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Clermont CX Spyshot

On January 4, 2013 by Super Rookie

Our good friend, @crosscopter, has taken a spy photo of the Clermont CX course at the National Training Center in Central Florida.

Off-Camber (Photo: @crosscopter)

Take a look at that elevation and the off-camber goodness that awaits us this weekend.

We are having more fun than anyone on bicycles in Florida.

Tell your friends.

Cyclocross in 1984

On January 4, 2013 by Christian

Of course, it’s from New England.

This is so good.

Ocala Results Updated

On January 4, 2013 by Super Rookie

We have added the Ocala results to our results page and to USA Cycling and Cross Results.

Nerd away!

Thanks to John and the Brick City Bicycles folks for an awesome race.

We look forward to going back there next year.

2013 – The Power Rankings Awake!

On January 3, 2013 by Christian

Golly, has it really been almost a month since the last Power Rankings Party? I suppose it has. A lot can happen in a month, in this case, Swamp Cross, CXmas and CXhanukah, Ocala Cross, and of course New Years Eve. A lot of form can be gained, lost, or barely maintained in almost a month, particularly a month with so much eating and drinking. As we head into the final two races of the FLCX Point Series, let’s examine who was helped and who was hindered by December’s celebrations. I don’t pretend to know all of the vague mysterious rules that make up the point series rankings, so anything I say here may or may not be true after the points drop, but whatever, I’m making the rankings this week so live with it.

I’m basing this week’s rankings largely off of the rider’s point series standings, versus how they were riding in the last race, since it’s been so long since Gainesville, and so many people skipped the most recent race in Ocala, which is too bad for them since Ocala was AWESUM!

2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Weekend #6

1. Eric Stubbs (352 pb Bikes & More/Vegan Cream Cheese) | Cat1/2 & SS | Last Rank: 1

@epicstubbs did quite well for himself this month. He won the P12 race both days at Swamp Cross, and then did the same at Ocala Cross, in spite of some northeastern U23 ringers who showed up. He won the South East Cyclocross Single Speed Championships and free entry to next year’s SSCX World’s in Philadelphia. He’s within 9 points of Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) in the overall, meaning that Eric needs to beat Slack by at least once position both days at Clermont to win the overall, but based on past performance, and his strong ride in Ocala last Sunday, I think it’s a distinct possibility. It should make for some great racing and stragery.

2. Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) | W123 | Last Week: 2

Laura missed out on Gainesville, and doesn’t even need to show up to Clermont and I’m pretty sure she’ll still win the overall, and if that isn’t power, then I don’t know what is.

3. Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) | Cat1/2 | Last Rank: #4

He’s barely leading the P12 point series by a slim 9 point margin, but a third and a second in Gville moves him up a spot in the Power Rankings. We’re STILL waiting for a breakout performance from Slack this year, and we didn’t get it in Gainesville either. He battled Stubbs mightily for a couple of laps in the SECXSSC, but his negative body fat percentage came back to bite him in the ass in the whiskey shortcut and he faded, wobbled, dribbled, and finally collapsed to fifth place by the end. He failed to show in Ocala, so we’ll have to wait until Saturday to see if he spent his holidays training or canoodling.

4. Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop) | 35+ | Last Rank: 3

Jack slips down a notch since he missed out on Sunday’s racing in Gainesville, but he had little trouble winning M35 on Saturday, so he doesn’t slip too far. Graham Partain (352 Racing / Crosscopter.com) is within lurking distance of Jack in the points, but as long as Jack makes to out to Clermont and wins once, Graham shouldn’t catch Jack for M35 series champion.

5. Ed Dunne (Cycle Logic) | Cat 3 | Last Rank: 6

Ed had a great weekend in Gainesville with a third on Saturday and a second on Sunday behind some MTB sandbagger dude who was throwing down RIDICULOUS lap times that would have put him in spitting distance of the podium in the P12 race. Then again, Ed’s average lap times were only 6 seconds slower, so maybe we need to take a closer look at Ed for the sandbagger trophy. Ed’s missed 3 races so far this year, so any points he scores in Clermont will count towards his points series leading totals, which should make him the winner of the Cat 3 point series, unless Chase Tennyson (352 Racing) pulls a serious rabbit out of his keister and beats him.

6. Scotty Graham (West Coast Cycling) | M45 | Last Rank: UR

Scotty had a fantastic weekend in Gainesville with a third and a first to draw him to striking distance of the point series leader Jeff Zipperer (Infinity), who had a less than stellar weekend. Scotty’s win on Sunday in Gainesville was his first of the year, but could indicate he’s peaking at the right time, while Jeff struggled on the hilly Gainesville terrain. As Clermont is even steeper, it looks a little better for Scotty then it does for Jeff, but again, there’s the whole holiday wild card to throw, so who knows who was training and who was eating all the gravy.

7. Chase Tennyson (352 Racing) | M3 | Last Rank: 5

Chase falls a couple spots after an inconsistent and uncharacteristic showing at Swamp Cross, but he’s still within a point of Dunne for the series lead in the 3’s. It’s going to take a big effort to beat Ed both days in Clermont, but that’s what it will take to keep the ownership of the FLCX Cat 3 Series Champion in the 352 Racing trophy case.

