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Southeast SingleSpeed Champion Earns Automatic Entry To 2013 SingleSpeed World Championships In Philly!

On December 6, 2012 by Super Rookie

We just received an email from the organizers of the 2013 SingleSpeed Cyclocross World Championships in Philadelphia that the winner of the prestigious Southeast Singlespeed Cyclocross Championships will receive an automatic paid entry to the 2013 Singlespeed World Championships in Philly!

We will have more details for you, but get your single speed cross bikes ready for Swamp Cross on December 15th and 16th.

Florida Cyclocross Chatter: Vol 13

On December 4, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have missed you.

Have you missed us?

It has been a busy time here at FLCX Internet HQ with the racing season at the midway point.

A few little things of interest to keep your mind focused till the racing in Melbourne this weekend.

Lots of awesome news in here!

Infinity CX Trophies

We got a quick note from Mike King over at Infinity Bike Shop about the trophies they have cooked up for the racing this weekend!

I think they are pretty awesome.

Infinity Cross Flyer

We will see you all in Melbourne this weekend!

VeloChamp at Infinity!
We are stoked that our neutral support sponsor will be out making sure all of our bikes and wheels are in great shape at Infinity Cross. How many times has Jordan saved the racing experience for our competitors? His service is thankless and the least we can do is check out his awesome website and shop the next time we are in Tampa.

Ocala Cross Is Happening

Remember that there is an awesome cyclocross race in Ocala on December 30th! What a great way to work off some of that holiday laziness. It will also be a test event as Ocala is planning on being a part of the 2013/14 FLCX Season Calendar!

Here is the race flyer.

State Cross

Got off the phone with Dan down in Dade City and he has amazing things planned for our annual pilgrimage to the biggest cyclocross race in the state at the Little Everglades Ranch. The folks over at USA Cycling have finally signed off on the insurance and his race is good to go. Dan has the unfortunate task of being one of the few events in January every year which is when USA Cycling changes over their insurance! We appreciate all he does to keep racing exciting.

We can’t wait.

Team Points

We are thrilled that Dr. Fisher has tallied the team points and we hope to have that updated in the coming day, or so. Keep an eye out for a post about it.

Crazy Flier!

Those of you that are members of the Florida Cyclocross Series Facebook Group may have seen the teaser photo dropped on there by Clermont promoter and all-around good guy, Jason Guillen, the other day. Take a look at the crazy pay out he is putting up at his race!

If you finish in 10th place make sure you ask for a check!

Clermont Both Days!

It is with both happiness and sadness that we bring to your attention that the Clermont Cyclocross Weekend will now only be taking place at the National Training Center. We are thrilled because it is one of the most challenging and spectator friendly courses on the entire circuit. We are sad because there are hills and those hills are mean.

Mile Challenge

The gang from 352 Racing is having a running race on the Saturday of the Clermont Cyclocross Weekend at the track at the NTC. We are going to see who the fastest runner is in the mile. Four laps around the track. Must wear your cycling leotard. Running shoes are okay.

Don’t let Beardo beat you.

2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Weekend #4

On December 3, 2012 by Christian

Editor’s Note: Carlqvist steals the Power Rankings away from Super Rookie this week and provides you the rankings. Not to be outdone the Rookie inserts a long awaited feature at the end!

Having finally attended my first two races of the FLCX 2012 season, I think I’m ready to take a crack at the Power Rankings this week.

Heading into a flat sandy weekend at Melbourne, we’ve had a pretty good variety of courses to keep it interesting and challenge every aspect of a Florida cyclocross racer’s capabilities. We’re starting to see patterns, to draw order from the chaos, to separate the wheat from the chaff. Patterns are emerging from the primordial slime of the early season, gauntlets are being thrown down, and lines are being drawn in the sand.

In addition, we are proud to announce that we have a new feature on the Power Rankings this week, “Sandbagger of the Week.” It takes a lot of skill and know-how to be recognized as the top sandbagger in the FLCX and it is only right that we reward certain individuals with this distinction!

Here we go.

