FLCX Team Competition After Four Races

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Gainesville, FL-

Florida Cyclocross racing moved to Tallahassee this past weekend and the team points standings reflect the change in locale/$3+ a gallon gas prices. The south Florida/Miami based teams were noticeably absent, while a flood of panhandle-based teams took their place in filling out the fields. Both the neon pink of 352 Racing p/b Bikes and More and the Orange of Infinity Bike Shop made strong showings, with 352 edging out the boys from Infinity for the most team points earned on both Saturday and Sunday. This despite almost the entire Infinity team being in bed before 8pm Saturday, while the 352 crew contributed to the local economy at the world famous(?) Waterworks tiki bar. Carbo loading works, kiddos. Tallahassee’s self proclaimed ‘premier racing team,’ Gulf Coast Velo, lived up to the billing and slotted into 3rd place overall on both Saturday and Sunday. FLCX newcomers Top Gear Bicycles out of Ocala and Super Cool Bike Shop out of Gainesville duked it out for the rest of the (nonexistent) team podium spots, with Top Gear taking 4th on Saturday, and Super Cool taking 4th on Sunday.

For the overall points tally for the season, Infinity Bike Shop remains in the lead, with 352 in 2 nd place chipping away at their lead. Gulf Coast Velo jumps into 3rd place after their strong hometown showing, with GearLink just a few points behind in 4th. The orange and blue polka dots of Super Cool rounds out the top 5 after two weeks of racing. Honorable mentions go out to the VeloBrew (7 th) and Orlando Road Club (10th) teams for being the only teams not in the top 5 that have sent riders to every event so far.

So far, 47 separate teams have scored points in the series. Remember to check the final results at the races to make sure everything is correct and you are properly identified with your team. Also feel free to check the individual team points results to make sure our number crunchers didn’t miss something. Let us know if you notice any errors. Remember that the top 4 points scorers from a team for a given race day count towards that day’s total, with an additional point given to every other team rider that finishes a race. Every rider counts, and the so far low turnout women’s categories are especially ripe for teams to snag big points. With racing moving to the central part of the state for the remainder of the series, expect things to heat up in the FLCX team points competition.

-Ryan Fisher

Team Point Standings as of 11/19/2012

Tally Video*

On November 19, 2012 by Super Rookie

Here is the first video from the festivities in Tallahassee over the weekend.

*Not Cross Copter, but still pretty damn cool!


Tropical CX Day 2 Video

On November 9, 2012 by Christian

Tropical Cyclocross Day 2 from Graham Partain on Vimeo.

Thanks to Graham Partain and crosscopter.com (coming soon!) for the footy.

Tropical Cyclocross: Day 1 Video

On November 6, 2012 by Christian

We’re still waiting on the results, but #CrossCopter triumphantly survived the entire first day of racing in Miami.

Tropical Cyclocross Day 1 from Graham Partain on Vimeo.

Another @GrahamPartain joint. So good.

Tropical Cyclocross: Sweeps and Rocks

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MIAMI, FL-  The first weekend of racing in Miami had two distinct themes over the two days of racing. On a brand new course on the southern tip of Key Biscayne the theme was “sweeps” as Jack Rich and Chris Slack of Infinity Cycles put on a clinic in the 1/2, 35+ going first and second in dominating fashion and the 352 Racing juggernaut of Ryan Fisher, Keith Richards and Christian Ahrens going first, second and third in the single speed race. Both teams took advantage of the opportunity presented to gobble up as many points as possible before heading into the Sunday race at the traditional Virginia Key MTB Park.

The custom made trophies for all the winners at Tropical Cyclocross. (Photo: The Group Ride)

If Saturday was all about sweeping the top spots then Sunday was all about avoiding the rocks that littered the course. Flats were the name of the game for many, but they did not stop FLCX newcomer, Calixto Manuel (Team Velocity), from running away from the field early on to take the victory over Jack Rich and Chris Slack. Over 40% of the field was affected with mechanicals as bad luck seemed to strike in droves for the 60 minute race, but the biggest of all casualties was Ryan Fisher (352 Racing) who was leading the cat3 race by a clear minute before falling victim to an ill-timed pinch flat just two laps from completion.

Calixto Manuel on his way to victory on Sunday. (Photo: Ryan Fisher)

The two courses couldn’t be more different as the Saturday course populated a flat field with small elevation gains coming from well used sand dunes that provided a technical off-camber challenge that brought many racers to a stand still, or utilizing different tactics. For example, while many were riding the tricky 180s, Chris Slack opted to run them early in order to get away from the traffic that was quickly piling up behind him. A pinwheel and long straights also provided ample opportunities for passing. Many racers were positive about the racing conditions on Saturday and hope the course will be used again in future seasons.


Christian Ahrens and Graham Partain ride under the flyover on Saturday. (Photo: The Group Ride)

Sunday featured the same course that was used during the 2011/12 season. A classic run-up along the beach and up a steep hill greeted the racers from the beginning after the all important holeshot. This then led into one of the few passing sections before winding back to the brutal climb that featured the large grapefruit sized rocks that claimed victim to several racers. While most racers opted to run this section, but a few brave souls were able to finesse their way up the road before returning to the start finish.

