Florida Cyclocross Chatter: Vol 13

On December 4, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have missed you.

Have you missed us?

It has been a busy time here at FLCX Internet HQ with the racing season at the midway point.

A few little things of interest to keep your mind focused till the racing in Melbourne this weekend.

Lots of awesome news in here!

Infinity CX Trophies

We got a quick note from Mike King over at Infinity Bike Shop about the trophies they have cooked up for the racing this weekend!

I think they are pretty awesome.

Infinity Cross Flyer

We will see you all in Melbourne this weekend!

VeloChamp at Infinity!
We are stoked that our neutral support sponsor will be out making sure all of our bikes and wheels are in great shape at Infinity Cross. How many times has Jordan saved the racing experience for our competitors? His service is thankless and the least we can do is check out his awesome website and shop the next time we are in Tampa.

Ocala Cross Is Happening

Remember that there is an awesome cyclocross race in Ocala on December 30th! What a great way to work off some of that holiday laziness. It will also be a test event as Ocala is planning on being a part of the 2013/14 FLCX Season Calendar!

Here is the race flyer.

State Cross

Got off the phone with Dan down in Dade City and he has amazing things planned for our annual pilgrimage to the biggest cyclocross race in the state at the Little Everglades Ranch. The folks over at USA Cycling have finally signed off on the insurance and his race is good to go. Dan has the unfortunate task of being one of the few events in January every year which is when USA Cycling changes over their insurance! We appreciate all he does to keep racing exciting.

We can’t wait.

Team Points

We are thrilled that Dr. Fisher has tallied the team points and we hope to have that updated in the coming day, or so. Keep an eye out for a post about it.

Crazy Flier!

Those of you that are members of the Florida Cyclocross Series Facebook Group may have seen the teaser photo dropped on there by Clermont promoter and all-around good guy, Jason Guillen, the other day. Take a look at the crazy pay out he is putting up at his race!

If you finish in 10th place make sure you ask for a check!

Clermont Both Days!

It is with both happiness and sadness that we bring to your attention that the Clermont Cyclocross Weekend will now only be taking place at the National Training Center. We are thrilled because it is one of the most challenging and spectator friendly courses on the entire circuit. We are sad because there are hills and those hills are mean.

Mile Challenge

The gang from 352 Racing is having a running race on the Saturday of the Clermont Cyclocross Weekend at the track at the NTC. We are going to see who the fastest runner is in the mile. Four laps around the track. Must wear your cycling leotard. Running shoes are okay.

Don’t let Beardo beat you.