Free The Zip Tie.

On September 25, 2015 by Christian


The FBRA board has voted to allow riders using ZipTies for Single Speed race to accumulate points for the FLCX Season Series. This means you can take the battery out of your DI2 bike, or zip-tie your SRAM bike. If you have Shimano mechanincal, you must demonstrate to the official that your bike is completely incapable of shifting, whether you actually only have one cog on the back. All bikes in the single speed race are subject to inspection by the official.

Do not make us regret this decision. Do not be sneaky gear changers. Don’t be the guy that makes us take away the zip tie privilege. The points series is based on your best 9 finishes. There are still a ton of chances to get in there and make it count. Maybe we’ll even have double points at one of the events for all riders with zip ties. Who can say what the future will hold?

PS I’m totally kidding about the double points, don’t start freaking out legit single speed bike owners.

EDIT: Riders at all FLCX Single speed races starting tomorrow are eligible. Yes, this is happening in the middle of the season, except it’s only two weekends into the season. No, we will not be back-dating results from the first two weekends. This decision was made to attempt to bring Florida in line with several other regions of the country that have much higher participation numbers. We want more of you having more fun, and if a zip tie or lack of battery will get you there, then perfect.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or Graham Partain.

Pro Tip: Why You Should Promote A Cyclocross Race

On December 19, 2014 by Super Rookie

(David Lavenhagen takes a Todd Leedy handup at Swamp Cross 2012. Photo: Matt Staras)

So, you want to be a cyclocross promoter? Well, Todd Leedy, FLCX’s resident long-haired, frisbee throwing, college professor, has the reasons why you should do it and it does not disappoint. Easily one of the best write-ups we have seen in Florida Cyclocross and it should be shared across the internet. Plus, #1 is very true. There were several rude gestures from yours truly towards Todd come race day this past December in Gainesville.


Earlier this year, FLCX Number One Ginger provided a column on how you might put on a CX race:

As a complement to that piece, here are some thoughts on why you might put on a CX race.

1) Design a course – This is a real creative process. Coming up with a course that you feel your fellow CXers will enjoy (i.e. suffer through) on the limited piece of land to which you have access is a challenge and quite a bit of fun. You will have to work with what you are given but there is space to place your own stamp on a course. Someone will always say it was too technical or not technical enough or too much pavement or too easy for mountain bikes. Don’t worry, not every course in Belgium requires the exact same skillset either. But if racers are making rude gestures at the Crosscopter then you’ve probably done it about right.

2) Experience “promoter legs” – A documented physiological condition (unless you are Josh Thornton) resulting from the 2-3 days of serious manual labor you put in right before the event to set up a great course, e.g. shoveling, mowing, raking, staking, taping, etc. etc. Add insufficient sleep as you handle pre-registrations, prizes, and on it goes. And then, if lucky, you commence to racing on the weekend with perhaps 20% of your normal warmup. Oh yes, it feels so so good.

3) Build your team/club – You cannot do it all on your own so you either need volunteers (or you need to pay for assistance, see #6). Done right, putting on a race is a great team building exercise and you will find out skills you didn’t know people possessed and learn how much others are committed to the same goals. People will impress you with their generosity and that should make you happy.

4) Spend time with your family – If you have done most any race in FLCX then you know that they are usually a family affair. Spouses, partners, kids, parents – you need them all out there backing you up. Not only is it more fun, stuff gets done.

5) Become a better planner – Professors tell students “Don’t ever go into debt to get a PhD in the humanities or social sciences.” Well, don’t ever go into debt to put on a CX race either. And you shouldn’t have to if you budget and plan properly. Do this early, as in before you even announce you are holding a race, and certainly before you pull a permit. If the numbers don’t work, don’t say a thing to anyone about wanting to put on a race. Just keep calm and and keep racing. It’s all according to plan.

6) Don’t make any money – OK, you might make some money but you cannot put on a race because of this need/desire. Success is breaking even, anything more is 100% into the bonus. This isn’t your livelihood, although for a few brief days a year you might wish it was, so you do it only because you love the sport and want others to love it as much or more. Still, someone will say the second races are too expensive or the on-site fee is too high or USAC shouldn’t charge for processing online entries. So if you do make some money then you did it the old fashioned way – you earned it.