2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Weekend #3

1. Ryan Woodall (Team Top Gear) | Cat1/2 & SS | Last Week: UR

The pride of Ocala entered 4 races during the Tampa Weekend and stood on the top step of the podium 4 times. It wasn’t really close for any of them, other than a certain 17 year old Cat 4 who sat on his wheel for 25 minutes of Sunday’s 30 minute Single Speed/Junior race. Going from the super technical and tight Saturday course to the wide open velcro grass slog of Sunday had little effect on him.

2. Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop) | 35+ | Last Week: UR

Jack actually looks a bit human this year, but still managed to dominate the Masters 35 category in Tampa. He’s this high on the list with a strong showing in Jerk Quotient (JQ) numbers. It’s somewhat amazing he’s riding as well as he is considering that his previously invincible wife Brooke Rich has proved quite vincible this year because (she claims) she’s constantly battling toddler-transmitted influenzas that she’s presumably transmitting on to him.

3. Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) | W123 | Last Week: UR

You sweep the weekend’s races by simply riding away from the rest of your field, with lap times at Sunday’s Tampa Cyclocross Classic that put her in the top 10 of the men’s cat 3 race, you get on the Power Rankings. The formula is that simple sometimes. Laura get’s a very low JQ rating, however- she said “thank you” and “I can’t believe this” about a billion times when we told her she won a Cinelli Zydeco CX Frameset from Cinelli USA and Velo Champ at the Tampa Riverfront CX.

4. Clint Gibbs (Bike Works of Jonesville) | Cat 3 | Last Week: UR

Another rider who swept the podium in Tampa, Clint punched his ticket to ride for 60 minutes next year by going to the front and drilling it early and often. He’s quiet and efficient, with a correspondingly very low JQ number, but in spite of only having done 2 races so far this year, he’s sitting 6th in the points series.

5. Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) | Cat1/2 | Last Week: #3

He’s still leading the P12 point series by a commanding 39 point margin, but an early flat on one of a billion stupid rocks a long way from the pits on Sunday took some of the wind out of his sails and doomed him to a disappointing finish to go along with his strong 2nd place at Riverfront CX. High numbers for his JQ solely due to his absurd power to weight ratio- only a mammoth jerk could be so skinny and yet be so fast. Looks pretty pro, too.

6. Eric Stubbs (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) | Cat1/2 | Last Week: #2

Stubbs dueled with Woodall and Slack all weekend, but an on-camera tumble on Saturday and a late race (brain?) fade on Sunday conspired to move him to the lowest step on the podium both days. Nothing to sneeze at, but after Tallahassee’s sweep, something of a let down. Will he ever make it to the top of the power rankings?

7. Alex Meucci (Bent’s) | Junior 15-18/Cat4 | Last Week: UR

Alex is 17 years old. He won the Junior 15-18 race both days. He won the Cat 4’s on Saturday, and pretty much didn’t race 4’s on Sunday because we would have forced him to upgrade, because he didn’t just win the cat’s 4s, he DISMANTLED them. His average lap times on Saturday were the 12th fastest laps ALL DAY, faster than Keith Richards (SS), Tim Hayes(P12), and Ken Vida(P12), to name a few. They were also only 47 seconds slower than Ryan Woodall’s(P12). On Sunday, he was hanging out with Woodall at the front for at least 20-25 minutes of the 30 minute SS/Junior race.

I’d say the kid has a shot at a future in this sport.

8. Christian Ahrens  (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) | SS | Last Week: #7

Two second places to Woodall, or first mortal in Single Speed, and massive 67 point lead in the points keeps Ahrens on the list, along with his creeper mustache inflating his JQ. Doing a superman across the finish line on Saturday also adds to his luster. Pretty sure he took a coconut rum handup on Sunday.

9. Jeff Zipperer (Infinity Bike Shop) | M45 | Last Week: #10

First on Saturday, 2nd on Sunday. It’s a pretty good indication that Jeff is back after his injuries last season. See what I did there? Lost some JQ points by performing first aid on Darren Dowling’s crushed hand. Probably jumped the jump, however. Does wheelies on demand.

10. Ivan Castillo (Miami Velo) | M4 | Last Week: UR

Ivan has been showing ever-improving form in the cat4s all season. A strong performance on the tight and twisty Saturday course was a preview of the power that the “Pride of Hialeah” was planning on putting down on Sunday when he took a dominant victory. Despite the performance the biggest factor in making the rankings this week is his ability to travel with Beardo.

