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Swamp Cross featuring the SESSCX Championships Preview

On December 12, 2012 by Christian

SwampCross 2012 Favorites and Controversy from @CrossCopter on Vimeo.

Video by Graham Partain/Crosscopter.com

Cross Copter Infinity CX Day 1 Video

On December 11, 2012 by Christian

Infinity CX in Palm Bay from @CrossCopter on Vimeo.

Filmed by Graham Partain, Ryan Fisher, and CrossCopter, Edited by Graham. Another great recap!

Race Report – Infinity CX Day 2 – Sebastian Inlet

On December 11, 2012 by Christian

Sunday dawned with a the remains of an overnight rain as we motored towards Melbourne for day 2 of Infinity CX. I was following Walter and Jason, and a creepy black Dodge van with tinted windows and a “Girl Scouts Go Places” bumper sticker was following me. Obviously, I was concerned, as the van made every turn that we did, from the FL Turnpike to 528 to I-95, and then the exit to Melbourne. It stopped behind me at the stop light. Then, it pulled up beside me , and rolled down it’s creepy driver’s window creepily…

… And Rich Dybdahl (Pure Cycles) made the “I’m watching you” sign. Sigh. Like I need that crap at 7.48 am.

Anyrate, after driving for miles down A1A, we reached Sebastian Inlet State Park, parked the cars, and proceded to get eaten alive by noseeums. Registered, pinned numbers, hung out with Dario, because I’m cool enough to hang out with dudes named Dario who live in Miami. Take it. Decided to pre-ride the course. I’ll let this video from Jack Rich’s seat rails explain that to you:

(Thanks, Jack)

Let’s be real. The course looked like it was going to be terrible. But I tell you what, that beach ride was AMAZING. The barriers leading onto it, the super tight hairpin, the million choices of lines across the beach that were never the right one, the ride-able telephone pole barrier at the end of it, all of it was AMAZING. The course was at least two minutes too short, but they really used about as much of the park as possible, and it all worked, somehow. Except the pinwheel. Everyone hated the pinwheel, in spite of the festive Xmas tree in the middle of it, which was actually awesome. The pinwheel was both absurdly narrow, it was also on pretty loose sand. There was maybe one good line through it, I did find it on my 6th or 7th time through it, but I never found it again. The P12’s ran most of it, which was certainly faster. It was a really tough course, and it was too short, but on the other hand, part of the attraction of CX is just how absurd it is. Riding a glorified road bike over dirt, mud, sand, and gravel shouldn’t be easy, and this course certainly wasn’t very easy. There was about 200 feet of recovery on the entire lap, and even then you had to keep pedaling- if you stopped pedaling, you stopped rolling.

The races started pretty close to the schedule. The hole shot was all of 232 feet long, so you know I was pretty damn close to the front of it. You also know that the Ryan Fisher (352), Chase Tennyson (352) and Ed Dunne (Cycle Logic) were also hangin out with me, along with the aforementioned Dybdahl, who never lets me get out of his sights in spite of the fact that he is clearly several warp factors faster than I am. I took up as much space as I could on the narrow sections to allow Chase and Ryan to get a gap, because I’m a jerk like that, but somehow Rich got past me, and bridged up to Chase, and the two of them rocketed off. Ed tormented Ryan for a while, and eventually caught and passed him. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to quit the race badly from roughly the 20 minute point until I heard there was 3 to go, when Rich and Chase had almost caught me. Even for my slow ass, the laps were going by in 4 and a half minutes, which included the beach slog and the muddy double track slog and the pinwheel sand slog. It hurt me! Chase gapped Rich several times leading up to the final lap, but Rich battled back every time until the last lap, when Rich burnt his last match and had to let Chase go.