8. Paul Schwartz (Orlando Road Club) | M55 | Last Rank: 10

Paul still has the lead by about a million points in the series for the M55’s, and since that’s pretty much the criteria for this week’s rankings, it moved him up to number 8.

9. (tie) Giancarlo Bianchi (Top Dog) | M3/SS | Last Rank: UR
9. (tie) Taylor Norton (Orange State Cycling) | M3 | Last Rank: UR

Giancarlo clings to a slender lead over Taylor for fourth in Men’s Cat 3 for the series, with Ryan Fisher’s current third place in significant jeopardy of being overtaken by one or both, since he’s currently doing polar bear swims in Lake Erie. Taylor finally delivered on the monster form he’s been hiding all season in Gainseville, with a second place in both SS as well as M3 on Saturday, and slightly less stellar results on Sunday that were still better than Bianchi’s. If either of them can put together solid results both days in Clermont, the third step of the podium is there for the taking.

Falling Off: Ryan Fisher (352), Jeff Zipperer (Infinity), Kristin Apotsos (Infinity),

2012/13 FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week: Weekend #6

The 352 guys had a dumptruck deliver an entire truckload of sand for their race, and to celebrate, a veritable dumptruck worth of sandbaggers showed up to Gainesville on their mountain bikes, and raced in the fours, and turned in lap times that were competitive with the riders in P12, which either means the P12’s need to step it up, or the MTB guys need to buy some licenses. Steve Mace (Brick City), Pete Jones (Super Cool), and Mark Pettingill (Pure Cycles) all raced in the 4’s and all turned average laps below 8 minutes on Sunday, which is pretty damn fast. UF’s Dustin White at least raced in the cat 3’s, but he won solo both days, with lap times that would have placed him in 4th in P12.

Fantastic planning on the part of the 352 guys to award the winner of the Cat 4 race with an actual bag of sand, and then give a Lazer Helmet to the second placed guy.

Honorable Mention:

Jeff Zipperer (Infinty) had pretty poor day on Saturday, but rebounded somewhat on Sunday in M45, but his lead in the overall over Scotty Graham has shrank to only 27 points. No pressure, Jeff.

Josh Lehman (Pure Cycles) Josh showed up in Gainesville fresh off a season of racing in New England, and took the holeshot in the day’s premiere event, but couldn’t handle the Florida heat and detonated soon after. He a somewhat better day on Sunday, battling hard with Stubbs in the SS race, but being only 19, couldn’t do whiskey shortcuts and so had to do 5 pushups per lap to take advantage of the shortcut. In Ocala, they made him ride with the Cat 3 field, and he lapped almost all of us.

Ocala Cross Results!

On January 2, 2013 by Christian

Ocala was another one of those races that if you missed it, you missed out. The course was fantastic- a fast, fun grass crit with a lot of elevation change, fast corners, a spot of mud, and some stairs. The organization was just as good- everything started and finished on time, registration was painless, and custom made trophies to boot!

I’ll have a full race recap later today, but for now here’s the results:

Here are the results for Ocala Cross on 12/30/12

Women 1/2/3
1. Michelle Blake #233167
2. Diane Blake #239640

John Torrey /one day license
Paul Schwartz/#246620
Michael Cooper/one day license
Stephen Ducker/#177718
Ralph Cole/one day license

1. Steve Noble/#0222335
2. Robert Reineke/#182268

M Cat 3
1. Joshua Lehman/#0208018
2. Brent Bell/#278661
3. Richard Dybdal/#358668
4. John Hovivs/#306148
5. Quang Nguyen/#337466
6. Christian Henrich/#15838
7. Richard Benton/242529
8.Drew Smith/#309110
DNF/Chris McGrath/#304873

1. Brent Bell/#278661
2. Joel Rierson/#0029856
3. John Hovivs/#306148
4. Jay Fratello/one day license
DNF/Steve Noble/#0222335

1. Eric Stubbs/#255870
2.Tommy Shubert/#291477
3.Andrew J. Mills/#159112
4. Keith Richards/#222964
5. Rick Buning/#297424
6.John Paul Russo/#0219827

M Cat 4
1.Mark Pettengill/one day license
2. Anthony Hutton/one day license
3. Ron Henion/#246602
4. Mark McBroom/#46806
5. Greg Hodges/#242262
6. Michael W. Toth/#349112
7.Travis Scrambling/one day license
8. David Martin/#381772
9. Sverre Falck Penderson/one day license
10. Scotty Lusk/one day license
11. Jay Fratello/one day license
12. Andrew Lusk/one day license

W Cat 4
1. Leah Mantle/#381731
2. Jody Alexander/#183977
3. Mary Oneal/one day license

Juniors 10-14
1. Lachlan Hovivs/#331438
2. Joel Hovivs/#392644

Juniors 15-18
1. Dylan Drake/#382577

1. Keith Richards/#222964
2. Andrew J, Mills/#159112
3. Rick Buning/#297424
4. John Hovivs/#306148
5. John Paul Russo/#0219827
6. Drew Smith/#309110

Ocala CX Flyer

On December 27, 2012 by Christian

Are you going to be there? I know I am.

