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Tropical Cyclocross Flyer Posted!

On September 17, 2012 by Super Rookie

We are happy to announce that the first  race of the 2012/13 Florida Cyclocross Series (FLCX) has now been posted and is ready for your consumption! You can get the full .pdf of the flyer via our FLCX Schedule page listed above.

Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 3

On September 13, 2012 by Super Rookie

Every Thursday we will tell you what we know.

If you have anything you would like to announce or have a cool write-up email it to us at info@flcx.org.

Jacksonville Cyclocross Training Series

Frequent visitors to our site will see that a new tab at the top of our page dubbed, “CX Training Races.” We did this because the folks at Open Road Bicycles in Jacksonville are once again hosting a five week Thursday night training series at Boone Park. The racing starts on September 27th. We were able to race at one of these last year and we were impressed with the turnout (45 people), course and promotion. The 45minute race is scored in three categories, but starts in one large field. The racing starts at 6:40pm, so lights are encouraged.

The flyer can be found here.

Thornton Goes To Nittany Cross

Josh Thornton heads to Pennsylvania for his first UCI race weekend of he 2012/13 season. Thornton emailed us on Wednesday and told us that his goal for the weekend is to come away with a point or two from the race. This will allow him to move up a few rows on the start grid at the major UCI races. Thornton feels that he is stronger than he has been in years, and looks forward to getting the rust off. This means that Josh will need to finish in the top 10 at Nittany Cross.

According to the venerable CrossResults.com Race Predictor Thornton has some work to do to get in the top 10 as he is expected to finish outside the top 30. This is more than likely due to Thornton’s absence from the national scene, rather than his skills. While there are several regional racers registered, the only national level racer registered is the defending National Champion, Jeremy Powers (Rapha/Focus). This means points are definitely possible for Thornton.

Nittany Cross plans to live stream their race here starting at 1:30pm on Saturday.

Tampa Rou-Bay

This Gentleman’s Race is just two weekends away. It will feature a ton of dirt and some asphalt, and most of all good times. It is free and riders are expected to be gentlemen while out on the roadway. That means don’t be a jerk. Visit the Facebook Page for more information, or this little write up from David “Dark Horse” Horst.

The roads of the Tampa Rou-Bay (Photo: Taylor Norton)

Lakeland Goes Official

The Lakeland Cyclocross Short Track Throwdown on October 13th has filed for a permit and an official flyer should be posted soon. The event is going to be fully sanctioned as a race. Meaning that results will be posted and submitted to USA Cycling and can be used for upgrades. This race is not part of the FLCX Point Series, but it is cyclocross and it matters. Why wouldn’t you be there?

Check back here for more information.

Tropical Cyclocross

If you promote a race send us a 250 x 250 pixel banner and we will throw it up there. Dario and John from Miami sent us this new one for Tropical Cyclocross. They also have submitted a new flyer to USA Cycling and we will post it as soon as we get it from the Federation! Only a month and a half to go till we race in the sunshine.

USGP – Louisville

The USGP of Cyclocross is a go. A last minute sponsorship deal with Trek and WD-40 Bike saves the most prestigious cyclocross event in the country. The four weekend series is entering its eighth year of existence and is easily the biggest series on the national cyclocross calendar. Florida has quite a few representatives entered for the Louisville race weekend held over Veteran’s Day Weekend.

Staging order for the USGP is based on order of registration. Race registration opened last Thursday evening at 6pm EST. Within fifteen minutes of registration 35 participants had already signed up in the category 2/3 field. When the dust settled 352 Racing had secured five spots in the first two rows. The field routinely fields and as of this publication already 68 racers have signed up to race.

This is the same venue for the World Championships held in late January.

352 Racing and Jason Guillen were at the 2011 event and are featured at the end of this video.

FLCX.ORG Goes Viral

Our story about USADA showing up to the Tallahassee MTB Race this past weekend has been picked up by a few news outlets and our hits went through the roof. On Monday morning we had 136 unique visits, which was about average. We posted the story on Tuesday and by the end of the day we had 1,949 unique visits to the site and on Wednesday we registered over 1,400 visits. We can’t think of a better way to spread the love of cyclocross in Florida.

