Edinburgh CX Race Recap

On September 25, 2013 by Christian

As you might be aware if you follow Florida Cyclocross on Facebook Tampa Bay Cyclocross aka Zach Fout promoted the Edinburgh CX in Dunedin last Sunday. You were probably made aware of it by Zach’s relentless promotion, by far the most relentless that Florida Cyclocross has ever seen. Zach was repaid for his relentlessness with a fantastic turnout of over 100 riders for a one day CX race in the blazing heat of September. He also sold out his CX clinic the night before the race.

In addition to promoting the race like a veteran race promoter, Zach and his crew also set up a fantastic course at Highlander Park in Dunedin.

This is Jay Fratello’s view of the Cat 4/5 race. Skip to about 1 minute in, and the first lap is over at about 8.30 in. Rain the night before created a mudhole, there were plenty of hairpins, and a good bit of running. The technical front side of the course with it’s barriers, sandpit run, collection of hairpins, and all of the hijinx around the mud pit gassed you, but then the back side of the course provided plenty of recovery with it’s long, flat straightaways. Overall, a well balanced and fun course that I wish I got to race on myself.

As far as the racing went, I missed out on the first wave of the day, so I don’t know how the Masters race went down. Sorry, old guys. The final results in M35 have Jack Rich (Ryder Bikes) over Joel Gorman (Flying Fish) and Greg Apotsos (Infinity). M45 saw the triumphant return of Steve Noble (Infinity) to the top step, over Vitore Alexandre (Colavita) and Pablo Santa Cruz (Florida Velo). In M55, Dan Sullivan (West Coast Cycling) took the win from John Torre (Cyclonauts) and Rickey Howe.

Kelby Roberts (Gearlink) leads early, pic by Michael Ploch.

I did arrive in time to see the Pro12 Open race go off without Ryan Woodall, who had been talking an inordinate amount of smack in the weeks leading up to the race. With a sizable $50 holeshot preme on the line for the first rider to exit the sandpit, Jason Guillen (Gearlink) attacked hard and took all the cookies.

Jason taking the holeshot, pic by Karyn Dybdahl

Jason, Josh Thornton (Dunedin Cyclery), and Chris Slack (Pinnacle Wheelworks) would have a pretty decent tussle for the next lap and a half or so, until Josh does that thing that former Professional cyclists do where they remind everyone they are riding/racing against just how much more they can hurt than everyone else can, and pretty much ride away unhindered. Slack and Guillen dueled for a bit for second, but the bill for Guillen’s early heroics eventually came due in the brutal heat and he lost ground to Slack. They would finish Josh, Chris, and Jason. Meanwhile, in the party bus at the back of the pack, Rich Dybdahl (Pure Cycles), making his 60 minute race debut, put a pretty thorough spanking on the still jet-lagged from Vegas Tim Hayes (Swift Cycle, Internet), in spite of a barrier bunnyhop going very, very wrong.


Yeah, Rich, I saw that.

We had an awesome 30 riders in the Mens category 4/5 race, and an equally awesome 10 women 4’s, which is a fantastic sign for the future of Florida Cyclocross. As you can see from the video above, the start was pretty smooth, other than Chris Kyle (Top Gear) dumping his bike at the exit of the second hairpin. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mention people crashing, but Chris is all over the Facebook group, so I figure he likes the shout-outs. Matthew Drury (unattached) came to the front (on a mountain bike) and stretched out his lead to finish up 47 seconds ahead of Nickolaos Psilopoulos (Orange State) and a further 20 seconds ahead of William Shoulders. In the women, Melissa Isenman (Infinity) took the win from Orange State’s Erika Richards and Sam Tromley.

An unusually small field of Cat 3’s came out, but it was still a hard fought race at the front. From the gun, Wojtek Dyszkiewicz (Uptown Brewing) took off and looked like he wasn’t coming back, until the Florida heat does what it does and he retreated back into the dogfight that was already occurring between John Hovius (AAA) and Bob Croslin (Orange State), making it a three man race. It was the most tactical race of the day, with all three attacking each other and getting reeled back in, until Hovius does what he does and was able to sneak away. Wojtek (pronounced Voytek) held on for second, with Croslin in third. All three of these guys are likely to be on the podium again this year in the threes, super strong riding from all three of them.

Three Pro123 Open women toed the line, including the return of Brooke Rich (Infinity), but in spite of her control of the forces of darkness, she ended up abandoning. It was Kristin Apotsos who led the race from the gun, and showed that she plans to be a factor in the fast women’s field all season. Katherine Adams (Gearlink) took second place.

Single Speed and the Juniors started together with some ominous storm clouds overhead, and indeed, it began to rain just after the start. We took down the sensitive electronic equipment and the clouds got darker. In SS, Zach Fout (Gearlink) shook off all notions of promoter legs by attacking with Slack and Wojtek, but it was Slack who ended up on top at the finish, ahead of Zach and Wojtek. In the Juniors, Lachlan Hovius (AAA) battled with Ava Sykes (TBTS Juniors) for a lap or two, but ended up getting the best of her. Jackson Mehr (Swift Cycle) ended up in third. And John Hovius ran over his own kid (Joel).

pic by Karyn Dybdahl

Overall, for a first year event, and the first race of the season, Zach Fout did a great job on the event. Here’s hoping the rest of the races are as well promoted, organized, and attended!