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Tally and Gainesville Flyers Posted!

On October 17, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have gotten the go ahead from USA Cycling to post the flyers for Tally CX and Swamp Cross.

Here is the Tally CX Flyer:

Here is the Swamp Cross Flyer:

Josh Thornton Checks In Post Lakeland

On October 16, 2012 by Super Rookie

Josh Thornton (Dunedin Cyclery) checks in with a little interview after the mud-filled madness at Lakeland this past weekend. Let’s us know his thoughts about clearing the mud, tire pressure and other little tips on how to rock a course full of mud.

Lakeland CX #CROSSCOPTER Video Coverage

On October 15, 2012 by Super Rookie

Here is the video recap of the day from our own Graham Partain.

Don’t mind the crashing copter. Check out the mud!

Lakeland CX Results Posted

On October 15, 2012 by Super Rookie

This season we will be submitting all race results to USA Cycling and CrossResults.com. These sites then compile the results to produce a ranking of riders that effect start/staging order at certain events (including cyclocross nationals). We appreciate the effort of promoters to and individuals to have a USA Cycling License and a team name designation.

USA Cycling Results

Cross Results

Lakeland CX: Thorton Destroys Everyone In Mud Filled Bonanza

On October 13, 2012 by Super Rookie

LAKELAND, FL- This Saturday the Florida Cyclocross season started with a bang at the Lakeland Short Track Cyclocross Throwdown. In a city known for the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright another type of beauty greeted the racers at the Common Ground Park. It had been rumored that there was going to be mud at the venue, but little did racers know what promoter Jason Bergwall had in mind:

The mud pit before the race. (Photo: Jason Bergwell)

Bergwall must have thought it would be a great idea to serve up 30yards of thick peanut-butter mud for racers to slog through, and they were not angry. In fact, many thought it to the best part of the tight .6 mile course. The rest of the course was mostly run on an open field with a few off-camber sections and tight technical sections. The course also had three barriers on the course in a pair and a solo prior to the slop. (more…)

Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 7

On October 11, 2012 by Super Rookie

With racing starting up on Saturday you will probably want to hang out with the cool kids, so read up and act relevant.

Lakeland USAC Racing

USA Cycling racing action starts this weekend in Lakeland. Racing starts at 8:30am and registration begins at 7:30am. This will be a great opportunity to remove those cobwebs and get ready for the racing season. Plus, we want to see your smiling faces.

Here is the schedule as detailed in the above linked flyer (note the  wave structure is different from other FLCX races):

  • 7:30am Registration Opens
  • 8:30am Junior 10-14 / 20min
  • 9:00am Men/Women Cat4/5 and Junior 15-18 / 30min
  • 9:45am Men/Women Cat1/2/3 / 45min
See you out there!

Jacksonville Training

The third week of racing in Jacksonville continues this evening (Thursday) at Boone Park at 6:40pm. This is a USA Cycling sanctioned training event. The first two weeks of racing have seen fields of 45 and 35 racers. The course also features a fair amount of mud and a turnout of various skill levels. A great race for beginners and experts to hone their skills for the upcoming season.

Winter Garden Training

Jason Guillen (GearLink) is hosting another training race/evening at the Winter Garden venue this evening (Thursday). More information can be found here.

Permits In The Pipeline

A quick perusal of the USA Cycling page for cyclocross events in Florida shows that Swamp Cross and Tally Cross have filed for their permits and started the process to have their flyers posted. They will soon join Tropical Cyclocross in Miami as permitted USA Cycling events on the FLCX calendar. We have spoken to many promoters across the state and the process is moving along to getting the information for races up as soon as possible. Keep checking our schedule page, or our friends over at myfrca.org for the latest info on race permitting!

UCI Cyclocross World Championships

Tickets for the UCI World Championships go on sale today (Thursday). $40 for the weekend. Promoters are expecting upwards of 25,000 cyclocross fanaticos in attendance. Are you going to be there?

Several Floridians plan on making the trip to Louisville and the Downtown Hyatt Regency is the hotel of choice.

Quad Copter

Graham Partain (352 Racing) isn’t just busy getting on the podium in 35+ races. He is also learning how to fly a model helicopter. Why does this matter to Florida Cyclocross fans? Because it is mounted with a GoPro camera. This is the first time in national cyclocross that someone has taken filming to such an absurd level. See his new video below:


Cross Bike Sales Rising

We have been hearing from shop owners across the state that cyclocross bikes are moving out the door. This is great news as the more people with cyclocross bike the less we have to hear, “I can’t race because I don’t own a cross bike.” We are hoping for a large increase in racers this year across the state in cyclocross and the rising bike sales seem to suggest we are getting there.