USADA Police Report At Florida MTB Race

On September 11, 2012 by Super Rookie

It isn’t everyday that the United States Anti-Doping Administration shows up to a mountain bike race in Florida. It also isn’t everyday that the police are called after some major confusion on how to proceed with the situation. However, it happened this past weekend in Tallahassee.

The race was the first event of the 2012-13 Florida State Championship Series. Many Florida CXers were in Tally taking part in the festivities. During the end of the first race a little disturbance occurred when the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) was called to the scene due to a disagreement between the promoter/official and representatives of USADA.

The promoter of the event, Dave Berger, is very well respected in the South East region and has been in the business for years. His company is responsible for over 30 weekends of racing all across the area. He is responsible for putting on many series, including, the South East Regional Championship Series (SERC) which has the USA Cycling designation as USA Cup East Series.

What follows is the police report filed by the Tallahassee Police Department after their call to the event. We have removed the contact information of those involved, but kept their names as they appear in the police report.

Editorial Opinion:

As a participant at this event myself, I’m of two minds. While I fully and completely support USADA’s stated mission of Anti-Doping, I found this particular control to be extremely haphazard and unprofessional. We have checked with others who were directly familiar with the incident and all share a similar story; the representatives from USADA were not willing to identify themselves in a clear manner to the promoter/official and to race participants.

I am of the opinion that if USADA wants to be taken seriously they must behave professionally, and follow a standard for in-competition controls. I am not talking about the standards of “chain of command,” but event standards with the promoter, officials and riders. Do it right, or don’t do it at all. Doing it this way just makes Lance Armstrong’s nonsense arguments against USADA look like they might have merit, and why on earth would someone want to do that?

In conclusion, it was a game of telephone that got wildly out of control with confusion all around and resulted in perhaps the strangest police report we have ever come across.

Update 9/12/12 @ 3:09pm:

We have shut down the comment section to this thread as we felt it was getting beyond a reasonable debate on the issue and into personal attacks on a situation that many were not familiar with. If you have concerns about this you can feel free to email us as info@flcx.org and we will communicate with you via that method.

Tampa Rou Bay 9.23.12

On September 10, 2012 by Christian

Guest post by David Horst

There are plenty of other Sundays for scenic jaunts and smooth asphalt ribbons. Sunday, the 23rd of September, is for fun and pain and dirt and rivalry and pride, the Tampa Rou-Bay (Click for map and GPS instructions). I don’t want to overstate my enthusiasm for this race; summer days in San Antonio, FL are not great. If it’s not raining, it’s hot and usually muggy. The roads are not well maintained and there will be more than one beat up dually driven with the intent to harm. The hills are really just thinly covered sand dunes. Even if you just hauled your bike to the start line and sat there for a couple hours, you’d probably be pretty well tired by the end of it. It’s in this hot and uninviting spot that we cut almost 80 miles of racecourse and it’s where we are going to run it just to prove that we can.

The course opens up easy. It’s a road section with some rolling hills and a few potholes. The cool morning ride might be just will be just long enough to lull you into thinking that you made a good decision to enter the race. The first dirt section reassures you that you didn’t. It’s not picturesque; you’ll be running along the interstate on a sandpit of a road for several miles. Bikes don’t belong there and this is just the start.

Road sections will follow dirt sections and blur together. The sand will push your bike handling skills and the climbs and heat will push your fitness. There’s a mostly flat section of paved trail towards the middle that should provide a place for the pack to carry some speed, shattering the hopes of anyone struggling to catch the pack. The rare break from rough roads and looming trucks is followed by more dirt, more asphalt, some of the climbs that everyone knows and some that no one is expecting.

If you’re starting to get excited by reading this then you are just the type of thrill seeking, mildly sadistic, cyclist that shouldn’t miss this race. It doesn’t cost anything and we aren’t giving you anything for doing it. There won’t be a podium presentation but if you’re lucky enough to be with the couple of cyclists to finish first, you’ll know who won and lost.

Facebook Page

Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 2

On September 6, 2012 by Super Rookie

The second volume of the Florida Cyclocross Chatter is here for your consumption. It might seem like a slow week in the world of cyclocross, but there are quite a few stories we are following.  Here is a listing of what we have received from those that care. As always, if you have any races, rides, news or questions send them our way at info@flcx.org and we will do our best to get them posted for you!