So Mens 3 ended up Chase, Rich, and Ed. Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) hung out with John Hovius (AAA) and I (Orange State) for a 3 or 4 laps, and then rode away from both of us to win the Women’s 123 race. Of course, John let me close on him briefly, and then gassed it and was gone. On the last lap, Micheal King (Infinity) dumped it in the pinwheel’s loose sand and allowed me to regain a bunch of seconds so that I exited the pinwheel within a couple of bike lengths of him. I wasn’t even sure at the time if we were in the same race (we were), but anytime I’m that close to the finish line with another rider, I’m going to sprint, even if it’s for last place (it was), because I learned quite early in my silly race career that the race isn’t over until you cross the line, so I dumped a bunch of cogs and FLEW towards the line, while he realized too late that he needed to accelerate. So I got 8th, he got 9th, and now I HAVE A NEMESIS. YESSSSSS. #CROSSCLASH

My close, personal friend, the always stylish Dario Perez (Miami Velo) took the win in Masters 45, with Jeff Zipperer (Infinity) and Robert Reineke (AAA) rounding out the podium. In Masters 55, Marshall Reeves (Infinity), Stephen Ducker (Pure Racing), and Brad Scott were your winners.

The Pro 12 race was next, and you can watch the video above to see how the first lap turned out. It evolved into another battle between Eric Stubbs (352 pb Bikes & More) and Earl Bradley (Infinity), but by 30 minutes in, barring disaster, this one had been decided. Stubbs launched on the beach fairly early and Earl wouldn’t or couldn’t follow, a gap opened up, and in spite of some late lap heroics, Earl could never close it. Again, Chris Slack (Infinity) gamely chased at a distant third. They would finish in the same order. In Master’s 35, Jack Rich (Infinity) took the victory and was also 4th overall, followed by Ben Smith (352 pb Bikes & More) and Joel Rierson (Louis Garneau). Tim Hayes deserves special mention for stopping on his second lap to adjust the air pressure in his tires, then stopping two or three laps later to hang out until the last lap so he could ride it and still score points for the team competition. WEAK.

In the cat 4’s, you know that if Kristen Apotsos (Infinity) shows up, she’s going to win, and she did, thus signing her own death warrant/upgrade-to-the-cat-3’s-and-getting-beaten-by-Laura-Parsons. The rest of the podium was familiar, with Katherine Adams and Jody Alexander (Team Top Gear). In the Men’s, Micheal Hernandez (Garmin Juniors) took the win (he’s like 15, guys, come on!), followed by Gregory Apotsos and his high lifting barrier style and single speed Kona, and the mysterious Tom Pownall in third.

In Juniors, it was Lochlan Hovius (AAA) over Jackson Mehr (Outspoken) and Tyler Pownall. Pownall might be my new favourite internet pseudonym. I PWN4LL. HAHAHAHAHA 3AT M3!

I’m sorry.

In the Single Speed race, it was again a gaggle of jerks from 352 racing trying and for the most part failing to beat up on an old Australian guy. Rick Buning, Fisher, and Stubbs (all 352) were having a party with John Hovius (AAA) for the early part of the race, but the pinwheel caused a lot of problems for both Bunning and Fisher, who took some soil samples, and re-arranged several sections of course tape. At one point, Stubbs almost took out Hovius so that he could heckle Bunnning while exiting the pinwheel, swerving wildly to shout like Frankenstein’s monster “ARRRRR BUNNNNNING HATE STAKES! BUNNNNNNING HATE TAPE!” Stubbs kept trying to slow the pace to allow his slower team mates to catch back on, but Hovius would have none of it, and would go back to the front to increase the tempo. Eventually, it was just Stubbs and Hovius, and a last lap attack on the beach sealed the win for Stubbs. Buning was third, and Jeff Zipperer (Infinity) was fourth. Fisher again unzipped his jersey, rolled up his shorts, and blasted Mastodon as loud as his phone would play it as he crossed the line for 5th, but much higher in everyone’s hearts.

All in all, it was a great weekend of racing. Not a huge turn out, but higher than last year’s. The courses were not perfect, with Saturday’s being better than Sunday’s, but both showed a lot of potential for the future, particularly Saturday’s. On the other hand, Sunday’s beach section was arguably the best section of any course we’ve raced on so far this year. The race organisation was very good, the volunteers were hilarious as well as effective, results were posted quickly, and the free food and water can’t be forgotten or dismissed either. Infinity did a great job, and will do an even better job next year, and that’s all we can ask for as racers.

See you guys in Gainesville for Swamp Cross. Don’t miss it. They’ve promised me the PA system both days!

State CX Flyer Posted

On December 10, 2012 by Super Rookie

The powers at USA Cycling have permitted the State Cyclocross Championships at the Little Everglades Ranch!