Falling Off: Ben Wilson (Super Cool), Chase Tennyson (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More), Martin Cox (Super Cool), Regan Woodall (Top Gear), Jodi Alexander (Top Gear)

2012/13 FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week: Weekend #4

Past winner of the Sandbagger of the Week Award and now racing for Garmin/Holowesko Partners. (Photo: Tim Hayes)

Alex Meucci (Bent’s) | Cat4

Sure, Meucci may be a junior, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t cool, calm and calculated for when it comes to winning bike races. After a dominating performance on Saturday that put his lap times near the top of the cat1/2 field the young man was told of a non-existent USA Cycling rule that states, “racers are forced to upgrade to cat3 if they win two races.” Being a man beyond his years the junior opted out of racing in the cat4 race on Sunday in order to preserve his cat4 licence before the state championships in January. He then proceeded to race the entirety of the Junior race at the front with Ryan Woodall, who was competing in the Singlespeed category.

Stand tall young Meucci. You are wise beyond your years and you are the winner of this week’s Sandbagger of the Week Award.

Tampa CX Classic Video!

On November 30, 2012 by Christian

The CrossCopter kills it again. Featuring even more Beardo!

Tampa Cyclocross Classic from @CrossCopter on Vimeo.

2013 USA Cycling Changes to CX Upgrade Rules:

On November 30, 2012 by Christian

From the USA Cycling Email we just received:

Cyclo-cross upgrades

The Cyclo-cross upgrade section was rewritten to more closely match the road. There are two ways to upgrade, voluntary and mandatory. The number of points is now given for each of the mandatory upgrades. Please note that junior women are exempt from a mandatory upgrade to Category 2

Cyclo-cross riders must upgrade from Category 4 to Category 3 after either competing in 10 qualifying races or accruing 10 points.

Category 3 riders may upgrade to Category 2 with 10 points. Amassing 15 points or two wins in a field of at least 30 competitors is a mandatory upgrade.

Category 2 riders may upgrade to Category 1 voluntarily with 20 points. Category 2 riders receive a mandatory upgrade after amassing either 25 points or two wins in a field of at least 40 competitors.

These rules go into effect January 1, 2013, so they won’t affect this year’s series, but it seems as if it will for next year. It remains to be seen how this is enforced, of course.

Requesting an upgrade is an easy process and is done through your USACycling.com Member Account. In order to properly request an upgrade you MUST include the following pieces of information: Race Date, Race Name, Race Category, Result and Number of Participants. If you have questions about this please visit the USA Cycling Page on Cyclocross Upgrades.

No sandbags allowed at FLCX races. (Photo: doordam.com)

Tampa Weekend: Woodall Humbles All

On November 29, 2012 by Super Rookie

GAINESVILLE, FL – The first double Tampa weekend in the history of the FLCX Series was highlighted with dominant performances by Ryan Woodall (Top Gear Cycles), who entered four races on the weekend and came away with four victories. Making the victories all the more impressive was the quality of the fields in which Woodall competed. Both days featured Tally CX double winner, Eric Stubbs (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More), FLCX Series leader, Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop), and Sunday featured mountain bike pro, Drew Edsall (Team Kenda/Felt). Add in two dominant performances over stacked singlespeed fields featuring overall series leader, Christian Ahrens (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) and it is easy to understand the quality of the Woodall performance.

Woodall rips a corner. (Photo: Bob Croslin)

The two days in Tampa featured two distinctly different courses. Saturday was the debut of a brand new course at Rivercrest Park just outside of Downtown Tampa for the inaugural Riverfront CX . The course was extremely tight and twisty and favored riders with great technical skills. Racers known for their mountain bike skills, such as, Alex Meucci (Bent’s) the cat4 winner, found themselves  at home on the course. Meucci was able to produce lap times that rivaled the top racers in the cat1/2 field.

