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Tampa Riverfront CX Photo Gallery 1

On November 26, 2012 by Christian

Pics from the Pro12/Masters 35 race on Saturday. All photos by Bob Croslin.

Eric Stubbs (352 pb Bikes and More) leads Chris Slack (Infinity Bikes) in Pro 1-2

Jason Guillen (Gearlink) leads Jack Rich (Infinity Bikes)

Stubbs, Slack, Ryan Woodall (Top Gear Cycles), and Olivier Vrambout (Challenge)

Jack Rich (Infinity Bikes)

Ken Vida (Gearlink)

Tim Hayes (352 pb Bikes and More)

Slack and Woodall in the sandpit. They have a combined body fat of 14%.

Vrambout in the sand

Zach Fout (Gearlink / Tampa Bay CX) in the sand.

Keith Richards (352 pb Bikes and More)

Rick Bunning (352 pb Bikes and More)

Ken Vida (Gearlink)

Pete Young (Orange State)

John Gissal (St. Pete Bicycles)

JP Russo (Colavita pb Rusty’s Rib Shack/Old Country Buffet)

Ryan Woodall (Top Gear)

Slack (Infinity)

Jason Guillen (Gearlink) over the barriers.

Graham Partain (352 pb Bikes and More/crosscopter.com)

Ryan Woodall (Top Gear)

Tim Hayes (352 pb Bikes and More)

Pics from the Cat 4 Men and Women coming later today.

Thanks again, Bob, for the great images.

Florida Cyclocross Chatter: Vol 12

On November 21, 2012 by Super Rookie

Tampa Cyclocross Weekend

Lots of anticipation going into Thanksgiving weekend as there are two races on tap in Tampa. The Saturday race is all new and being brought to us by the folks at Orange State Cycling and Sunday is the return to Picnic Island for Kelby’s race. Make sure you check both flyers for the locations and race information.

11.24.2012 Tampa Riverfront CX

11.25.2012 Tampa Cyclocross Classic

Infinity CX Flyer Posted

We have posted the flyer for the #7 and #8 races on the calendar in Melbourne, Florida.

Ocala Cross Is Coming

Can’t get enough cyclocross? We are stoked to announce that there is an all new cross race on December 30th in Ocala. The course is awesome and it is a great way to keep the buzz alive over the holiday break of the FLCX Series. The group from Ocala is stoked to offer the race this year and has plans to be on the 2013/14 FLCX Calendar!

Race flyer is here.

Velo Champ Neutral Support

Quite a few racers had their weekends salvaged thanks to the generosity of Jordan Miller and his Velo Champ neutral support services. His appearance and expertise kept Eric Stubbs (352 Racing) on the podium as he worked out kinks on his bike while Stubbs completed a lap on a pit bike. He also wrote a little ditty about what he experienced in the pit. Take a gander and keep your bike in tip top shape!

Tally CX Results Posted

We have posted the results for Tally CX on USA Cycling and over at Cross Results. We have also gone ahead and updated the team and series standings. The gang here at FLCX HQ would like to thank Greg Buker and the folks in Tallahassee for getting us the race results in such a timely fashion.

Tally CX Video Excitement

We got a few videos from Tally CX:

#crosscopter crash:

#crosscopter race coverage:

Tally Cross w/ Tambourine Carnage:

Tally Race Recap

You may have missed it in the whirlwind of news on Monday and Tuesday, but here is the official FLCX race recap from Tally Weekend.

FLCX Team Competition

The team race is heating up just after four races. Looks like the Infinity Bike Shop team is taking advantage of having Jack Rich and Chris Slack. The 352 Racing team is closing in on second place with the emergence of Eric Stubbs. This write up is way more entertaining, though.

J-Pow Shout Out

Not every day that the defending National Champion links to your series website. Not a big deal or anything.




FLCX.ORG Site Traffic

What was the impact of the J-Pow tweet post on the website?

We had 2,922 unique visitors this past Tuesday (our most ever). Of those 2,997 visitors 810 came from J-Pow’s  tweet. 415 came directly to the page via retweets and over 1500 visits came from Facebook. We even got 58 hits from Sporza in Belgium that picked up the J-Pow story.

Pretty cool, huh?

Our three most popular days/posts are as follows:

  1. Tuesday Nov. 20th we got 2,997 unique visits for our JPow Crash post
  2. Tuesday Sept. 11th we got 2,023 unique visits for our USADA story at the Tally Mountain Bike Race
  3. Monday Nov. 19th we got 997 unique visits for race results and recaps from the Tally CX race.

