Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 2

On September 6, 2012 by Super Rookie

The second volume of the Florida Cyclocross Chatter is here for your consumption. It might seem like a slow week in the world of cyclocross, but there are quite a few stories we are following.  Here is a listing of what we have received from those that care. As always, if you have any races, rides, news or questions send them our way at info@flcx.org and we will do our best to get them posted for you!

Thornton Clinic This Weekend

Thornton Racing At The National Level (Photo: Josh Thornton)

  • 2011/12 FLCX State Champion, Josh Thornton, will be hosting a cyclocross clinic and kick-off party this Sunday, September 9th at the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City, FL. Thornton will lead a clinic that will cover a variety of disciplines important to cyclocross such as barriers, starts and technical riding. It will also be a great way to remove some of those cobwebs prior to the season.  The clinic costs $20 and includes a B-B-Q lunch. 

Lakeland Race Goes USAC

  • The promoter of the Lakeland Short-Track Cyclocross Throwdown has filed for a permit with USA Cycling. The permit is currently pending, but Florida racers can expect a flyer to be released in the next week or two. The race will be on Saturday, October 13th in Lakeland, FL. The USA Cycling designation as a competitive event means that this race will count towards upgrades and results will be published to USA Cycling. Mark your calendars for the debut of cyclocross in Florida this fall in Lakeland.

Jacksonville Training Races Return

  • For the past few years there has been a training race series in Jacksonville. We have received word that the Thursday night races plan to make a return the week after Interbike. This puts their first race date on September 27th. Last year the attendance was routinely around 40 racers and featured a one-wave Open Class start. Continue to check here for more information.

Tampa Rou-Bay

Road On The Rou-Bay Course (Photo: Taylor Norton)

  • The gang at Orange State Cycling is hosting a “gentleman’s race” on Sunday, September 23rd. They have dubbed the event, Tampa Rou-Bay, and it consists of an 80mile loop featuring asphalt and gravel. A “gentleman’s race” is a free event that is competitive in nature, but participants are expected to remain gentlemen to their fellow riders. Popular in the midwest where over 400 riders routinely compete in events like the Almanzo 100.  These are relatively new to the Florida scene. Florida versions include 352 Racing’s Doc Hollywood Invitational in February and the independent Tom Petty Heartbreaker in July; both in the Gainesville area.

Tropical Cyclocross New Flier

  • Keep an eye open for a new Tropical Cyclocross flyer. The promoter has informed us that he is making a few changes to the field designations in order to make it work with the FLCX Series regulations. As soon as USA Cycling publishes the new flyer we will have it posted on the website.