Alex Meucci, second from left, didn’t win the holeshot on Saturday, but he did take a dominant win. (Photo: Bob Croslin)

The series marked a return to Picnic Island for the second year with the Tampa Cyclocross Classic. The course was nearly identical to last years with a few rooty turns on a fairly flat backside of the course that allowed riders to recover prior to a return to the waterfront that featured several challenging sandy turns and steep elevation changes that put the hurt on riders lap after lap. While the previous day’s course favored the technically gifted riders the Sunday course allowed those with power to have the upper hand. Due to this many were thinking that Drew Edsall chose the wrong day to show up as Woodall was able to easily pull away in the opening laps from his well known competition.

Chris Kyle (Top Gear Cycles) leads a large field after the initial holeshot in the Cat4s on Saturday. (Photo: Bob Croslin)

After the racing action died down all eyes turned to the FLCX Series Standings. The cat1/2 leader board found itself solidifying into a two person race for the overall title between Chris Slack and Eric Stubbs. While Slack impressed many with a strong second place on Saturday an ill-timed flat put him in sixth place on Sunday. Stubbs performed consistently on the weekend grabbing third place on both days, but he may be kicking himself as he left some much needed points on the table as he lost out on second place on the last lap of the race on Sunday to a late charging Edsall. This battle for the overall should come down to the wire, but Slack appears to be in the driver’s seat as he has plans to attend all of the remaining races in the series.

Matt Pourbaix (Top Dog Cycles) has quickly become a fan favorite at the races utilizing the nickname, “Beardo Grillz.” (Photo: Bob Croslin)

Other performances of note would be the reappearance of Clint Gibbs (Bike Works) who took two hard fought victories in the cat3s over the likes of Giancarlo Bianci (Bike Werks), Taylor Norton (Orange State Cycling) and Ed Dunne (Cycle Smart). Gibbs appears ready for the jump to the 35+ field and should provide a challenge to the dominance of Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop) who once again took impressive wins and made his 35+ title a near lock over the consistent performances of Graham Partain (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More). Highlighting the large cat4 fields were fourteen women entries over the weekend. Jody Alexander (Top Gear Bicycles) found herself gaining points for her quest in the overall finishing third both days, but impressive performances by Kristin Apotsos, who took victories both days, should not go unnoticed leading into her hometown race weekend in Melbourne on December 8th and 9th.

USA Cycling Results Tampa Riverfront Cyclocross Classic

USA Cycling Results Tampa Cyclocross Classic

Tampa Riverfront CX Cat 4 Men and Women Gallery

On November 29, 2012 by Christian

We had a huge field for the Cat 4 race, which is great, because introducing new people to CX is why we do this.

All pics by Bob Croslin, all rights reserved.

Greg Hodges leads eventual winner Alex Meucci around the first of many hairpins to win the holeshot. Shaun Drees and Abe Lincoln look on.

More from turn 1

Cat 4 men coming around the Gazebo

St. Pete’s Kerry Dienhart in her first CX race. Really, there are easier courses, and clipless pedals help a lot, too, Kerry.

Todd Frobish leads Alex Meucci thru the mini barriers.

Shaun Drees and Abe Lincoln on the mini barriers

Nicole Carson on one of the trips up the hill.

Jody Alexander

John Graham (West Point Cycling Team) and friend in the spanish moss.

I don’t know this guy’s name, but he rocked a Kona SS all weekend, so he must be ok.

The grassy incline, which only had 25 feet of elevation change, proved strangely difficult to climb on your third trip up it.

Beardo is awesome.

Party in the Mini Barriers

Series Points Updated Through Tampa Weekend

On November 28, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have returned from our lab and have tallied up the points for the 2012/13 FLCX Series!

Take a gander at the series standings.

Team standings will be completed with Dr. Fisher returns from doing doctor things out of town.

Tampa Riverfront CX CrossCopter Coverage!

On November 27, 2012 by Christian

Graham Partain just keeps getting better and better at this. Must be all the burpees with the dudes at the Hobby Lobby.

Tampa Riverfront CX from Graham Partain on Vimeo.

Results Posted For Tampa Weekend

On November 27, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have updated our results page for the Tampa Cyclocross Weekend!

We will have a race report, updated point standings, and other awesome stuff (power rankings) over the coming week.

Race Results

Keep spreading the word!