Thornton Clinic This Weekend

Thornton Racing At The National Level (Photo: Josh Thornton)

  • 2011/12 FLCX State Champion, Josh Thornton, will be hosting a cyclocross clinic and kick-off party this Sunday, September 9th at the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City, FL. Thornton will lead a clinic that will cover a variety of disciplines important to cyclocross such as barriers, starts and technical riding. It will also be a great way to remove some of those cobwebs prior to the season.  The clinic costs $20 and includes a B-B-Q lunch.  (more…)

Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 1

On August 30, 2012 by Super Rookie

A major goal of FLCX.org is to keep you up-to-date on all the news and happenings in Florida and beyond. We are here to provide you with information and pass along stories that have come across our wire, or have been emailed to us at info@flcx.org.

Here is a quick round-up of the stories we are following:

Lakeland Short-Track Cyclocross Throwdown

  • A recent post on our Facebook Group from Jason Bergwell states that there will be a cyclocross training race on Saturday, October 13th in Lakeland, Florida. Registration opens at 7:30am and racing begins at 8:30am and the event will offer three fields (A’s, B’s and Juniors) for $15. Stay tuned for more information. (more…)

Florida Cyclocross Series Announces 2012/13 Schedule; Debuts New Website

On August 30, 2012 by Super Rookie


Florida Cyclocross Series

Florida Cyclocross Series (FLCX) Announces 2012/13 Schedule; Debuts New Website

GAINESVILLE, FL – The Florida Cyclocross Series (FLCX) is proud to announce the official 13 race schedule for the upcoming 2012/13 season and the creation of a new series website focused on keeping participants, fans and sponsors up-to-date on the happenings of the growing sport of cyclocross in the Sunshine State. This season promises to be the best FLCX yet, as the series visits all the corners of the state for seven weekends of racing.

FLCX action in Tallahassee. (Photo: Pete Young)


New For 2012: FLCX Team Trophy Challenge

On August 27, 2012 by Super Rookie

We are proud to announce an all new competition for the 2012 Florida Cyclocross Series (FLCX). After many hours locked away in his parents’ basement, Ryan Fisher (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) has come up with a formula that will help determine the best cross team in Florida. The top three teams get super-mega-awesome trophies to put in their team shop.

The FLCX Team Trophy promises to be at least this big. (Photo: Tim Hayes)

Although Fisher is a doctor and much smarter than many of us here at flcx.org we went over the system with a fine tooth comb and have decided that it makes a lot of sense. A few of the highlights of the scoring system include:

  • Everyone scores points for their team.
  • Points are weighted based on category.
  • Small teams are not at a complete disadvantage.

Don’t take our word for it. Read the rules, or just make sure that you have your official USA Cycling team designation printed legibly on your entry form at the races and do your best to score points. (more…)

Josh Thornton Cross Season Kickoff Party

On August 27, 2012 by Super Rookie

The Little Everglades Ranch on Sunday, Sepetember 9th promises to be the center of the Florida Cyclocross universe when Josh Thornton hosts a cyclocross clinic in advance of his return to the national cyclocross scene. Thornton, a former pro with both Toyota-United and Kodak/Sierra Nevada, raced a limited schedule in cyclocross in 2011, but has big plans for his return to a full UCI Cyclocross calendar in 2012.

Thornton at the 2011 GP Gloucester. (Photo: Josh Thornton)

The clinic starts at 2pm at a location synonymous with Florida Cyclocross, The Little Everglades Ranch. Thornton knows the ranch well as he won the 2011 State Championship at the venue and he will be sharing his knowledge with racers of all abilities – mountain bikers and first timers are highly encouraged to attend. Thornton will lead a clinic that will cover a variety of disciplines important to cyclocross such as barriers, starts and technical riding. (more…)

Gainesville: Cyclocross Training Clinics Start Wednesday Evening

On August 21, 2012 by Super Rookie

GAINESVILLE, FL – This Wednesday evening 352 Racing will hold its first cyclocross training session of the year at Green Acres Park at 6pm. (more…)