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You have been begging for the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ for a few days and we are here to deliver. We have been holed up in our respective mother’s basements crunching the numbers and passing our preliminary ranking back and forth waiting for the posting of the official results of the first weekend of racing in Dade City. Naturally, some would say that the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ are the most important part of Florida Cyclocross.

Due to this, there is a lot of pressure on the FLCX Junta to produce 100% official, infallible, unquestionable and accurate rankings that can not be challenged, but we are cyclocross racers and we can handle the pressure. As the season rolls into the second weekend at the Edinburgh Challenge in Dunedin this weekend we now have a few questions answered and more being asked.

Questions Answered:

  1. Will Ryan Woodall actually race his bike, or just Facebook about racing cyclocross for the third year in a row?
  2. Will Josh Thorton face a serious challenge at anytime this season?
  3. Who is Zoltan Tisza and why is he hurting everyone?

Questions To Be Answered:

  1. Was it a case of the dreaded #promoterlegs, or is Josh Thorton the new Chris Slack?
  2. Will Karen Dybdahl redeem the Dybdahl family name?
  3. Is Kristin Apotsos the new Laura Parsons?

Regardless of the answers we are here for you.


Tim and Christian

2013/14 OFFICIAL FLCX Power Rankings™: Wicked Hahdah CX

Photo: Team Pro’s Closet

1. Ryan Woodall (Top Gear / MuMu) | Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NA

It seems like the local mountain bike legend is going all in on cyclocross this year. He even has a cyclocross bike! Pulled off two huge victories in the season opening race and staked an early claim to the top of the Power Rankings with that performance. Was it a case of the dreaded #promoterlegs for FLCX resident strongman, Josh Thorton? Or, is Ryan Woodall the all-new Dragon Slayer?

Photo: Dave McElwaine

2. Zoltan Tisza (Colavita) | M45+ | Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NA

The real deal. Former Hungarian national champion and world championship entrant came to Florida and slayed everyone in his field, only finishing behind Tic Bowen in the Masters overall and let’s not forget racing a full 60min to take third on Saturday and fourth on Sunday. Hide your kids, because there is a new monster in town.

Photo: Winter Park Cycles

3. Tic Bowen (U/A) | M35+ | Last Rank: NA

Last year the battle for the Master’s 35+ title came down to Mr. Mystery, Tic Bowen, and Mr. September, Andy Mills (Firefighters Union). At the State Championship it was Mills who came out on top. We were so confident in Tic’s return to FLCX that we didn’t even mention Mills in the PRESEASON OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™. We are now even more confident in our decision.

Photo: S. McElvery

4. Josh Thorton (Team Giant) | Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NA

In the deep dark recesses of the Twittersphere there are jaded cyclocross race promoters who constantly complain of having to deal with #promoterlegs. It is a real thing. It happened to the King of King’s. Josh did not disappoint putting together one of the best race courses in recent memory and a top-notch event. The first in a series in three. In fact, Josh Thorton did not fall down the rankings, he just happened to promote the thing!

Photo: Uncredited

5. Kristin Apotsos (Infinity Bike Shop) | Women Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NR

Over the past few years the Women’s field has been dominated by one rider, Laura Parsons (Infinity). Kristin was the first to conquer Parsons last season at Swamp Cross in Gainesville. A few thought it was a fluke, but we all secretly hoped this victory was a sign of things to come. A serious battle of supremacy at the front of the field is in store when Parsons returns from injury, or whatever it was that kept her away from the season opener.

Photo: Photorun

6. Allison Linnell (U/A) | Women Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NR

Who? All we know is that she rode away from the Women’s field on Saturday, only to miss the bigger day of the weekend with the more stacked field. Perhaps Allison is so new to this cyclocross thing that she wasn’t aware that Sunday is when the heavy hitters come out to play. Oh, does anyone know if Allison paddleboards?


 Photo: PHOTOSHOP!!!!

7. Rebecca Laborde (U/A) | Women Cat 4 | Last Rank: NR

Rebecca got a carbon cyclocross bike and rode away from the cat4 women setting up an upgrade to the Cat1/2/3 race to give the likes of Jen Kraatz and Zoe Mullins a battle for the podium, and hopefully a challenge to the upper ranks. This is, after all, assuming that Rebecca upgraded to Cat3. We don’t want to mention the words too early, but if the water starts to rise we will be calling on Rebecca to lend a hand to hold it back.

Photo: Unknown Twitter User

8. Sebastian Morfin  (Metronome/Team Florida) | Cat 3 | Last Rank: NR

Sebastian is a beast. He is a machine on the road and easily one of the fast riders in the Southeastern United States on the road. He is trying cyclocross for the first time and did the honorable thing of racing in the Cat3s, and not slaying all the Cat4/5s. This is the kind of thing we like about this kid. He raced in the category he belonged and put on a show and will quickly become a player in the Cat1/2s. Bravo, Sebastian. We give you two more race weekends before we call you out to get out of our quasi-old man, one-day-a-week training plan category.

9. Brian Davis (Treasure Coast Cycling) | Masters 55+ | Last Rank: NR

***STEREOTYPE ALERT*** Road racing masters have a horrible reputation, they sweat a lot, tend to yell a lot, they also charge a lot when you go visit them for a six-month check up (DENTIST JOKE!). Don’t ask any of them about their back pain, or about their favorite recumbent bicycle.

The masters racers that do cyclocross are the exact opposite. They are the dads we always wanted, especially the 55+ crew. Seriously, what a bunch of awesome dudes that are out to have a great time with us every weekend. They want to hang out afterward and give you a high-five. They also know some pretty sweet heckles referencing Bing Crosby, Tony Bennet and June Cleaver.

Brian Davis took the top step on Sunday and laid claim to the King of the old men, but watch out because there are a slew of Masters making this easily the most competitive field in Florida Cyclocross!

Photo: Gator Zone

10. Blake Norman (Top Gear / MuMu) | Category 4 | Last Rank: NR

Does anyone know who this kid is? QUICK OFFER HIM AN ELUSIVE CYCLOCROSS CONTRACT – looking at you Infinity Bike Shop – this kid had two great finishes this past weekend in the Cat 4s and if this continues to happen the grains of sand begin to accumulate and the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota comes calling (GEOGRAPHY JOKE!). Wait, on second thought, since we are both Cat3s, we would like Blake to stick in the Cat 4s and upgrade immediately to Cat1/2.

We See You: Bob Croslin – M3 (Orange State), Rolly Weaver – P1/2 (Pioneer Mortgage), Todd Leedy – M3 (352 Racing), Clayton and Harrison Knight – J10-12, J12-14 (Top Gear), Nicole Carson – W4 (Pinnacle Wheelworks), Jo Weaver – W4 (Swift Racing)

Falling Off This Week: N/A

Sandbagger of the Week:

Tic Bowen (M35+)

Us: “Hey Tic, have you been riding lately?”

Tic: “No, haven’t really be riding much,” or, “you know I have ridden a few times these past few weeks, but not much.”

Sorry Tic, but we are onto you and your schtick. It is endearing and it is something many of us have experienced and we are jealous. Congrats, sir.