How To: Heckle with the best of them.

On August 20, 2012 by Christian

Heckling is a CX tradition. Heckling adds the cherry on top of the banana split that is a CX race- the anaerobic effort, the skinny knobby tires, the dirt, sand, gravel, grass, and mud of the course, the barely effective brakes, and all of the tactics of a normal bike race. Getting told to “go wicked haddah” when you’re heart rate is 188 and you’re sliding around an off camber hairpin pushes it over the top into complete absurdity.

Heckling can be mean, but shouldn’t be cruel, unless the rider you’re heckling is a proven heartless bastard of heckling themselves. Tim and I are pretty good examples of riders you are allowed to be cruel to. The usage of mega-phones, vuvuzela’s, and cowbells are all encouraged. You can still be supportive, it’s not all jokes about how slow someone’s going. Technique, bike setup, kit design, and facial hair style are all fair game.

Try to keep in mind that at heart, we’re all friends, or we will be soon enough, so naked cruelty isn’t the best idea, unless of course you’re prepared to receive some cruelty pointed back at you.

Here is one of New England’s greatest heckling talents, @RyanTKelly at CX Nationals last year to give you a great starting point for your own heckling career.

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As you see, the more random the heckle, the funnier it usually is. You get extra points for making the person you’re heckling laugh at you.