Mark your calendars for the biggest race of them all!


Race Report: Infinity CX Day 1 – Palm Bay BMX

On December 10, 2012 by Christian

Saturday, 6am. Fog Shrouded highways. Low beam headlights attempted to cut the haze as riders hurried towards Palm Bay for the second edition of Infinity CX at the former Palm Bay BMX track.

8.30am. All of the wave 1 riders were pre-riding the course in the same fog, or at least they should have been. Some were still goofing off at registration. We got the word that the race start was to be delayed til 9.30 so “the fog could burn off.” I went out to pre-ride the course, wearing my amber lensed Lazer sun glasses. They were immediately covered in moisture and rendered mostly useless.

The course was much the same as last year- If you were there you don’t have to read this paragraph, and you can skip ahead without hurting my feelings. A gentle curve to the left over rough clumps of grass that prevented anything like smooth pedaling, with special bonus hidden ruts and lumps, followed by a curve to the right, then a straightaway that led under the flyover. Right turn onto a dirt road for 30 meters, then back onto the grass for a couple of hairpins and over the flyover, then an even bumpier short section of grass that dumped out on to the three long straight sections of dirt road, that basically went around an area roughly the size of a city block. Then a left into a sand pit, a semi-smooth grass section including two barriers, then some twists and turns and bumps and lumpy grass, so you were sufficiently punished before you had the pleasure of climbing up to the top of the BMX track starting hill. Then down the hill, the front straight with three BMX jumps of various heights and shapes, and then a very steep ride up and down the berm, cutting out the two middle straights of the BMX course and finishing up on the BMX finish straight, which had two or three more jumps and then dumped you back onto the start/finish line.

9.20am. Much of the fog was well on it’s way to burning off. The temperature started to rise, and the dew began to evaporate off the flyover. The flyover was best hit with as much speed as possible, so you didn’t have to pedal on the wood itself. There were thin strips of wood nailed at intervals the full width of the flyover, nominally for more traction but in practice they were just there to let you know if your tire pressure was too full or just right. PROTIP: you want to feel your rims hit the first couple strips going up.

9.33am “GO” and wave one was off. Mens Cat 3, Women’s 123, and Masters 45/55.

9.56am I asked how much longer, and was told 22 minutes. I was unhappy. I took another bottle handup. It was getting hot, the sun was fully out. People were going much faster than I was.

10.18am The usual jerks were battling it out at the front- Ed Dunne (Cycle Logic), Ryan Fisher (352 Racing bp Bikes and More), and Chase Tennyson (352 Racing bp Bikes and More). They would finish in that order. I cleaned the BMX track every single lap. I beat three guys. Yay me. Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) courteously raced with me for two or three laps, but grew tired of my desperate pleas to slow down on the road sections and latered. She got a trophy with a “1” on it for her troubles. Ken Jones (Velo Brew) was the first Masters 45 across the line, followed by Paul LaStayo (Ski Utah!(!!!)) and Scotty Graham (West Coast Cycle). I don’t know if Paul was visiting family or just terribly, weirdly lost, but hey, thanks for playing FLCX! In Masters 55, Marshal Reeves (Infinity), Paul Schwartz (ORC) and John Butler (TCR) finished in that order.

Enough of the whole time gimmick. I got cleaned up, then the Infinity guys handed me a mic, I began to talk my usual brand of semi-relevant nonsense, and the Pro 12 and Masters 35’s went off. It very quickly turned into a brawl between Eric Stubbs (352 Racing bp Bikes and More) and Earl Bradley (Infinity Bike Shop). Stubbs was riding a CX bike, while Earl was on a hardtail MTB, so Earl was at an advantage on the rough stuff, while Stubbs had a little more pure speed. They were trading haymakers, with Stubbs launching attacks repeatedly thru the start/finish area. He was probably launching them in other places too, but I couldn’t see where from my vantage point. Chris Slack (Infinity) was in the mix early, but wilted a bit and fell off the lead pace, but never fell all the way back to the laughing group. On the final lap, Stubbs and Bradley entered the BMX track together, and the MTB proved the better choice of weapon when trying to go fast over dirt jumps, giving Bradley a well fought win. Stubbs was second, Slack third, and Jason Guillen (Gearlink) a well earned 4th. In Masters 35, Ben Smith (352 Racing bp Bikes and More), in his first race back after injury, went out way too hot and faded, but still came in second to Graham Partain (352 Racing bp Bikes and More/CrossCopter.com/Hobby Lobby), who celebrated his victory by doing 30 burpees while eating a turkey sausage with no bun. Friggen Paleo, how does it work? Biron Keefer (Infinity) was a distant third.