Rocks on the climb! (Photo: Ryan Fisher)

Despite the fast racing and the explosive abilities of Manuel, whom finished 3rd and 1st on the weekend, the biggest stars were the gang from Crank Life that put together the best flyover in the South East. This obstacle provided a nice challenge and disruption for the racers as they had to climb the stairs before a quick descent back onto the course.

Jack Rich and Chris Slack were the first over the flyover. (Photo: Ryan Fisher)


We will update this post and the results page as soon as we receive them from the promoter!


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Savannah, GA- This past weekend about a dozen Florida based racers headed up Interstate 95 to contest the Super-Prestige in Savannah. The fast course at the Oglethorpe Speedway featured a giant pinwheel and some stairs on the back side of the course. The Sunday course was a bit longer than on Saturday with some additional dirt jumps and whoops. In short, the race was really fast on both days and the Saturday course was a bit more technical than on Sunday.

The Florida racers performed well with the the likes of Todd Leedy (352 Racing) taking the win both days in the Masters 35+ Cat4 race and David Lavenhagen (352 Racing) taking the Cat4 win on Saturday. Lavenhagen was primed to take the win on Sunday, but an unfortunate date with the barriers brought his hopes of winning crashing down with just one lap to go. The other top performance for the weekend was a third place finish for Christian Ahrens (352 Racing) in the Single Speed race.’

The GeorgiaCX has a race review up. Here is what they had to say about Florida racers:

The Men’s 4 and Men’s 4 35+ categories were next to toe the line. When the dust had settled, David Lavenhagen (352 Racing) pulled off a convincing 1st…In the 35+ race, Todd Leedy (352 Racing) showed his domination by taking 1st…

In the last race of the day, Singlespeed action under lights (combined with relentless heckling by the Florida racing contingent) provided entertainment for all.

As you can see we made our presence known with quality results and memorable taunting.

The results for Florida based racers:

M35+ Cat4 Saturday

  • Todd Leedy (352 Racing) 1st

M35+ Cat4 Sunday

  • Todd Leedy (352 Racing) 1st

M4 Saturday

  • David Lavenhagen (352 Racing) 1st
  • Michael King (Infnity) 6th
  • Walter Redel (U/A) 11th

M4 Sunday

  • Michael King (Infinity) 7th
  • David Lavenhagen (352 Racing) DNF

M3 Saturday

  • Ryan Fisher (352 Racing) 7th
  • Taylor Norton (Orange State Cycling) 12th
  • Christian Ahrens (352 Racing) 18th
  • Christian Henrich (Orange State Cycling) 22nd

M3 Sunday

  • Ryan Fisher (352 Racing) 8th
  • Ken Jones (Velobrew) 9th
  • Christian Ahrens (352 Racing) 12th
  • Taylor Norton (Orange State Cycling) 19th

M1/2/3 Saturday

  • Jason Guillen (Gearlink) 10th
  • Keith Richards (352 Racing) 12th
  • Tim Hayes (352 Racing) 16th

M1/2/3 Sunday

  • Keith Richards (352 Racing) 7th
  • Tim Hayes (352 Racing) 12th

Single Speed Saturday

  • Christian Ahrens (352 Racing) 3rd
  • Jason Guillen (Gear Link) 4th
  • Taylor Norton (Orange State) 7th
  • Hunter Jessinn (904 Fixed) 12th

Single Speed Sunday

  • Christian Ahrens (352 Racing) 4th
  • Taylor Norton (Orange State) 7th

Savannah SuperPrestige CX Pro 1-2-3 Sunday SuperGallery

On October 30, 2012 by Christian

Savannah SuperPrestige CX Sunday Cat 3 and Women 1-2-3 Galleries

On October 29, 2012 by Christian

Since I managed to break myself off in the parking garage Saturday Night, I didn’t race Sunday, so you get all manner of pictures.

Here’s a gif of Lap 1, turn 1 for the Cat3’s. It might take a bit to load if you have a slow internet connection like I do.

Women Pro 1-2-3 First Lap, First Turn

Cat 3 Men turn onto the Race Track, Lap one.

Cat 3 Men turning into the straight that led to the Flyover

Cat 3 Men in the “Spiral of Death”

Much more to come tomorrow.

Savannah SuperPrestige CX Saturday Pro-1-2 Gallery

On October 29, 2012 by Christian

Pics by Gob.

Lakeland CX: Thorton Destroys Everyone In Mud Filled Bonanza

On October 13, 2012 by Super Rookie

LAKELAND, FL- This Saturday the Florida Cyclocross season started with a bang at the Lakeland Short Track Cyclocross Throwdown. In a city known for the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright another type of beauty greeted the racers at the Common Ground Park. It had been rumored that there was going to be mud at the venue, but little did racers know what promoter Jason Bergwall had in mind:

The mud pit before the race. (Photo: Jason Bergwell)

Bergwall must have thought it would be a great idea to serve up 30yards of thick peanut-butter mud for racers to slog through, and they were not angry. In fact, many thought it to the best part of the tight .6 mile course. The rest of the course was mostly run on an open field with a few off-camber sections and tight technical sections. The course also had three barriers on the course in a pair and a solo prior to the slop. (more…)