Yes, Virginia, The FLCX Does Update The Point Series On Christmas Morning

On December 25, 2012 by Super Rookie

We didn’t have anything better to do on Christmas Morning than update the 2012 FLCX Point Series!

Head on over to our Series Point page and click on the link to see where you stand in the hunt for the overall. With just two races left in the series and the impending “score drops” you may have a little bit of math to do, but just ask Siri to help you out. There are a few things of note that we saw while compiling the scores this week:

  • Jody Alexander (Top Gear) once had a significant lead in the W4s, but an absence from Swamp Cross has placed her in second place to the ever opportunistic Katherine Adams (U/A).
  • Kristin Apotsos (Infinity) upgraded to the cat3s and took half of her 120pts from the cat4s and is now in second place in the w1/2/3s. While she can’t take the overall from Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) she has a firm grasp on the final podium for the series overall.
  • Ed Dunne (Cycle Logic) has a very slim 1pt lead (10pts adjusted for drops) over Chase Tennyson (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) in  the cat3s. This is easily the most competitive and exciting field of the 2012 FLCX Season and the final standings will be up for grabs at the ultra difficult Clermont Cyclocross Gran Prix.

We are now off to open up our gifts. We are hoping for a link to the FLCX Series Standings on the myfbra.org page so it looks like we are somewhat official.

We are having more fun racing our bicycles than anyone in the state!

Continue to spread the love and happy holidays from all of the promoters of the FLCX!

Neutral Corner: A View From The Pits at Swamp Cross

On December 23, 2012 by VeloChamp

A View from the Pit – Swamp Cross 2012 (Gainesville, FL)

Not at all surprising that the 2012 Swamp Cross course proved to be one of the most challenging thus far in the season. This was also made evident by the volume and varying nature of mechanicals and other issues we witnessed in the pit. Once again, with some of the largest attendance numbers of the season, we are thrilled to find our pit management and neutral race support efforts are proving valuable to the overall success and enjoyment of the race.

We were thrilled to see the Swamp Cross organizers had a well-planned course, with the pit area being properly sized and centrally located. However, to our surprise the pit had three (3) entrance/exit points. This made for a super-accessible pit and plenty of room for the growing number of pit bikes and wheel-sets. The size and accessibility of the pit even provided a certain racer the opportunity of cutting the course during Sunday’s SS race… he will remain nameless to avoid further shaming and ridicule prior to his move out of FL.

The most significant mechanicals we dealt with during the Swamp Cross weekend were related to sand/mud/gainesville grime getting packed into shift levers. Most noticeable were rear SRAM shift levers getting jammed towards the lower gearing positions. With sand packed into the shift levers from crashes, sand-pit gymnastics and berm shredding, the shifters would lose any gear return spring tension. This issue was witnessed all weekend on at least 10-15 bikes. In fact, several race leaders all weekend experienced this wonderfully frustrating problem. Ideally, this issue is addressed in the shop and the lever disassembled and cleaned. None-the-less we managed to take care of these issues in the pit all weekend.

The other note-worthy mechanical from the weekend was constant pinch flats. Most issues were seen with clincher tires/tubes where tire pressure appeared low. Once again, keep that tire pressure up. Especially those running clinchers. There were only a few tubular tire issues, and this included a handful of rolled tubular. Infinity Bikes’ Michael King wins the award for best rolled tubular at Swamp Cross 2012. After rolling his rear tire, he went ahead and removed the tire entirely, carried the tire and rode into the pit on his bare rim. Hey, it beats running the bike into the pit!

We’re still seeing a fare amount of cleat/shoe issues coming into the pit. Loose/missing cleat bolts and broken buckles were dealt with all weekend.

Most memorable mechanical came into the pit on Saturday during the Cat 1/2 race. Keep in mind, our neutral race support brings several common brand/model of spare pedals as part of our comprehensive spare component/parts inventory. This proved valuable when one super cool team member came into the pit with a pedal issue. A lap on a spare bike, along with some karate bike mechanics, and the rider was back in the race.

Finally, here a few recommendations for race participants, teammates, family members, and race promoters:

• Communication; clear, intelligent communication with the pit is paramount. If you need something from the pit, make sure you are clear with what you want/need.
• Spares; if you bring a spares into the pit, and would like our help during the race, be sure to introduce yourself. If  we know who you are, we can better help you in the event of an issue. It also helps us better identify which spares are yours.
• Borrowing tools; if you ask to borrow a tool, we will assume you do not need our help. Also, it is not a problem to borrow a tools as long as they stay IN THE PIT.
• Attitude; don’t be a jerk. During the race, we expect riders to be a bit frustrated coming into the pit, and even curt in their exchanges. However, being a complete jerk will not get you very far.

We’ll see you in Clermont!

Clermont Cyclocross Gran Prix Flyer Posted

On December 20, 2012 by Super Rookie

Take a look at that prize list!

Beardo’s Swamp Cross

On December 20, 2012 by Christian

Beardo’s video recap features plenty of crotch dollar hand ups, mud and sand. What more could you ask for?