Dade City State CX Championship Course Preview

On January 12, 2013 by Christian


Probably as close as I’ll get to one of these: The medals for the FLCX State Champs

The Start/Finish line

The Start Finish area is in the same place that it’s been for the past few years, with a long grassy entrance and exit. The one sided pits are here as well. Head along the flat top of the hill, then down the hill, into a fast, long left hander…

The holeshot dumps into this fast downhill left hander.

After the fast downhill left hander, the course heads right back up the hill, and then down again.

…Which eventually points you back up the hill to lose all that precious momentum, before a hairpin at the top sends you back down along the horse track fence, across the dirt road, and into a fast, gravelly, muddy corner, which then gently climbs into a single barrier, some tight corners with big scary wooden poles, and then into some lumpy grass. Then a sharp left, a short straing, and the off camber hairpin with the swamp/bog awaiting anyone who doesn’t stay to the inside. Even if you do stay to the inside, the ground is quite lumpy in this section, as it exits the bog and climbs out of the swamp. As the ground levels out, you enter the dirt road, gently downhill, and the long run down to the barn. This is a pretty decent recovery section. There’s a tricky 180 with a three foot tall lump on it, and then you have to bunnyhop over the door sill as the course enters the barn. Another bunnyhop to exit the barn, then a gentle bend to the left, an esse turn through a couple of fence gates, and a slog onto the horse track, which is all false flat and not nearly as fast as you want it to be.

The exit of the horse track portion of the course, into the corral, and then up the stairs.

There’s an extra little section that loops around and ends up pointing you right at the stairs, which are two sets of 5 stairs, then remount, and then down a gentle hill.

A gentle descent into a hairpin.

At the hairpin, you go most of back up the hill, hairpin at the top, and then down into a fast, flowy section of corners.

Out of the hairpin, up the hill, and around another hairpin, leading into a fast complex of corners.

That leads to the other recovery section of the course, a flat section of dirt road, and the short paved climb, and then a long section of grass, a hairpin, and the double barriers. They are tall. Dan swears they are only 40cm. I forgot my ruler. After the barriers, you finish off the paved climb, and then sweep onto the grass, a bit of mild off camber, a short enough climb to screw up a sprinter, and then the line. 1.6 miles of fun.

Here’s my Garmin track of the course. Bear in mind that I will hopefully be going at least 45-60 seconds a lap faster than the pace I was going here. We also changed one of the corners after the horse barn to make it flow a little better, but it isn’t a huge change from what you see here.

Overall, it’s a power course that suits roadies to a certain extent, as the technical sections aren’t overly technical.

I’m taking all of these from Dan’s Millstead’s facebook, so you may have seen them, but you’ve never seen them all on the same page before, so GET EXCITE.

The Barriers with the Kung Fu Panda.

New climb section on the back of the start/finish area.

Off Camber hairpin with mud/swamp water at the exit. Technical and probably messy.

When you see this sign just north of Dade City on US 301, TURN.

We’ll be out riding the course this afternoon, and come back with more pictures and maybe even some video.