An example of the increase in sales comes from Velo Champ  down in Tampa. They posted on their Twitter account the following message:

If you, or your shop, has seen an increase in sales hit us up on email info@flcx.org or copy us on twitter at @flcxorg to let us know!

Little Everglades = Wonderland

Dan Millstead, promoter of the Florida State Cyclocross Championships, has been hard at work creating a new flyover for us in January.* Here is a picture:

What? That can’t be real! (Photo: Dan Millstead)

*Just kidding. This is a new obstacle for the Savage Run held on the grounds of the Little Everglades Ranch on October 20th!

2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Pre-season

On October 10, 2012 by Super Rookie

Be honest.

You have often wondered who the strongest racer in Florida Cyclocross is regardless of category. Okay, you probably haven’t wondered about this, but just in case you have, we have gone ahead and done the work for you. Think of it as a gift, or even better, an unofficial pound for pound ranking of FLCX racers. Naturally, these rankings should be taken 100% seriously.

How are the power rankings created? A few of us go into the lab (Subaru Outback) and we look at all the statistics. We then argue for about 45minutes trying to figure out who deserves to be mentioned and where they should rank. Then we come up with a few snarky comments about the racers skills and personality. A very scientific process:

Proof of the science used to determine power rankings. (Photo: Tim Hayes)

Don’t see your name on the rankings? Well, you have some work to do.

2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Pre-Season

1. Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop) | 35+

  • Regardless of category Jack Rich was the most dominate rider in Florida Cyclocross during the 2011/12 season.
  • Can he continue his domination in the increasingly competitive 35+ field?

2. Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) | Cat1/2

  • Slack Bagger is fast and consistent.
  • The favorite for the cat1/2 overall title this season.
  • Rumor has it that he still hasn’t put in for his upgrade from cat3. Seriously. What a bag of sand this guy is.
  • UPDATE: We have received word from Chris Slack that his request has been approved. Good work, big guy.

3. Josh Thorton (St. Pete Bike and Fitness) | Cat1/2

  • Defending Florida State Champion.
  • Has had a good start on the National Calendar despite starting races near the back row. May not enter many Florida races, but deserves a mention for flying our flag proudly on the National Circuit.

4. Zoe Mullins (Colavita) | Women 1/2/3

  • Zoe ran away with the Women4 title last season. With the upgrade to cat3 she should be considered a favorite for the series win.
  • Um, what else is there to say about Zoe?

5. Dario Perez (Miami Velo) | 45+ and Single Speed

  • If Dario is able to show up to race he will more than likely win the 45+ category and place in the Single Speeds.
  • Heckling tip? Lawyer jokes.

6. Steve Noble (Infinity Bike Shop) | 45+/55+/Single Speed

  • Old enough to be your grandpa. Fast enough to destroy you.
  • Drives all over the state to score points, and from time to time gets in the money when enters the 1/2 field.

7. Jackson Mehr (U/A) | Junior 10-14

  • Winner of the ultra-competitive Junior 10-14 category in 2011/12.
  • Will his parents continue to drive him all over the state? We hope so.

8. Keith Richards (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) | Cat1/2

  • Fastest racer over the barriers in Florida.
  • Your mom has had a crush on this man for years.

9. Taylor Norton (Orange State Cycling) | Cat3 and Single Speed

  • Lots of pressure on Taylor to fill the void left by Pete Young’s departure to Tennessee.
  • FLCX asks the Magic 8-Ball,  “Can Taylor finish a race without a mechanical?” Magic 8-Ball responds, “Who is Taylor Norton?”

10.(tie) John Hovius (Orlando Road Club) | Everything

  • This man is a beast.
  • If you don’t know who John Hovius is just look for the guy that enters every race on race day.
  • John is responsible for bringing several of our junior racers into the fold through his triathlon connections.

10*.(tie) Brooke Rich (Infinity Bike Shop, Destroyer of Souls) | Women 1,2

  • Brooke not only won her category almost every time she raced last year, despite coming off an injury, she usually beat everyone in the rest of the categories in her wave.
  • After Brooke won her category, she would feed her husband while he was racing, as well as chase her adorable toddler around.
  • In a training race, she let me ride away from her, then bridged back up to me, then heckled me ruthlessly, and then dropped me. Hard.
  • She is one of the most cheerful people in FLCX, which somehow makes the ass-kickings she hands out even worse.

Other Notables: JP* (Colavita), Ben Smith (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More)
*Added by Christian.

Cat 1/2 Preview: Can Slack Reign Supreme?

On October 9, 2012 by Super Rookie

There are a lot of fast cyclocross racers in Florida. On any given week anyone can win the 1/2s and prove to be among the fastest in the state. With cyclocross being so new in Florida there are a lot of people trying it out and the legions of roadies and mountain bikers that have legacy upgrades courtesy of USA Cycling have been known to show up from time to time in the cat1/2s. This makes the racing faster and faster every week, but in the overall series competition consistency is key and a few riders have proven to have what it takes to be near the top when the series winds down in early January.


