Florida Cyclocross Chatter: Vol 12

On November 21, 2012 by Super Rookie

Tampa Cyclocross Weekend

Lots of anticipation going into Thanksgiving weekend as there are two races on tap in Tampa. The Saturday race is all new and being brought to us by the folks at Orange State Cycling and Sunday is the return to Picnic Island for Kelby’s race. Make sure you check both flyers for the locations and race information.

11.24.2012 Tampa Riverfront CX

11.25.2012 Tampa Cyclocross Classic

Infinity CX Flyer Posted

We have posted the flyer for the #7 and #8 races on the calendar in Melbourne, Florida.

Ocala Cross Is Coming

Can’t get enough cyclocross? We are stoked to announce that there is an all new cross race on December 30th in Ocala. The course is awesome and it is a great way to keep the buzz alive over the holiday break of the FLCX Series. The group from Ocala is stoked to offer the race this year and has plans to be on the 2013/14 FLCX Calendar!

Race flyer is here.

Velo Champ Neutral Support

Quite a few racers had their weekends salvaged thanks to the generosity of Jordan Miller and his Velo Champ neutral support services. His appearance and expertise kept Eric Stubbs (352 Racing) on the podium as he worked out kinks on his bike while Stubbs completed a lap on a pit bike. He also wrote a little ditty about what he experienced in the pit. Take a gander and keep your bike in tip top shape!

Tally CX Results Posted

We have posted the results for Tally CX on USA Cycling and over at Cross Results. We have also gone ahead and updated the team and series standings. The gang here at FLCX HQ would like to thank Greg Buker and the folks in Tallahassee for getting us the race results in such a timely fashion.

Tally CX Video Excitement

We got a few videos from Tally CX:

#crosscopter crash:

#crosscopter race coverage:

Tally Cross w/ Tambourine Carnage:

Tally Race Recap

You may have missed it in the whirlwind of news on Monday and Tuesday, but here is the official FLCX race recap from Tally Weekend.

FLCX Team Competition

The team race is heating up just after four races. Looks like the Infinity Bike Shop team is taking advantage of having Jack Rich and Chris Slack. The 352 Racing team is closing in on second place with the emergence of Eric Stubbs. This write up is way more entertaining, though.

J-Pow Shout Out

Not every day that the defending National Champion links to your series website. Not a big deal or anything.




FLCX.ORG Site Traffic

What was the impact of the J-Pow tweet post on the website?

We had 2,922 unique visitors this past Tuesday (our most ever). Of those 2,997 visitors 810 came from J-Pow’s  tweet. 415 came directly to the page via retweets and over 1500 visits came from Facebook. We even got 58 hits from Sporza in Belgium that picked up the J-Pow story.

Pretty cool, huh?

Our three most popular days/posts are as follows:

  1. Tuesday Nov. 20th we got 2,997 unique visits for our JPow Crash post
  2. Tuesday Sept. 11th we got 2,023 unique visits for our USADA story at the Tally Mountain Bike Race
  3. Monday Nov. 19th we got 997 unique visits for race results and recaps from the Tally CX race.