Neutral Corner: A View From The Pits In Tallahassee

On November 21, 2012 by VeloChamp

Editor’s Note: We are proud to have Velo Champ on board at several FLCX races this season offering neutral support. He is here to help make your race go swimmingly. Do you have a last minute brake issue? Need a 7mm allen key to adjust your Chub Hub for the singlespeed race? Well, Jordan from Velo Champ is your guy. To read more about what races Jordan plans on attending read the official press release. Jordan will pen a column ever now and again to let us know what he saw from the pits on race day and how to get our bikes ready for race day! 

Greetings from the pits!

Being a few races into this year CX season, most should be getting comfortable with their bikes along with any recent component and tire changes. Following last weekend’s phenomenal Tally Cross race, we found our pit management and neutral race support to be invaluable throughout the race.

We were impressed by a solid group of riders coming prepared with spares, including pit wheels and bikes. What better justification for a SSCX bike than to save for pit bike duty, or hell, race some SS categories on a proper bike.

The highest volume of mechanical issues all weekend was related to pinch flats and tubeless tire leakage/burping. Bring that tire pressure UP! Lot’s of wheel swaps followed by flat fixes. To my surprise, not a single rolled tubular came through the pit. Just a handful of broken spokes and a couple of twisted chains. Another note-worthy mechanical issue was failing cleats and/or cleat bolts. In our experience this is more common than most realize. We’re always glad to come prepared with spares for any pedal/cleat issue that might arise.

The recent trend of v-brakes making their way (back) onto cross bikes surely has its upsides. However, we witnessed overall better mud-shedding and debris clearance in Tallahassee with bikes equipped with high-leverage (ie. not low profile) cantilever brakes. Of note, not a single disc brake equipped CX bike came through the pit with a mechanical.

General pit etiquette was good. Being clear with mechanic(s) as you come into the pit is paramount. Bringing beer to the pit mechanics can never hurt. Be sure you identify your spares as best you can. Don’t put your ‘all black single-speed’ right next to the other ‘all black single-speed’ bikes that are in the pit.

We’ll see you in Tampa!

2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Weekend #3

On November 21, 2012 by Super Rookie

In FLCX Power Rankings one day you are in, and the next you are out. Unless you are Jack Rich, who I find really, really, really hot right now. -Heidi Klum

The Florida cyclocross world is a tough one.

On any given weekend a bunch of fast people can show and rip your legs off only to never be seen or heard of again. This is often the case at the outlying races on the FLCX calendar. Every year it is a given that Tallahassee will bring out a few fast racers that sleep in hibernation for an entire year only to destroy all comers in routine fashion. For example, Graham Gillis (Gulf Coast Velo) did his usual domination of the cx3 field on Saturday for the second straight year only to take the leap into the 1/2 race on Sunday to be destroyed (ed. how does it feel, Graham?) by the big guns of Florida racing. In short, your time at the top can’t last forever.

The chase is on for Stubbs, Rich and Slack. (Photo: Jim Mehr)

Think of the Power Rankings as a pound-for-pound list of the best cyclocross racers in Florida. If all things were equal who would win a race between the racers. As you can imagine this is a very difficult thing to figure out and that is why we have retained a mathematical expert to create a super-scientific formula to help us determine who is the best cyclocross racer in Florida. Here is how it is tabulated:

  • Performance relative to category 41%
  • Consistency  34%
  • How pro does the rider look 17%
  • Jerk Quotient* 12%
*The Jerk Quotient is a formula that is hard to explain without getting out a cocktail napkin. Basically, if the person forgets that bike racing is fun and you are wearing spandex while you ride around in circles you will have low scores in this field which can make or break your final ranking.

While consistency is a large component of the rankings formula it doesn’t help if you don’t show up. The seven individuals that fell of the list this week are examples of this. Five of them didn’t race at all and two (Ryan Fisher and Jason Guillen) didn’t “show up” and put in performances that left many wanting.

On to the rankings!

2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Weekend #3

1. Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop) | 35+ | Last Week: #1

  • Two wins in the 35+ field in Tally.
  • Consistently near the top despite being old enough to be the father of 98% of his competitors.
  • Our first repeat on the top step and it might be short lived.
  • Very close to dropping a spot after a miserable DNF in the Saturday Single Speed race.

2. Eric Stubbs (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) | cat1/2 | Last Week: UR

  • Two huge wins in Tally against large and competitive fields.
  • In the driver’s seat for taking over the top spot after Tampa weekend.
  • First appearance in Florida this year for Stubbs. If he keeps showing he should be near the top.
  • Failed to buy Power Rankings editor a drink on Saturday night. This hurts Jerk Quotient score.

3. Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) | cat1/2 | Last Week: #3

  • Three straight weeks at number three for the 2011/12 FLCX Series winner.
  • Currently in first overall in the 1/2 series.
  • Another predictable performance. Saturday=Pathetic. Sunday=Fantastic.
  • Big test in Tampa this weekend. Can Slack hang with the big guns?

4. Ben Wilson (Super Cool Bike Shop) | Cat4, Cat3, SS | Last Week: UR

  • Where did this guy and his muscles come from?
  • A win on Saturday in the cat4s. A solid second on Sunday in the cat3s and Single Speed.
  • Racing on mountain bike may be a detriment on some courses.
  • Seriously, have you seen the muscles on this guy?

5. Chase Tennyson (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) | cat3 | Last Week: UR

  • A strong return to the power rankings after a dominating cat3 win on Sunday.
  • A steady workmanlike performance on Saturday against a stacked cat3 field.

6. Martin Cox (Super Cool Bike Shop) | Cat1/2, SS | Last Week: UR

  • Former state cyclocross champion makes a triumphant return in Tally.
  • Four races. Two podiums. One win in Single Speed on Sunday.
  • Raced mountain bike on Sunday when he had cross bike on Saturday. Major faux-pas.

7. Regan Woodall (Top Gear Cycles) | Cat1/2, SS | Last Week: UR

  • No, not that Woodall.
  • Dominate win in the Single Speed race on Saturday.
  • Two quality races in the 1/2s in first cross race weekend ever.

8. Jody Alexander (Top Gear Cycles) | W4 | Last Week: UR

  • Competitive performance against her male counterparts.
  • Like GI Joe said, “showing up is half the battle.”
  • Scored valuable points for Maverick and Goose’s Bike Shop.

9. Christian Ahrens (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) | SS | Last Week: 7

  • A knee injury can’t keep Ahrens from fighting for every point in his quest for the Single Speed overall.
  • His teammate, Keith Richards, is doing all he can to keep that quest from happening.
  • A third and a fourth against some mountain bike ringers.
  • Preparing for a run at the SESSCXC as he has an actual single speed cyclocross bike.

10. Jeff Zipperer (Infinity Bike Shop) | 45+, Cat4 | Last Week: UR

  • Firefighter.
  • Wheelie professional.
  • Two seconds in 45+ keep him atop the point standings.
  • Offers beer hand-ups to Power Rankings editor.

Falling Off: Ryan Fisher (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More), Calixto Manuel (Team Velocity), Rich Weinstock (Van Dessel), Laura Parsons (Rose Bandit), Todd Frobish (Brick City Bicycles), Keith Lawler (Miami Velo), Jason Guillen (GearLink)


TallyCX: Stubbs Fires Shots

On November 20, 2012 by Super Rookie

GAINESVILLE,FL- The second weekend of racing is in the books and a new player has arrived on the scene in the hunt for the FLCX Overall Championships. Eric Stubbs (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) put together two dominating performances against quality fields on a brand new and picturesque course just outside of Tallahassee that required a mix of power and technical skills. The two victories propelled Stubbs into second place overall behind Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) who has a 38point lead due to his attendance at the Tropical Cyclocross Weekend in Miami two weeks prior. One would have to think that Stubbs is in the driver’s seat as he has two races in hand in his quest for the overall.

Eric Stubbs rides the mud on Saturday. (Photo: Ryan Fisher)

The brand new course marked the third course in as many years for the Florida State University Cycling Club led promoter group. The new course was notably different than those used in the past and had many racers requesting a return to the same location for next year’s race weekend. The 1.2 mile course had a mix of features including: loose gravel roads, steep sharp climbs, a large mud-pit that required some to dismount, and the infamous “Tallahassee Turns” – a set of 180 turns that have been featured on many courses designed by course designer, Jim Smart. Despite the numerous technical features the long power sections allowed for the top racers to complete the course in a little over 5 minutes.

William Sheftall threw a wrench in the mix for those hunting points. (Photo: Ryan Fisher)

With Stubbs taking the top step of the podium on both days the race for second place in the top field came down to an interesting mix of familiar names and a few new racers that made the trip to Tallahassee. One of the surprises over the weekend was the appearance of William Sheftall (Raising Canes Racing) of St. Francisville, Louisiana. He took a strong second place on Saturday over series regulars Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop) and Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) and a third place on Sunday behind Stubbs and Slack. The field quality was also greatly improved, making Stubbs’ performance all the more impressive, with the appearances by mountain bike extraordinaires Martin Cox (Super Cool Bike Shop) and Reagan Woodall (Top Gear Bicycles).

Reagan Woodall grabbed a win in the Single Speed race on Saturday. (Photo: Ryan Fisher)

The racing was fast and furious across all the categories and some notable performances included victories in the Single Speed category by Woodall and Cox over the ever-present 352 Racing trio of Keith Richards, Christian Ahrens and Ryan Fisher. The cat3 field seemed to return to the status-quo as Graham Gillis (Gulfcoast Velo) took his third straight victory in as many races in Tallahassee, but with his entry on Sunday to the cat1/2 field allowed for a new name, Chase Tennyson (352 Racing), to take the top step on the podium.

The FLCX calendar continues this weekend in Tampa with two races that are sure to attract some of the finest talent the state over. Expected to show in the top fields are: Eric Stubbs (352 Racing), Drew Edsall (Team Kenda Tire), Ryan Woodall (Top Gear Bicycles), Jack Rich (Infinity), Chris Slack (Infinity),  and Jarrod Shoemaker (2008 Olympian). The fireworks will be out this weekend and we will see if Stubbs can continue on his two-race streak.

Infinity CX Flyer Posted!

On November 20, 2012 by Super Rookie

We are pleased to announce that USA Cycling has permitted the Infinity CX Weekend in Melbourne, Florida in December. An all new course on day one and a return to the surprisingly awesome BMX track for the Sunday race. The Melbourne race was one of the best kept secrets on the 2011 FLCX calendar and they make a triumphant return to two days of racing in 2012!

Major thanks go out to Michael King (Infinity) and Biron Keefer (Infinity) for keeping the quest of cyclocross racing in Melbourne alive and well.

Graham’s Tallahassee CX Recap Video

On November 20, 2012 by Christian

Graham is getting soo good at these. The Cross Copter, the multiple cameras in multiple races, the dramatic music- it doesn’t get a lot better than this.

TallyCross 2012 from Graham Partain on Vimeo.

Tampa RiverFront CX Course Preview

On November 19, 2012 by Christian

TampaRiverfrontCX from Gob Carlqvist on Vimeo.

Course map!

FLCX Team Competition After Four Races

On November 19, 2012 by Super Rookie

Gainesville, FL-

Florida Cyclocross racing moved to Tallahassee this past weekend and the team points standings reflect the change in locale/$3+ a gallon gas prices. The south Florida/Miami based teams were noticeably absent, while a flood of panhandle-based teams took their place in filling out the fields. Both the neon pink of 352 Racing p/b Bikes and More and the Orange of Infinity Bike Shop made strong showings, with 352 edging out the boys from Infinity for the most team points earned on both Saturday and Sunday. This despite almost the entire Infinity team being in bed before 8pm Saturday, while the 352 crew contributed to the local economy at the world famous(?) Waterworks tiki bar. Carbo loading works, kiddos. Tallahassee’s self proclaimed ‘premier racing team,’ Gulf Coast Velo, lived up to the billing and slotted into 3rd place overall on both Saturday and Sunday. FLCX newcomers Top Gear Bicycles out of Ocala and Super Cool Bike Shop out of Gainesville duked it out for the rest of the (nonexistent) team podium spots, with Top Gear taking 4th on Saturday, and Super Cool taking 4th on Sunday.

For the overall points tally for the season, Infinity Bike Shop remains in the lead, with 352 in 2 nd place chipping away at their lead. Gulf Coast Velo jumps into 3rd place after their strong hometown showing, with GearLink just a few points behind in 4th. The orange and blue polka dots of Super Cool rounds out the top 5 after two weeks of racing. Honorable mentions go out to the VeloBrew (7 th) and Orlando Road Club (10th) teams for being the only teams not in the top 5 that have sent riders to every event so far.

So far, 47 separate teams have scored points in the series. Remember to check the final results at the races to make sure everything is correct and you are properly identified with your team. Also feel free to check the individual team points results to make sure our number crunchers didn’t miss something. Let us know if you notice any errors. Remember that the top 4 points scorers from a team for a given race day count towards that day’s total, with an additional point given to every other team rider that finishes a race. Every rider counts, and the so far low turnout women’s categories are especially ripe for teams to snag big points. With racing moving to the central part of the state for the remainder of the series, expect things to heat up in the FLCX team points competition.

-Ryan Fisher

Team Point Standings as of 11/19/2012

Tally Video*

On November 19, 2012 by Super Rookie

Here is the first video from the festivities in Tallahassee over the weekend.

*Not Cross Copter, but still pretty damn cool!