rest of the ringers that show up this weekend.

2. Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) | W123 | Last Week: 3

Laura didn’t have any competition from other women this weekend, but she still rode quite strongly against the rest of her wave (Men’s 3’s and Masters 45/55). In spite of car troubles that kept her in Melbourne until tuesday, she shook off the distractions to finish 5th or 6th overall in the wave both days. If we ever get a fit Brooke Rich (Infinity) back, it’s going to be a great battle- remember, this is Laura’s first year racing CX. Also, she will have some company from some of the more dominant Cat 4 women when the upgrade fairy gets done with them. Somehow, I think Laura will do fine.

3. Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop) | 35+ | Last Week: 2

Jack slips down a bit since he missed out on Saturday’s racing, but he still had the holeshot and won M35 on Sunday, so he doesn’t slip too far. A resurgent Ben Smith should make it a little harder on Jack as he rounds into fitness, but Jack is still the man to beat in M35.

4. Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) | Cat1/2 | Last Week: #5

He’s still leading the P12 point series by a steadily diminishing 24 point margin, but a pair of thirds moves him up a spot in the Power Rankings. We’re still waiting for a breakout performance from Slack this year, he’s been lurking about in the margins for the most part, and we hope he didn’t peak for Miami. He rode with Stubbs and Bradley on Saturday briefly, but took a lap off mentally and lost a bunch of time. He had a similar race on Sunday, but he never gave up, never got lapped, and didn’t make a bunch of lame excuses. He’s still freakishly skinny, and thus looks terribly PRO.

5. Chase Tennyson (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) | Cat 3 | Last Week: UR

Chase won his second race of the season after a tough battle with Rich Dybdahl, who was clearly riding out of his mind to even stay with Chase, much less have a chance of winning with 2 or even 1 to go on Sunday’s go kart track of a course. With Chase being a wily veteran, and Rich being on the pointy end of a cat 3 race for the first time in his life, the result was sort of inevitable, but what it means is that in addition to leading the Cat 3 rankings, Chase and his fancy bike will probably have to start preparing for 60 minute races next season. Of course, he’s already threatening to retire, but hey, Tim Hayes needs someone else to chase to keep him motivated, so Tennyson will be back.

6. Ed Dunne (Cycle Logic) | Cat 3 | Last Week: UR

Ed had a big win on Saturday over style maven and the people’s favourite Ryan Fisher as well as Tennyson, after threatening the top step of the podium for several weeks now. Ed was heckling Fisher as he rode him down again on Sunday, which takes stones, and stones are what get you onto the power rankings. Ed should climb higher with strong results in the final weekends of the Series after Fisher leaves for Cleveland on 1 January. (What kind of moron moves to Cleveland in January? I know, that’s Dr. Moron to you.) Ed does need to work on his JQ scores, as he’s so polite off the bike that I almost feel bad talking badly about him.

7. Kristin Apotsos (Infinity) | W4 | Last Week: UR

Kristin might be a cat 4 in CX, but I’m guessing this isn’t her first time at a bike race of some sort, since she has four wins in four starts, which guarantees her an armchair ride from the upgrade fairy into the W123 field. She’s riding a late 90’s Specialized MTB, so we hope that Santa hooks her up with a real CX bike, but the MTB hasn’t slowed her down any. She’s a mom, tho, who brings her kids to the races, so we’re unlikely to see her raise her JQ numbers, and I even over-heard her telling one of her competitors that they needed to “get some more women to come out and race with us!” so she’s heading in the right direction there.

8. Ryan Fisher  (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) | M3/SS | Last Week: #UR

Fisher is working hard to become everyone’s favourite cyclocross rider in the state, because he’s leaving the state for Cleveland in three weeks. I don’t get it either, unless he’s just trying to make sure he has plenty of couches to crash on down here when he can’t take the cold or the rust or the potholes of northeastern Ohio any longer. He’s second in the Men’s cat 3 points, he was 2nd and 4th in the weekend’s races, but he was soundly thrashed by BUNNNNING in Single Speed, so maybe we shouldn’t mention that any longer. To his credit, once he cracked, he hiked up his shorts to reveal his tanlines, unzipped his jersey, and began to play Mastodon on his phone for the last few laps. Keeping it classy.

