Florida Cyclocross Chatter: Vol. 11

On November 15, 2012 by Super Rookie


There is a king-size portion of news about Florida Cyclocross that needs to be thoroughly digested before this weekend in Tallahassee.

Pull up a chair and enjoy.

Tally Cross

The FLCX Series returns to Tallahassee for another round of racing action this weekend. The race is being hosted by Florida State University and the Capital City Cyclists. The gang is led by Greg Buker (Team Sandbuker) and Jimbo Smart (Legend). They always put together a great course and there are lots of racers discussing their racing plans for the weekend. Rumor has it that there will be a cyclocross shindig on Saturday evening at about 9pm  at the legendary Waterworks Pub.

The course description from Jimbo Smart:

The course will vary between the two days, but here’s the first day description. Reverse it and you pretty much have the second day. You’ll start on a fairly long limerock stretch (3-400 yards) with a u-turn into a grassy/wooded straight, and then another, so three parallel sections. Then it’s a fast left turn onto an old paved section which is a shallow climb. A right turn takes you into the patented Tallahassee tree twisties. A fence barrier takes you a grassy twisty section. This is followed by a grassy loop around a dammed pond with a drop to the bottom of the dam and climb back up in two places, one definitely a run-up and the other TBD. After looping the pond it’s a gradual grassy/doubletrack climb back to the limerock road. The finish will be at the end of the limerock stretch.

Final course layout doesn’t happen until Friday afternoon so some of this may vary, but only slightly.

There’s no rain in the forecast which will make the course pretty fast, though some of the grass will be a slog, but that’s probably 15%  of the course. If rain does mysteriously make an appearance there will be a mud bog in one part of the course.

Tally CX Race Flyer


This weekend marks the first race in which VeloChamp will be showing up for neutral support with wheels, bikes and all kinds of goodies to keep your race going at full speed!

Points Up For Grabs

We have updated the FLCX Point Series after the Miami weekend.

The team competition is currently a battle between Infinity and 352 Racing, but there is an expected influx of the Tampa crew from Orange State Cycling and GearLink as these squads hope to climb up the standings. Currently the point system worked out by Dr. Ryan Fisher of 352 Racing does not seem to favor one team based on size, but rather quality. Can his system continue to work?

The individual point competition opened up in Miami with only a few surprises as Calixto Manuel (Team Velocity) is tied for 1st in the 1/2s with Chris Slack (Infinity). The other surprise is that Christian Ahrens (352 Racing) has opened up a lead in the Single Speed category over his 352 teammates.

Men Cat4 FLCX Series Reminder

Just a quick reminder from the FLCX promoters. We are not offering a cat4 overall prize this year. We are keeping track of points, but only for upgrade purposes (50% carry over to cat3s after upgrade). This is in an effort to increase field sizes (at higher levels) and to keep fields fair and fun. If you have upgraded to category three and would like for your partial points to be carried over please let us know and we will take care of that for you!

Tampa CX Weekend

The excitement is building for the Tampa CX Weekend organized by Orange State Cycling and KelbyCX. The Orange State gang has gotten permission to use the Rivercrest Park on the banks of the mighty Hillsborough River outside of Downtown Tampa. The course looks ideal for some classic American style racing action with 180s, off-camber, surprising elevation and awesome fun.

Picturesque location for the Tampa Riverfront CX race (Photo: VeloChamp).

The Sunday race is a return to Picnic Island where Kelby is in charge and once again will be putting together a course that capitalizes on the ideal location next to the bay. This course has a ton of hard elevation changes and is a real challenge for all racers. Last year the race was one of the most popular on the calendar and with the addition of the Riverfront CX race this weekend promises to be one of the biggest on the calendar this year. Kelby recently announced that Fulcrum has stepped up and donated a pair of wheels to be raffled off for the Tampa Bike Co-Op at the event. Don’t miss this chance to get a new set of racing wheels for cheap, while supporting an awesome cause.

Tampa Riverfront CX Race Flyer

Tampa Cyclocross Classic Race Flyer

Tampa Saturday Night

Make sure to set some time aside for a get together at VeloChamp on the Saturday night of Tampa weekend. Make sure to wear your skinniest jeans and polish off those black horned rimmed glasses and come out to the shop to drink a beverage of choice and talk cyclocross with the rest of your friends in the FLCX community. Check back for more details about this get together.

Ocala Cross!

We are proud to announce that the good folks down in Ocala have applied for a permit with USA Cycling to promoter a cyclocross race on the last Sunday of December. This will be the first time they have done the race, but a few of us here at FLCX.ORG have gone to Ocala to inspect the course and we were very impressed with the terrain and facilities they have at their disposal. The course should feature a nice road section, off-camber hills, a shallow run-up and some traditional cyclocross terrain. We have the feeling that they have the makings of a truly special course.

Keep an eye out for the official race flyer once it gets approved by USA Cycling for the race on December 30th.

Infinity CX

We have been getting a lot of emails about Infinity CX down in Melbourne. They have submitted most of their paperwork and have gotten city approval for a brand new course on Sebastian Inlet. We look forward to seeing everyone down there in a few weeks time.

Little Everglades Ranch State Championships

We spoke with promoter extraordinaire, Dan Millstead the other day and he is stoked to have everyone come to the ranch in the middle of January. He is once again pulling out all the stops this year and is expecting a record turnout. The flyer has been submitted to USA Cycling.

The race flyer from Dan Millstead!