Free The Zip Tie.

On September 25, 2015 by Christian


The FBRA board has voted to allow riders using ZipTies for Single Speed race to accumulate points for the FLCX Season Series. This means you can take the battery out of your DI2 bike, or zip-tie your SRAM bike. If you have Shimano mechanincal, you must demonstrate to the official that your bike is completely incapable of shifting, whether you actually only have one cog on the back. All bikes in the single speed race are subject to inspection by the official.

Do not make us regret this decision. Do not be sneaky gear changers. Don’t be the guy that makes us take away the zip tie privilege. The points series is based on your best 9 finishes. There are still a ton of chances to get in there and make it count. Maybe we’ll even have double points at one of the events for all riders with zip ties. Who can say what the future will hold?

PS I’m totally kidding about the double points, don’t start freaking out legit single speed bike owners.

EDIT: Riders at all FLCX Single speed races starting tomorrow are eligible. Yes, this is happening in the middle of the season, except it’s only two weekends into the season. No, we will not be back-dating results from the first two weekends. This decision was made to attempt to bring Florida in line with several other regions of the country that have much higher participation numbers. We want more of you having more fun, and if a zip tie or lack of battery will get you there, then perfect.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or Graham Partain.