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It isn’t very often that the editors of the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ get to meet face to face and discuss the standings for the upcoming week, but the moons aligned and we were able to write the rankings high in the cheap seats in section 303 of the Tampa Bay Times Forum.


Taken immediately before GOB cheap shotted Rookie. (Picture: Emily)

There were some disagreement at first, but with the gloves off we were able to hash out the differences and produce the infallible and 100% accurate OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™.

BTW, if you disagree, you are wrong.

2013/14 OFFICIAL FLCX Power Rankings™: Tally CX

1. Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) | W123 | Last Rank: 1



Hmmmm, that isn’t Laura! IMPOSTER! (Photo: Google Image Vanity Search)

When you show up and win two races in dominant fashion against top quality competition you must be doing something right. The only downside to the Laura Parsons cyclocross game is that she lives in Miami, which is as far away from the cycling world as you can get. It makes us wonder how Parsons would do if she lived in a cyclocross hotbed, but who are we kidding? They race in 15degrees on the reg. We know how Miami folk react to the “cold” and that is when it is just 65 degrees.

Well done Laura, you deserve the top spot…again.

2. Ryan Woodall (Team Top Gear/Biemme) | P12, SS | Last Week: 4

Four races. Three wins. It was a little tough trying to figure out where to slot Woodall after Ocala. He won three races in dominating fashion, but lost to Josh Thornton (Pioneer Mortgage) when it counted for the FLCX Points. That said, the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ are all about ‘what have you done for me lately’ and Woodall has been showing up week after week and winning at a higher percentage than anyone else in the series.

How good has Woodall been this year? We don’t even have anything snarky to say.

3. Vitor Alexandre (Colavita) | M45 | Last Week: 2

It may look like Vitor has dropped a spot since the last ranking, but in reality it is all an illusion. Vitor continues to win in the stacked 45+ field and has been instrumental in getting more South Florida racers interested in cyclocross. If it wasn’t for the performance of Woodall over the weekend Vitor would be a lock for the #2 spot.

A few weeks back Vitor told me he used to race in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup Series. I felt the need to check up on the mysterious juggernaut and I contacted a few of my friends from the Windy City and they confirmed that Vitor was the real deal and should be a marked man on race day. We then started to talk about Olive Oil. It was captivating.

4. Ed Dunne (CycleLogic) | M35 | Last Week: We See You

Ed Dunne is the real deal. He won the Cat3 FLCX Series last year and has since moved over to the 35+ field where he is currently leading the FLCX Standings. He may not be the fastest racer in the 35+ field, but he is by far the most consistent. Dunne may be able to lock up the FLCX overall with a win in Tally and the absence of Andy Mills (Saving Lives). That said, the 35+ field has really come alive this year and a lot of that has to do with the attendance of Dunne at a vast majority of the races. If a few people skip out on Tally and Dunne does what is expected we may have a new Power Rankings leader heading into Swamp Cross

5. Joshua Thornton (Pioneer Mortgage) | P12 | Last Week: NR

Wheelie Awesome, Josh. (Photo: Internetz)

Uh-oh. He’s back. Took some time off from racing and is back to stake claim to his rightful place at the top of the FLCX Series podium. He showed up on Sunday in Ocala and won when it counted over Ryan Woodall, but he may have left too many points on the table to win the FLCX overall. That is the bike racing side of Josh Thornton, but let’s get to the real stuff, Thornton and his wife Keleigh are entering into the promotion game bringing the Wicked Hardah CX race to Dade City in January!

This is great news and we all owe a big thanks to the fastest man in the state of Florida. The Thornton family stepped up when we needed it most (the NTC in Clermont has changed ownership) and now we get to have an amazing race at a sweet venue thanks to our friends. That is worthy of making the power rankings alone.

6. Duffy Danish (Rose Bandits) | W123 | Last Week: NR


  1. Amazing Name.
  2. Quality bike racing skills.
  3. Quality husband.
  4. Not Laura Parsons.

Reason Duffy Isn’t Higher On The OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™:

  1. Not Laura Parsons.

7. Steve Noble (Infinity Racing) | M45 | Last Week: We See You

Poor Steve Noble. The legend of Florida Cyclocross. The original Cyclocross Carnie that traveled around the state when there were only six races and five racers in the masters field. Now, after all his loyalty and dedication to the cyclocross promoters in the state he has to deal with Vitor. That said, we are starting to notice a slight change in the way the 45+ field has been turning out and Noble is slowly making up ground on Vitor and he is only 10points down for the FLCX Series overall heading into Tally.

8. Harrison Knight (First Place Racing) | Juniors 10-14 | Last Week: 9

We are not going to lie. We are a little afraid of young Harrison. He is a beast on the bike and can probably beat quite a few folks in the Cat4s. The good news? We still have a few years of respite before he is old enough to bring the pain to those twice his age. Our favorite part about young Harrison is that he is like the rest of the Juniors 10-14 field at FLCX Races, awesome. Think about it, we are pretty lucky to have the likes of Lachlan, Jackson, Brandon, Scott, Caleb, and Jacob racing in our fields. We have a bright future!

9. Jennifer Kraatz (Garneau Florida) | W4 | Last Week: We See You

A few weeks back we mentioned that Jennifer Kraatz was the first ever female recipient of the FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week­­™ Award in OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ history. It was almost as if the pressure got to Jennifer and she was only able to manage two second places at Infinity CX, but the truth is that was all just a flash in the pan and she won two races in Ocala to take back her place on the top step in the ever growing Womens Cat4 field.

10. Martin St. Louis (Tampa Bay Lightning) | Pro | Last Week: NR

Even pros bobble from time to time. (GIF: INTERNET)

In college Martin was a force for the Vermont Catamounts, twice a finalist for the coveted Hobey Baker Award, but his small 5’8″ frame left him undrafted in 1997. After toiling in the lower categories St. Louis upgraded to the pro ranks in 1999 and hasn’t looked back. A six time All-Star, two time Ross Trophy winner, one time Hart Trophy winner and three time Lady Byng Trophy winner the man has played in over 1,000 NHL games and is a legend in the eyes of his peers and an institution in Florida. It should be noted that St. Louis netted two goals under the watchful eyes of the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ editors, thus deserving mention.

FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week­­™: Jennifer Kraatz (Garneau Florida)

Pretty sure that Jennifer likes being a trailblazer. Because not only is she the only female winner of the FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week™ award she is also the only person to win it twice in one year!

It is time to move up and throw down with the top ladies in the state. We have been around cyclocross for a while and we assure you that you will do an amazing job. Plus, look at the track record of past Sandbagger Of The Week­­™ winners moving up to the next category; Tim Hayes (Swift Cycle) and Rich Dybdahl (Pure Cycles) both have performed ridiculously well in the higher ranks.

We see you: Michael Danish, Beardo, Ryan Fisher, Taylor Norton, Tony Sigrist

Falling off: Addison Zawada, Dustin White, Melissa Isenman, Tic Bowen, Kristin Apotsos, Andy Mills