Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 9

On October 25, 2012 by Super Rookie

Savannah Super-Prestige

A bunch of Floridians are heading up to Savannah this weekend for their annual Savannah Super Prestige Weekend. This is the largest race in our region with fields routinely over the average in Florida. It is a great tuneup for the FLCX season that starts the following weekend in Miami.

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Staches For Cross Awareness

Yes, cyclocross is all the rage. Mustaches are also all the rage. How about we combine the two? Well, some folks in Florida have decided to grow some mustaches for cyclocross season. This allows you to tell the world all about your love of the greatest sport on two wheels. Get on it, folks. Show off the lip rug.

Upgrades. Upgrades. Upgrades.

You are only allowed to race in the category/age listed on your USA Cycling licence. So, if you want to upgrade you need to submit it via your USA Cycling account. When submitting the upgrade make sure to list the date, field, field size and result in your request. To figure out your points, or to learn more about the upgrade process read the USA Cycling upgrade guide.

Last week of JAX.

The last week of cyclocross racing in Jacksonville is this Thursday evening at Boone Park at 6:40. Fields have been hovering around 40 racers and the promoters are hoping to have an FLCX race next season in the Jacksonville area. If you have haven’t gotten to a race make notes to visit next season.


Seems like a few people are banding together to keep the scourge of pinwheels in cyclocross out of Florida. You know those stupid things that are the sign of a lazy course designer. Takes up a lot of space and are really confusing? Well, now there is a Facebook page for you if you share those feelings.

Powers World Cup

If you live outside of Miami you already know about Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) getting a seventh at the first round of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup. This has moved him into 10th place in the world in UCI points. His stated goal is a front row start position and this appears in reach as one rider (Stybar) ranked above him has already stated that they will not be in Louisville this February. If you live in Miami you are just finding out about this news now and we have a video for you: