Tally CX Flyer Posted – Registration Open for Tally and Ocala

On November 13, 2013 by Super Rookie

The Tallahassee Cyclocross flyer has been posted!

A new venue…but their venues are always amazing.

Ocala CX is the next stop and online-registration is here.

Check back soon.

Season Flyer Updates

On October 23, 2013 by Super Rookie

Wanted to drop a quick note that we have posted the flyers for all the upcoming permitted events on the FLCX calendar.

Make sure you check them all out!

Spooky Cross

Infinity Cross

Ocala Cross

Swamp Cross
In addition pre-registration is open on USA Cycling for all of these races, too!

Spooky Cross

Infinity Cross

Swamp Cross

We can’t wait to see you out at the upcoming races!


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The summer hiatus from cyclocross racing in Florida ended three weeks ago at the inaugural Edinburgh CX Challenge in Dunedin. The race marked one of the first forays of cross racing in September in Florida Cyclocross history and it was a huge success with quite a few large fields. That turnout gave us the opportunity to take a look at who is hot and who is not going into the first full weekend of racing on the Florida Cyclocross calendar.

As a reminder, these rankings are 100% official and can not be challenged in any way.

2013/14 FLCX Power Rankings: Tampa Riverfront CX

1. Josh Thornton (Pioneer Mortgage p/b Your Key) | Cat1/2 | Last Rank: N/A

Thornton looking smooth. (Photo: Michael Ploch)

Josh Thornton is a pretty nice guy. If I had to ask him to bail me out of jail (GUILTY OF BEING AWESOME) I bet he would be there in a heartbeat. Making it even worse is that Josh will be super polite when he is coming around to lap you in the middle of the race (we know from experience). The Tampa weekend will mark the third and fourth race of the season for Thornton. He got an early start at the UCI Nittany Cross race in Pennsylvania and featured well in the main chase.

The big question is not if Thornton has what it takes to continue his dominance in Florida Cyclocross, but if there is anyone that can compete against him in the category 1/2 field week in and week out.

2. Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) | Cat1/2, SS | Last Rank: N/A

Slack has added a few pounds in the offseason. (Slack Family Archives)

Chris Slack looked extremely strong in Dunedin a few weeks ago with a strong second place in the 1/2 field and an easy win in the Single Speed race. When Slack isn’t busy not eating anything of substance he is working on opening his very own boutique shop and wheel building emporium in Sarasota. After taking second place overall in last year’s FLCX Series in the 1/2s he may feel like he has something to prove, but with a new shop on the horizon he may join the ranks of the slow bike shop owners that populate  Florida Cyclocross.

3. John Hovius (AAA Triathlon) | Cat3, SS, 45+ | Last Week: N/A

Hovius and Dyszkiewicz took the top two steps in the cat3s at Dunedin. (Photo: John Hovius)

John is a machine. He will race three times in one day and every time he will feature in the race. His efforts must be applauded and his diesel engine is reminiscent of the great Jan Ulrich. When John isn’t busy winning his category he is training for triathlons. He has probably beaten someone you know. He is the real deal. He is a horse of a man.

4. Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop) | 35+ | Last Rank: N/A

If you have been racing cyclocross in Florida for the past four years you know about Jack Rich. You have seen Jack Rich and you probably have wished that you were Jack Rich. He has graced the top of the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS on a few occasions and has consistently dominated the 35+ field to the point that many racers have refused to show up. When the 35+ field was combined with the 1/2s for 60 minutes of racing action Jack found himself on the overall podium many times. The biggest question about Jack Rich and the upcoming season is the one from all the other masters racers, “Can you please stop hurting us, Mr. Jack?”

5. Steve Noble (Infinity Bike Shop) | M45 | Last Rank: N/A

Was it for real? Did we actually see Steve at a cyclocross race in Dunedin three weeks ago? We hope that was him and we hope that he will return to the ranks of cyclocross carnies that have crisscrossed the state for years. If he comes back to Tampa look for him to dominate the ultra-competitive 45+ category. Steve only did one race in 2012/13, but the year before that he was one of the most consistent performers on a cross bike in the Southeast. With his impressive win at the season opener one can only hope that we get to see Noble at more races this season.

6. Wojtek Dyszkiewicz (Birdsong Brewing) | M3, SS | Last Rank: N/A

Wojtek is the new guy on the block. Having moved to central Florida from Charlotte, North Carolina he is bringing some experience and speed into the category 3 and singlespeed field. Carrying a fair amount of ranking points on both CrossResults.com and the USA Cycling database. If it wasn’t for Hovius in the cat3s in Dunedin he would have walked away with the win and would be on a fast track to compete in the 1/2s. Dyszkiewcynmtzclkcxwnic is a man of mystery in these parts, but a little internet research tells us to be ready.

7. Lachlan Hovius (AAA Triathlon) | J10-14 | Last Rank: N/A

All you need to know about Lachlan is that he has won every single cyclocross he has ever entered except for one. Oh, he has also probably beaten someone you know in a triathlon or three. This should come as no surprise since his dad is number three on the list this week.

8. Kristin Apotsos (Infinity Bike Shop) | W1/2/3 | Last Rank: N/A

Kristin is the best and most consistent woman in Florida Cyclocross. She started racing last year and spent the first half of the season in the W4 category before upgrading and still ended up getting second overall in the FLCX Series. With only half a season of racing in the W1/2s last year she made quite the impression on the category standard bearers and has dedicated herself to being a force this season. You have been put on notice.

9. Ryan Woodall (Top Gear Bicycles) | Cat1/2 | Last Rank: N/A

We don’t know what is going on here, but it was posted on Twitter a year or so ago. (Photo: @ryan_woodall)

The best mountain biker in Florida history, or the biggest internet troll in Florida Cyclocross history? The jury is out, but we have proof that he is pre-registered for the Tampa CX weekend and the expected showdown between Thornton is sure to be one to watch. The problem? We don’t even know if Woodall has a cross bike, or if he has ever actually done a dismount. The past times we have seen Woodall race cyclocross he was sporting an evil mustache and a metalic boa while taking no prisoners at Swamp Cross. If he is in it to win it, watch out…

10. Ed Dunne (Cycle Logic) | M35+ | Last Rank: N/A

Ed Dunne may have the best shot at defeating Jack Rich this weekend in what is turning out to be the most competitive field on paper. Dunne was a force last year in the cat3s taking the FLCX overall title and missed out on taking the cat3 state title by a wheel after a bobble on the last lap. He didn’t race a few weeks ago, but he is definitely a man to watch heading into Tampa.

Falling Off: Ryan Fisher (CLEVELAND), Mattheu “Beardo” Pourbaix (Puerto Rico)

2013/14 FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week: Tampa Riverfront CX

There are quite a few on our radar entering the season, and with word that Giancarlo Bianchi (AG – Guttenplan) has upgraded from Cat3 to Cat1/2 there is ample room for a new sandbagger to emerge. What we do know is that a certain bike shop owner* is a candidate if he enters another cat3 race again after putting on quite the performance in the cat1/2/open field in Dunedin. Then again, he crashed trying to bunny hop the barriers for the second year in a row, so we will give him a pass, for now.

*rhymes with “Dichard Rybdahl”

Nine FLCX Series Races Highlight Expanded Florida Cyclocross Calendar For 2013/14 Season!

On September 10, 2013 by Christian

GAINESVILLE, FL – The 2013/14 Florida CX season promises to be the biggest and best in the history of Florida cycling. The season calendar features the return of eight races held in 2012/13 and the addition of an all new race in Dunedin and the highly anticipated return of racing in Winter Garden. In all, the ten weekends of racing make for many opportunities for cyclists of all skill levels to try their hand at the fastest growing discipline of cycling.

With an expanded calendar starting earlier than ever means that there are some exciting changes in the race for the FLCX Series Overall title. The biggest change is that only one race per weekend will count for the FLCX. Eight of the FLCX point races fall on Sundays with the season finale on Saturday January 18th before the State Championships the next day at the legendary Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City.

The 2013/14 Florida CX season kicks with the all new Edinburgh CX Challenge in Dunedin on September 22nd. The new course will be a great warm-up prior to the start of the FLCX Point Series that begins just two weeks later at the newly expanded Tampa Riverfront CX on October 12th and 13th. The all new course at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park promises to be one of the best venues in the series as racing is just steps from Downtown Tampa. Highlighting the Tampa Riverfront CX race is equal prize money for both the Women and Men’s Category ½ fields. The start of the FLCX Series in Tampa also means the return of neutral support of VeloChamp. Every FLCX Series race will have VeloChamp’s neutral service to help keep you on a bike and in the race regardless of what kind of luck you have.

Anticipation for the first Halloween cyclocross race in Florida history is building as the FLCX Series returns to Winter Garden for the first time in two years on October 27th. The races promises to feature the twisty turns and treacherous sand pits that the race was known for before taking a brief hiatus. This race will surely be known for both the quality of racing and the costumes of the racers.

Miami returns to the Florida Cyclocross series with Tropical Cyclocross for the sixth time in as many years on November 2nd and 3rd. The course at Virginia Key features one of the best run-ups in all of Florida and the local Miami racers will surely bring their best heckles. Make sure you bring the sunscreen as this course brings you to the beach and will leave you shouting, “ooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOO,” on every lap.

The gang at Infinity Racing have decided to go all in with two days of racing at the BMX track in Melbourne on November 9th and 10th. This race is well known for having the first flyover in Florida CX and the BMX track features some of the best opportunities to show off your bike handling skills. With five race weekends completed and four FLCX events in the books the newly expanded two-day Ocala CX weekend on November 23rd and 24th provides a great half-way mark for the 2013/14 season. The promoters are promising an all new course and an even bigger event as they make their first appearance on the FLCX Series Calendar.

Change is in store for the next two race weekends in Tallahasse and Gainesville. The December 7th and 8th weekend of Tally CX promises to be the coldest race on the calendar and the new course will feature some amazing run-ups and lots of the off-camber switchbacks that course designer, Jim Smart is known. The next weekend the racing shifts to Gainesville for the fourth edition of Swamp Cross with an all-new course on tap for December 14th and 15th.

With just one race weekend to go before the season finale at the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City on January 18th and 19th racing once again descends upon the National Training Center in Clermont on January 4th and 5th. The Clermont course is easily the most difficult course on the calendar with an amazing amount of climbing and a run-up that will have you asking for help just a few laps in. With only one more day left to score FLCX Series points the racing will be fast and furious.

As cyclocross continues to grow in Florida the promoters of FLCX and the Florida Bike Racing Association (FBRA) have been working hard to ensure a great racing experience and a clearinghouse of information. In addition, the FBRA has created an all-new ranking system for the 2013/14 season dubbed the FRS-CX. This ranking series is another way to see how you compare to other cyclocross racers in Florida.

For up to the date information about Florida Cyclocross or the FLCX please visit: www.flcx.org
For up to the date information about Florida Bike Racing and the FBRA please visit: www.myfbra.org

FRS-CX Points Series: What’s it all about?

On September 5, 2013 by Christian

The Florida Bike Racing Association has rolled out a FRSCXbrand new points series for CX in the state of Florida, the FRS-CX Point Series. This brand new series will award points to riders in all categories for end of season prizes based on riders 7 or 8 best finishes at ANY CX race in the state of Florida, whether that race was part of the FLCX Season Series or not.

The FRS-CX Point Series will operate exactly like the FRS-Road points series, as an overall series irrespective of who the promoter is and whether or not the race they promote is a part of a pre-existing points series. As long as it’s a USA Cycling permitted CX race and it’s held on a weekend, it qualifies for the FRS-CX.

To state it as simply as possible, the FRS-CX Points Series will be tabulated based on your best 7 or 8 race finishes at any weekend Cyclocross USA Cycling permitted event. The FLCX Points Series will be tabulated based on your best 7 finishes at the 9 FLCX Series races.

The FRS-CX point series is open to:

2013 FRS-CX Categories

  • Junior 10-14 male
  • Junior 10-14 female
  • Junior 15-18 male
  • Junior 15-18 female
  • Men Open
  • Men 3
  • Men 4/5
  • Women Open
  • Women 4
  • Men master 35+
  • Men master 45+
  • Men master 55+
  • Singlespeed

Complete details on the FRS-CX points series can be found at MyFBRA.

The FLCX Point Series will continue as it has in the past years, with points being tabulated based on results at specific events.

Complete details on the FLCX Points Series can be found here.

Jackonsville Cyclocross Training Race Series Flyer!

On August 23, 2013 by Super Rookie

The Jacksonville cyclocross training series returns for the fourth year at Boone Park on the west side of the city. These events are a lot of fun and they always get a decent turnout. Many of us have ventured to JAX for the racing over the years and it is common to see 30-50 people lining up for the fun. It should be noted that the races have bumped up a few weeks which should allow for more racing in the daylight, but the later races would require some kind of light.

Get on it!

  • $10 entry
  • Five weeks
  • Thursday Nights (no racing on Sept. 19th)

More information available at USA Cycling and myfbra.org


Learn Cyclocross: Gainesville

On August 15, 2013 by Super Rookie

It is well known that cyclocross is the sport of the future.

If you are near Gainesville come out to the Rock starting next Wednesday night at 630pm to learn all about it.

Contact Swift Cycle if you have any questions. All cyclists welcome.

Edinburgh Cyclocross Challenge Flyer!

On July 16, 2013 by Super Rookie

Cyclocross season is right around the corner and the first race of the exciting year is almost upon us!

FLCX Summer Update

On July 6, 2013 by Super Rookie

I have gone through and updated the official calendar to list out the races and the new cross race in Dunedin!

Cross is getting bigger and bigger in Florida.


On April 2, 2013 by Super Rookie

Here is the tentative FLCX Schedule for the upcoming season.

The final schedule should be uploaded by May 1st, 2013.