The top cyclocross racer in Florida last season was Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop). How good was he? He only raced in the cat1/2s on eight occasions – winning at Winter Garden, Hobe Sound and both days in Orlando – and he still came away with the series overall title. Why did he only race the second half of the season in the 1/2s? Because he was busy racing in the cat3s for the first few races of the year, including a win at Tropical Cyclocross, before getting the courage to upgrade where he put on a clinic week in and week out.

Chris Slack finished on top in 2011. Can he repeat? (Photo: Michelle Blake)

Slack has spent his off-season training hard in Sarasota and has been seen at several road events rocking it on his cross bike – cantilever brakes and all. One has to surmise that Slack will be faster than ever this year and if all the wildcard 1/2s continue to show up sporadically the consistency of Slack will reign supreme and he will continue atop the podium as the best cyclocross racer in the Sunshine State.

He’s heard it all before

Keith Richards (352 Racing) fell just two points shy from taking the overall title in the Cat 1/2s in 2011/12. Taking the lead after Tally Cross and holding on all the way to the final day in Orlando when Slack had to rely on the assistance of his teammate, Jack Rich (Infinity) to score the necessary points to keep Richards from taking the coveted 1st Place Cowbell. Richards has been a man on a mission for the past few months with some lofty goals focused on consistently finishing on the podium to score the much needed points to secure the win in the 1/2s.

Richards is hoping to avoid a late season crash in the standings. (Photo: Best Photographer Ever)

As for the heckling and the name calling. He has heard it all before. No matter what you come up with you can’t phase KMFR. In fact, he listens to Wild Horses on repeat before every race just to get psyched up.

Stubbs and Renkema

Eric Stubbs (352 Racing) and Ben Renkema (Global Bike) have been all over the internet discussing their desire to race a full FLCX season this coming year. Both are insanely fast on the road who routinely place among the best in the state when racing on the asphalt. When they have dabbled in cyclocross they have put on shows and performed extremely well.

Renkema took two wins in 2011, both at Swamp Cross in Gainesville and he had two second place finishes to Josh Thornton at Kelby CX in Tampa and the second day of Tally Cross. Stubbs was unable to secure a win this past season, but he did manage two seconds and two thirds. Couple this with a win at the Southeast Cyclocross Single Speed Championships (SESSCXC) and it isn’t a stretch to think that Stubbs will feature in several races this upcoming season.

Stubbs claims he will be in it to win it this year. (Photo: Amy Horstmeyer)

Yet, in the end, will these two racers show up and put on a show? Or, will they lurk on the sidelines hoping for bigger prize money, or take some much needed rest?

The Mountain Bike Pros

Drew Edsall (Kenda/Felt) and Ryan Woodall (Top Gear Bicycles) are nationally known mountain bikers. They are among the fastest in the county when they are on the dirt and when they race cyclocross they put on quite the show. Edsall took two wins this past season, both in dominating fashion at the two day Tally Cross in the far reaches of the state.

It is hard to say what people would rather see at FLCX in 2012: Woodall or Woodall’s Stache (Photo: Michelle Blake)

Woodall raced just once in 2011 at Swamp Cross, but he seems to have caught the bug watching some of his fellow mountain bikers at Cross Vegas in September. If either of these two show up for some cyclocross races in 2012/13 it will surely be a race for second, or help us all, third.

Southern Charmer

If you ask anyone involved with Florida Cyclocross who we are most indebted to there would be one universal answer, Jason Guillen (Gearlink). The Southern Charmer is responsible for promoting and officiating several races and has served on the FRCA Board of Directors representing cyclocross for the past year. When he isn’t doing this he is busy ripping your legs off. Guillen is coming off a strong off-season where he has logged thousands of miles and recently won the 3 Gap Race in northern Georgia where he logged some record times. Guillen finished in third place overall last year and should be near the top again.

He will beat you. Then he will relegate you. (Photo: Michelle Blake)


The defending category 1/2 champion, Josh Thorton (St. Pete Bike & Fitness) is busy racing a national calendar and the schedule he posted on Facebook does not mention any appearances at Florida Cyclocross races, save for the Lakeland race. Despite this, if Thorton were to show up at a race he could walk away with a victory. If we can take anything from last year’s State Championship at Little Everglades it is that Edsall and Stubbs are the only ones that can stay with Thorton.