Kristen Apotsos’ (Infinity) reign of terror over the Women 4 field is nearly over, she won again, and she will soon be feeling the heavy hand of the forced-upgrade angel tapping her on the shoulder. Katherine Adams and Jody Alexander (Team Top Gear/Team Tall Chicks) rounded out the podium.

Beardo was 9th in the 4’s. Do we even care about the rest of those guys? (Just kidding, of course we do.) Tyler Jandreau (Infinity) was the winner followed by Michael Hernandez (Garmin Juniors) and Brian Jenson (Pure Cycles).

Finally, Lochlan Hovius (AAA) won the Junior race, beating Michael Hernandez (Garmin Juniors) and Jackson Mehr (Outspoken), if the results Tim posted are to be believed. Lochlan recently won a triathlon. Against adults. He’s 11. Don’t mess with Lochlan.

Overall, it was a fun day of racing on a tough course that rewards both technical prowess as well as roadie watts. I think with a few changes, that the organizers and more importantly the parks and rec department are willing to make, it could be a really killer location in the future. Big huge massive thanks to Infinity for all the free drinks (water, cokes, and beers), turkey sausages, and letting me talk on the PA system. Great job, everyone.

I’ll post day 2’s recap tomorrow. Stay tuned.

FLCX Points Updated

On December 10, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have updated the points for you.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Series Points

Infinity CX Day Two Results Posted

On December 10, 2012 by Super Rookie

Why would you think the second day would be any different when it comes to the organization of the gang at Infinity CX?

We have the results updated and there were a ton of laughs and smiles from the weekend.

Heck, deep down even I still had fun even though the course required technical skills I clearly lack.

Thanks to Infinity Bike Shop for putting on the race.

Thanks to all the sponsors including Velo Champ for running the pit.

Check for a race report and updated standings soon!

Results Page

Infinity CX Day One Results Posted

On December 8, 2012 by Super Rookie

The gang at Infinity knows how to get it done.

Race results submitted to us on the SAME DAY AS THE RACE.

How awesome is that?

It was a total #foamparty out at the first day of Infinity Cross today.

Results Page

FLCX Team Points After Tampa

On December 8, 2012 by Super Rookie

Editor’s Note: Dr. Fisher is back from the lab with another roundup of the FLCX Point Series.

FLCX Team Points Update: Tampa

Florida racers shook off their Thanksgiving/Black Friday hangovers to take to Tampa for some furious cross racing. I was not able to attend, but will guess that there were great courses both days consisting of grass, sand, booster ramps, and cross-copters. I am also guessing that the racing was furious, but chances are it was. The boys in orange of Infinity Bike Shop and the men in pink of 352 p/b Bikes and More duked it out for top team honors, with Infinity coming out on top on both days of racing, and the pink machine taking the second step. On Saturday there was a close battle for the bronze medal, with four teams within 4 points of each other. Gearlink narrowly edged out local outfit Orange State, the one man wrecking crew of Top Gear, and the Hovius family reunion of AAA Tri Team for the last podium spot.

Sunday’s racing saw 352 narrow, but fail to close, the gap to Infinity, while Woodall’s additional teammate was enough to push Top Gear onto the third step of the podium, just edging out Orange State and AAA Tri Team.

At the halfway point in the FLCX season, Infinity is sitting in first place overall, with a small gap over 352 p/b Bikes and More. Those two teams have a sizable lead over a cluster of teams fighting for 3rd, led by Top Gear and followed closely by Gearlink and Gulf Coast Velo. There are plenty of points still up for grabs, and every additional teammate helps, so rally the troops and finish out the season strong.


A Public Service Announcement From Our Friends At CXHairs

On December 7, 2012 by Super Rookie

We would like to thank our friends at CXHairs for posting this PSA