9. Jeff Zipperer (Infinity Bike Shop) | M45 | Last Week: #9

Jeff had a less than stellar day on Saturday, but bounced back with a strong second place on Sunday in M45, keeping him 51 points ahead of his nearest challenger (Scotty Graham) in the series points. He’s also willing to go out and punish himself in Single Speed.

10. Paul Schwartz (Orlando Road Club) | M55 | Last Week: UR

With the largest lead of any category in the series points, Paul is finally getting some recognition in the Power Rankings. He was second on Saturday, and skipped Sunday, but still leads the points by 134, so he can probably afford to skip a couple more races if he’s got other plans.

Falling Off: Alex Meucci (Bent’s), Christian Ahrens (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More), Clint Gibbs (Bike Works of Jonesville), Ryan Woodall (Top Gear), Ivan Castillo (Miami Velo)

2012/13 FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week: Weekend #5

I’m not going to award a Sandbagger of the week, there was no standout winner of this coveted award this week. I am going to warn several people that they are dangerously close to qualifying for the award. I’m watching you, Michael Hernandez, and you, Kristen Apotsos.

Honorable Mention:

Rich Dybdahl (Pure Racing), in only his third M3 FLCX Series race, absolutely killed it on Sunday, latching onto the Chase Tennyson freight train and not letting go for 42 minutes or so for an outstanding 2nd place. It was only last year we were heckling Rich for riding a carbon Ritte with carbon hoops and Dura Ace in the cat 4’s, so Rich has progressed really well for a guy who runs a bike shop during the week. Well Done, Rich.

Earl Bradley (Infinty) Earl won on Saturday, and was second on Sunday to Eric Stubbs. Earl had to cover about a million attacks on Saturday, and managed to keep it close enough to school Stubbs on the jumps and the berms of the BMX track. If he shows up to any more races, he could be a wild card.

Cross Copter Infinity CX Day 2 Video

On December 13, 2012 by Christian

Infinity CX Sebastian Inlet from @CrossCopter on Vimeo.

Thanks to Graham Partain / CrossCopter.com

FLCX Team Series Points Update

On December 12, 2012 by Super Rookie

Dr. Fisher checks in with the updated Team Point standings!

Cross Copter is all over the FLCX Team Standings. (Photo: Kristin Apotsos)

FLCX  Team Points Update:  Melbourne

The second half of the FLCX season kicked off this past weekend with Infinity Cross in Melbourne. A flat and fast course greeted racers from over 20 teams on Saturday, with a BMX track and FLCX’s second sketchiest/awesome-est flyover (thanks, Miami!) thrown in to spice things up. In the Team competition, 352 p/b Bikes and More pulled out the overall win over the hometown boys of Infinity on Saturday, anchored by Eric Stubb’s 2nd place in the 1/2 race, as well as Graham Partain and Ben Smith’s 1st and 2nd place finishes in the 35+ category, and Ryan Fisher (that guy is awesome) and Chase Tennyson’s 2nd/3rd finish in the 3’s race. Jack Rich’s lack of attendance was much appreciated by the boys in pink.

The rolling Hovious family reunion of AAA Tri team took the bronze team medal for the day, just ahead of Velo Brew. Beardo scored 5 points.

Sunday’s racing switched from wide open, tactical racing to a tight, muddy, sandy, beachside slog-fest. Despite the change in conditions, 352 p/b Bikes and More was able to top Infinity again, this time by a single point and despite Tim Hayes’s taking a 20+ minute break to pout on twitter during his race. 352 was propped up by wins by Stubbs and Tennyson in the 1/2 and 3’s races, strong showings from their old-guy contingent in the 35+ category, and participation in the sparse single-speed race. AAA Tri team was once again in the bronze, just ahead of one woman wrecking crew Rose Bandits and Pure Racing.

Heading into Swamp Cross, 352 has managed to narrow the gap to Infinity, who still sits atop the team standings. Gearlink is sitting in 3rd overall, but are in danger of being run down by a hard charging pack of Hoviouses.

*Several people pointed out mistakes I made in the tally from the Tampa races, which have been fixed in this update. Sometimes teams are left off of the results, so let me know if I missed something.

FLCX Point Standings