New Upgrades In Category 1/2s

Congratulations are in order for the category 3 racers that have taken the plunge to upgrade to category 1/2. While they may not compete for the top step right away it won’t take long for Rick Buning (352 Racing), Greg Buker (Florida State University) and Christian Ahrens (352 Racing) to feature and make things complicated for the above mentioned racers. Buning won the Cat3 FLCX Series title in a very close fight with Ahrens that came down to the last day of racing in Orlando. Buker is your 2011/12 FL State Champion in the cat3s and he took the win both days at Swamp Cross in Gainesville.

Ahrens (L) and Buning (C) have both moved up and are looking to make some waves. (Photo: Michelle Blake)

Lakeland Cyclocross Short Track Throwdown Info!

On October 8, 2012 by Christian

Saturday Morning, get up early and race your CX bike. This is a great course we’ve raced on before with a legit mud pit. Here’s the official info:

Lakeland Endurance Co., LLC proudly presents:

Saturday, October 13, 2012
7:30 a.m.: Registration opens, course open.

Juniors $5
All other categories $15
8:30 a.m.: M/W Group C (Juniors 10-14), 20 minutes for medals.
9:00 a.m.: M/W Group B (Cat 4-5, Juniors 15+), 30 minutes for
9:45 a.m.: M/W Group A (Cat 1-3), 45 minutes for medals.

Location: 1000 E. Edgewood Drive (Behind Common Ground
Park), Lakeland, FL 33803

View Larger Map

On-site registration only!
Mountain bikes welcome (no bar-ends, please)
USAC license required, one-day licenses will be sold on-site.
Held under USA Cycling event permit# 2012-3551
For additional information, please contact:
Jason Bergwall
(863) 660-2682

Big thanks to our supporters:
Lakeland Endurance Co., LLC
LeRoy’s BikeWorks
Scott Bicycles

35+ Category Preview: Rich Is Man To Beat.

On October 8, 2012 by Super Rookie

Damn. Those old guys are fast.

The Masters 35+ field is among the most competitive across the board in Florida Cyclocross. While one racer was able to walk away with the overall series title last season, there were quite a few competitors who showed up and had to fight tooth and nail for their spot on the podium. Often the 35+ category racers find themselves in the hunt for the overall win in the 60 minute “A” race as they are coupled with the Category 1/2s. In short, these guys are among the fastest in the state.


That is how one can best describe the 2011/12 FLCX Season of Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop). In ten starts last season Rich took the top step seven times. These victories were often by a margin of one minute or more over the second place finisher and he also found himself in the hunt for the overall race podium with the 1/2s on several occasions. To further illustrate his domination, Rich was able to forgo the last race of the season and compete as a cat1/2 to help his teammate Chris Slack (Infinity) secure the cat1/2 FLCX Series Championship.

Jack Rich takes a bottle on his way to victory in the 35+ last year in Orlando. (Photo: Michelle Blake)

Will Timonere Show?

Only one racer was able to top Rich more than once last season and that was Tony Timonere (Top Gear Bicycles). A fixture on the mountain bike scene where he often places among the top in solo competitions, as well as, in co-ed events with his partner, Tracey Wallace (Top Gear Bicycles). Timonere was able to beat Rich at Kelby CX in Tampa and on the second day of Swamp Cross in Gainesville. Timonere opted to go for the State Championships in the cat3s last season and came up just short with a second place finish. This totals up to three races entered and two firsts and a second for the effort.

Timonere has been on Twitter and Facebook discussing his desire to do more races this upcoming season, and if this is the case we may see a real tight battle for the 35+ series title in 2012/13.

352 Racing Sandwich.

Week in and week out two of the most consistent racers in the 35+ category were Ben Smith and Graham Partain of 352 Racing. Smith capitalized on absences of Rich to take wins twice last season on Day 2 of Tally Cross and the season finale in Orlando. Both wins showed the speed and capability of Smith, a former NORBA National Mountain Bike Pro, who returned to racing last year after almost 10 years off the bike. While Smith was able to taste victory in 2011/12, Partain managed to deploy his diesel engine to feature on several occasions and was often times biting at the heels of Smith. If the 352 Racing Old Timers are able to keep it up for this season we could see a real challenge to Rich’s superiority in the 35+ category.

Will the final podium shuffle in 2012/13? (Photo: Michelle Blake)

Atkins and Company

The efforts of Scott Atkins (Gearlink) should not go unnoticed. Just a year shy of entering the 45+ Category, Atkins managed to pull of a strong 4th place finish in the series last season, just 10pts shy of the podium. A fixture at almost every race last season Atkins will be a huge contributor for Gearlink in the team trophy competition.

You may notice that Jack Rich lost three times in 2011/12. Timonere beat him twice, but who managed to top Rich at the State Championships? Kevin Hofmann (unattached) was the man and he is very well known in local mountain bike circles as one of the strongest around. If Hofmann decides to show up for some races this season, who knows what is going to happen.