Yes, Virginia, The FLCX Does Update The Point Series On Christmas Morning

On December 25, 2012 by Super Rookie

We didn’t have anything better to do on Christmas Morning than update the 2012 FLCX Point Series!

Head on over to our Series Point page and click on the link to see where you stand in the hunt for the overall. With just two races left in the series and the impending “score drops” you may have a little bit of math to do, but just ask Siri to help you out. There are a few things of note that we saw while compiling the scores this week:

  • Jody Alexander (Top Gear) once had a significant lead in the W4s, but an absence from Swamp Cross has placed her in second place to the ever opportunistic Katherine Adams (U/A).
  • Kristin Apotsos (Infinity) upgraded to the cat3s and took half of her 120pts from the cat4s and is now in second place in the w1/2/3s. While she can’t take the overall from Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) she has a firm grasp on the final podium for the series overall.
  • Ed Dunne (Cycle Logic) has a very slim 1pt lead (10pts adjusted for drops) over Chase Tennyson (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) in  the cat3s. This is easily the most competitive and exciting field of the 2012 FLCX Season and the final standings will be up for grabs at the ultra difficult Clermont Cyclocross Gran Prix.

We are now off to open up our gifts. We are hoping for a link to the FLCX Series Standings on the page so it looks like we are somewhat official.

We are having more fun racing our bicycles than anyone in the state!

Continue to spread the love and happy holidays from all of the promoters of the FLCX!

Neutral Corner: A View From The Pits at Swamp Cross

On December 23, 2012 by VeloChamp

A View from the Pit – Swamp Cross 2012 (Gainesville, FL)

Not at all surprising that the 2012 Swamp Cross course proved to be one of the most challenging thus far in the season. This was also made evident by the volume and varying nature of mechanicals and other issues we witnessed in the pit. Once again, with some of the largest attendance numbers of the season, we are thrilled to find our pit management and neutral race support efforts are proving valuable to the overall success and enjoyment of the race.

We were thrilled to see the Swamp Cross organizers had a well-planned course, with the pit area being properly sized and centrally located. However, to our surprise the pit had three (3) entrance/exit points. This made for a super-accessible pit and plenty of room for the growing number of pit bikes and wheel-sets. The size and accessibility of the pit even provided a certain racer the opportunity of cutting the course during Sunday’s SS race… he will remain nameless to avoid further shaming and ridicule prior to his move out of FL.

The most significant mechanicals we dealt with during the Swamp Cross weekend were related to sand/mud/gainesville grime getting packed into shift levers. Most noticeable were rear SRAM shift levers getting jammed towards the lower gearing positions. With sand packed into the shift levers from crashes, sand-pit gymnastics and berm shredding, the shifters would lose any gear return spring tension. This issue was witnessed all weekend on at least 10-15 bikes. In fact, several race leaders all weekend experienced this wonderfully frustrating problem. Ideally, this issue is addressed in the shop and the lever disassembled and cleaned. None-the-less we managed to take care of these issues in the pit all weekend.

The other note-worthy mechanical from the weekend was constant pinch flats. Most issues were seen with clincher tires/tubes where tire pressure appeared low. Once again, keep that tire pressure up. Especially those running clinchers. There were only a few tubular tire issues, and this included a handful of rolled tubular. Infinity Bikes’ Michael King wins the award for best rolled tubular at Swamp Cross 2012. After rolling his rear tire, he went ahead and removed the tire entirely, carried the tire and rode into the pit on his bare rim. Hey, it beats running the bike into the pit!

We’re still seeing a fare amount of cleat/shoe issues coming into the pit. Loose/missing cleat bolts and broken buckles were dealt with all weekend.

Most memorable mechanical came into the pit on Saturday during the Cat 1/2 race. Keep in mind, our neutral race support brings several common brand/model of spare pedals as part of our comprehensive spare component/parts inventory. This proved valuable when one super cool team member came into the pit with a pedal issue. A lap on a spare bike, along with some karate bike mechanics, and the rider was back in the race.

Finally, here a few recommendations for race participants, teammates, family members, and race promoters:

• Communication; clear, intelligent communication with the pit is paramount. If you need something from the pit, make sure you are clear with what you want/need.
• Spares; if you bring a spares into the pit, and would like our help during the race, be sure to introduce yourself. If  we know who you are, we can better help you in the event of an issue. It also helps us better identify which spares are yours.
• Borrowing tools; if you ask to borrow a tool, we will assume you do not need our help. Also, it is not a problem to borrow a tools as long as they stay IN THE PIT.
• Attitude; don’t be a jerk. During the race, we expect riders to be a bit frustrated coming into the pit, and even curt in their exchanges. However, being a complete jerk will not get you very far.

We’ll see you in Clermont!

Clermont Cyclocross Gran Prix Flyer Posted

On December 20, 2012 by Super Rookie

Take a look at that prize list!

FLCX Team Point Series: Updated After Gainesville

On December 18, 2012 by Super Rookie

Ed: It is amazing what one can do when they try to avoid thinking about a pending move to Cleveland, Ohio. They are able to tally up the team point standings in record time! Here is the latest update from our Team Point Series coordinator, Dr. Ryan Fisher.

