In case you were wondering what CX is about

On October 1, 2012 by Christian

Here’s yet another example.

Tweet by @cosmocatalano: What you missed Sunday at GP Gloucester. (@davechiu photo, @ryantkelly to @resultsboy on the feed) Image source

Of course, from the mighty Gloucester CX.

Closer to home, a small group of us rode Picnic Island last night. They’ve got a frisbee golf course out there now, so there’s some new trails cut into the grass that add a little climbing. Fun stuff. We also got the chance to use local celebrity Mike Barry as a course marker.

There was an MTB race in Gainesville this weekend, apparently lots of people crashed and or mechanicaled.

Jason Guillen won the 50 mile 3 Gap in Georgia by recording the fastest time, the Strava KOM, and all of the attendant accolades. He averaged 19+mph for the adventure, including the 7 mile Hogpen gap climb. SICK WATTS.