New For 2012: FLCX Team Trophy Challenge

On August 27, 2012 by Super Rookie

We are proud to announce an all new competition for the 2012 Florida Cyclocross Series (FLCX). After many hours locked away in his parents’ basement, Ryan Fisher (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) has come up with a formula that will help determine the best cross team in Florida. The top three teams get super-mega-awesome trophies to put in their team shop.

The FLCX Team Trophy promises to be at least this big. (Photo: Tim Hayes)

Although Fisher is a doctor and much smarter than many of us here at we went over the system with a fine tooth comb and have decided that it makes a lot of sense. A few of the highlights of the scoring system include:

  • Everyone scores points for their team.
  • Points are weighted based on category.
  • Small teams are not at a complete disadvantage.

Don’t take our word for it. Read the rules, or just make sure that you have your official USA Cycling team designation printed legibly on your entry form at the races and do your best to score points.

2012 FLCX Team Trophy Challenge:

Points will be scaled by category based on the posted series points schedule, with 45 minute races getting 75%, and 30 minute races getting 50% of the full points. The Women’s 1/2/3 race will receive full points. All fractions will be rounded up, because we are optimists at FLCX. So the winner of the men’s and women’s P/1/2/open race and Masters 35+ get the full 30 points allocated to their team total, while the winner of the 3’s and 45+ race get 23 points, and the winner of the 4’s, SS, junior’s categories, etc. get 15 points.

Points from the top four point scorers on a team for a given race day will be added to the team total each week, along with a single participation point for every other rider on the team who finishes a race. You don’t need to designate riders ahead of time. We will simply look at the results for a given day and apply the top four places for a given team towards that team score. The top points scorers can, and will probably be, different from race to race. So if your team had seven total racers for a given race day, points from the top four point scorers, regardless of category, as well as three individual participation points would go towards that team’s overall team score. DNF’s earn zero points, so put your head down and finish the race, kiddo.

You can score points in multiple races for a given day by racing in a category race as well as in the juniors, masters, or SS categories. You cannot register for multiple categories in the same wave though, e.g. men’s cat 3 and masters 45+. Participation points will be awarded for multiple races as well, so having three racers participate in six total races on a given day gives your team the same point scoring opportunities/participation points as a team of six racers each participating in a single event.

Teams must be officially recognized by USAC, and you must have your team affiliation squared away for your points to count. Write your team name legibly on your entry form, and make sure it is correct on the posted results after the race. Do not try to argue that your points from a race 3 weeks ago should count because you forgot to write your team name legibly. Handle your ish, and make sure your affiliated team is correct on your license. Additionally, it would help out tremendously if your team were to agree on a common nomenclature for your team name. Help us help you.

No changing teams during the series. A solo rider can join a team midway through the calendar, but points from prior races will not count towards the team competition. Ties will be broken by a team’s points in the Finale at Winter Garden. If there is still a tie after that, it will be broken via a two-man sack race held on consecutive Sundays until a true champion can be crowned.

That’s it, folks. Get your teams together and ready to race. Every additional rider or race entered adds to your team score, so start recruiting/training/taking supplements of questionable legality to make sure your team brings home the hardware at the end of the season.