FLCX Team Points Update: Swamp Cross – In which 352 Rightfully ascends to the top of the rankings*

The FLCX series descended upon Gainesville this past weekend for Swamp Cross 2012, with great courses on both days featuring a mud pit, a stair run up, a challenging sand pit sitting diabolically at the top of a climb, and probably the most elevation in the series this side of Clermont. The heckling was fierce, and the hand-ups were multiple and sometimes of questionable legality & quality, but at the end of the day on Saturday, a massive team showing and plentiful podium placings propelled (mad alliteration, yo) 352 Racing p/b Bikes and More to a commanding hometown victory over rivals representing Infinity Bike Shop, who placed second on the day. Tallahassee outfit Gulf Coast Velo rounded out the team podium, anchored by strong finishes in the 3’s and Masters 45+ categories.

Sunday’s racing saw none other than Santa Claus getting down and dirty in the Southeastern Single Speed Cyclocross Championship, which brought a slightly longer single-speed race with the accompanying points bump. Santa didn’t need his list to see the pink and black all over the podium of multiple categories, ensuring another 352 team over Infinity. Rich Dybdahl rounded up a crew of ringers who put in strong enough performances to put Pure Cycles on the 3rd podium step.

Heading into the final weekend of racing for the team series, 352 has taken over the top place in the overall points. Will their 59 points over Infinity be enough to take the overall? That might depend on whether Chris Slack was able to find his way back home after the SESSCXC race on Sunday…

*Let the record show that the team points were updated prior to Tim finishing the individual point update. Eat it, Tim.


Swamp Cross Day Two Results Posted

On December 17, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have day two results uploaded to USA Cycling and Cross-Results.

Go ahead, nerd out and take a look at your rankings!

2012 FLCX Race Results


Swamp Cross Teaser GIF

On December 16, 2012 by Super Rookie

Swamp Cross was a ton of fun and the mud pit was a huge success.

How awesome was it?

Courtesy of our good friend Matt at Syzygy Graphics!

Swamp Cross Day One Results

On December 16, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have posted the results for the first day of Swamp Cross including the average lap times!

See you on Sunday!

Race Results

The Swamp Cross Sand Pit and Communique!

On December 14, 2012 by Super Rookie

Swamp Cross is right around the corner and the crew from 352 Racing has some new course features in store for you. Perhaps the most noticeable is the all new sand pit. We were able to score a spy video of the sand pit in action!

Make sure to view it in full-screen!

The promoters also released this race communique this morning:


1) We do not have running water at the course. We wish we did, but we get the best course in Florida in exchange!

2) We have a ton of free parking at the course. It is at the bottom of the hill. We do not allow parking up top. Only official race vehicles and vendors are allowed to drive up top. Sorry.3) Please do not interfere with riders that are racing while you are warming up. Please do not ride past the finish line while warming up. If this happens you will be PUBLICLY SHAMED by the old guy on the microphone.

4) We really love our course. We really love hanging out with our cycling friends. In exchange for the awesome opportunity to race at this course we ask in your help in keeping the grounds clean and the atmosphere friendly. Pack out what you brought in and keep the sailor talk at home.

FLCX Team Series Points Update

On December 12, 2012 by Super Rookie

Dr. Fisher checks in with the updated Team Point standings!

Cross Copter is all over the FLCX Team Standings. (Photo: Kristin Apotsos)

FLCX  Team Points Update:  Melbourne

The second half of the FLCX season kicked off this past weekend with Infinity Cross in Melbourne. A flat and fast course greeted racers from over 20 teams on Saturday, with a BMX track and FLCX’s second sketchiest/awesome-est flyover (thanks, Miami!) thrown in to spice things up. In the Team competition, 352 p/b Bikes and More pulled out the overall win over the hometown boys of Infinity on Saturday, anchored by Eric Stubb’s 2nd place in the 1/2 race, as well as Graham Partain and Ben Smith’s 1st and 2nd place finishes in the 35+ category, and Ryan Fisher (that guy is awesome) and Chase Tennyson’s 2nd/3rd finish in the 3’s race. Jack Rich’s lack of attendance was much appreciated by the boys in pink.

The rolling Hovious family reunion of AAA Tri team took the bronze team medal for the day, just ahead of Velo Brew. Beardo scored 5 points.

Sunday’s racing switched from wide open, tactical racing to a tight, muddy, sandy, beachside slog-fest. Despite the change in conditions, 352 p/b Bikes and More was able to top Infinity again, this time by a single point and despite Tim Hayes’s taking a 20+ minute break to pout on twitter during his race. 352 was propped up by wins by Stubbs and Tennyson in the 1/2 and 3’s races, strong showings from their old-guy contingent in the 35+ category, and participation in the sparse single-speed race. AAA Tri team was once again in the bronze, just ahead of one woman wrecking crew Rose Bandits and Pure Racing.

Heading into Swamp Cross, 352 has managed to narrow the gap to Infinity, who still sits atop the team standings. Gearlink is sitting in 3rd overall, but are in danger of being run down by a hard charging pack of Hoviouses.

*Several people pointed out mistakes I made in the tally from the Tampa races, which have been fixed in this update. Sometimes teams are left off of the results, so let me know if I missed something.

FLCX Point Standings

State CX Flyer Posted

On December 10, 2012 by Super Rookie

The powers at USA Cycling have permitted the State Cyclocross Championships at the Little Everglades Ranch!

Mark your calendars for the biggest race of them all!