FLCX Summer Chatter

On June 12, 2013 by Christian

Judging by all the comments and general carrying on over on the FLCX facebook page, people are getting pretty excited about the upcoming season, and it’s hard to blame them. Lots of new races, promoters, and racers are stepping forward, there are already some training races popping up, and we haven’t even reached the first official day of summer yet. Keep checking back with us here, or on the book of faces, for all the news you can use.

As a reminder, the Clermont Short Track event is happening tomorrow night at the National Training Center. That’s the same place that the Clermont CX is held, but it’s a much different course- lots and lots of climbing, a little bit of descending, and no running, unless you show up even earlier and do the CrossCountry 5k. That’s a whole lot of uphill, too. Anyway, that starts around 7, more info is here.

Up in Mt. Dora, Rich Dybdahl is running a CX practice at the Mt. Dora trailhead on Tuesdays, give him a shout at his shop, Pure Cycles, for times and dates.

The Gainesville crowd at Swift Cycle are running their Summer MTB Series, check out their website for more info on fat tired sweaty summer fun in the dirt.

Let us know if you have an event to add to the list!