7) Become “FLCX famous” – Short of winning every weekend or doing sand angels or breaking your teeth on a barrier crash or flying a drone or growing a tremendous red beard or continually ruining the sport, it is hard to get more recognition in our small community than by putting on a good (or, gulp, bad) race. So If you like knowing FLCX people and none of those other options sound attractive or even possible, you might consider an occasional dalliance as an amateur race promoter.

8) Become a better person – As hard as we train, as many hours as we put in on the bike, it is pretty easy to just show up and race. Whether it is your first season or you’ve done a ton of bike races, until you have put on a race yourself, the planning and labor that goes into a smooth event is a mystery. You might moan about why this wasn’t that way or why that wasn’t this way. There’s almost always a reason, and usually the race director will be happy to explain it – at some point when they aren’t also trying to run the event! After putting on your own event, you will most likely become one less person complaining about races in a Facebook group. And that’s a bonus for everyone. But hey, that’s just like, you know, my opinion man.


As always we welcome submissions to FLCX! Email or!


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You have been begging for the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ for a few days and we are here to deliver. We have been holed up in our respective mother’s basements crunching the numbers and passing our preliminary ranking back and forth waiting for the posting of the official results of the first weekend of racing in Dade City. Naturally, some would say that the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ are the most important part of Florida Cyclocross.

Due to this, there is a lot of pressure on the FLCX Junta to produce 100% official, infallible, unquestionable and accurate rankings that can not be challenged, but we are cyclocross racers and we can handle the pressure. As the season rolls into the second weekend at the Edinburgh Challenge in Dunedin this weekend we now have a few questions answered and more being asked.

Questions Answered:

  1. Will Ryan Woodall actually race his bike, or just Facebook about racing cyclocross for the third year in a row?
  2. Will Josh Thorton face a serious challenge at anytime this season?
  3. Who is Zoltan Tisza and why is he hurting everyone?

Questions To Be Answered:

  1. Was it a case of the dreaded #promoterlegs, or is Josh Thorton the new Chris Slack?
  2. Will Karen Dybdahl redeem the Dybdahl family name?
  3. Is Kristin Apotsos the new Laura Parsons?

Regardless of the answers we are here for you.


Tim and Christian

2013/14 OFFICIAL FLCX Power Rankings™: Wicked Hahdah CX

Photo: Team Pro’s Closet

1. Ryan Woodall (Top Gear / MuMu) | Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NA

It seems like the local mountain bike legend is going all in on cyclocross this year. He even has a cyclocross bike! Pulled off two huge victories in the season opening race and staked an early claim to the top of the Power Rankings with that performance. Was it a case of the dreaded #promoterlegs for FLCX resident strongman, Josh Thorton? Or, is Ryan Woodall the all-new Dragon Slayer?

Photo: Dave McElwaine

2. Zoltan Tisza (Colavita) | M45+ | Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NA

The real deal. Former Hungarian national champion and world championship entrant came to Florida and slayed everyone in his field, only finishing behind Tic Bowen in the Masters overall and let’s not forget racing a full 60min to take third on Saturday and fourth on Sunday. Hide your kids, because there is a new monster in town.

Photo: Winter Park Cycles

3. Tic Bowen (U/A) | M35+ | Last Rank: NA

Last year the battle for the Master’s 35+ title came down to Mr. Mystery, Tic Bowen, and Mr. September, Andy Mills (Firefighters Union). At the State Championship it was Mills who came out on top. We were so confident in Tic’s return to FLCX that we didn’t even mention Mills in the PRESEASON OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™. We are now even more confident in our decision.

Photo: S. McElvery

4. Josh Thorton (Team Giant) | Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NA

In the deep dark recesses of the Twittersphere there are jaded cyclocross race promoters who constantly complain of having to deal with #promoterlegs. It is a real thing. It happened to the King of King’s. Josh did not disappoint putting together one of the best race courses in recent memory and a top-notch event. The first in a series in three. In fact, Josh Thorton did not fall down the rankings, he just happened to promote the thing!

Photo: Uncredited

5. Kristin Apotsos (Infinity Bike Shop) | Women Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NR

Over the past few years the Women’s field has been dominated by one rider, Laura Parsons (Infinity). Kristin was the first to conquer Parsons last season at Swamp Cross in Gainesville. A few thought it was a fluke, but we all secretly hoped this victory was a sign of things to come. A serious battle of supremacy at the front of the field is in store when Parsons returns from injury, or whatever it was that kept her away from the season opener.

Photo: Photorun

6. Allison Linnell (U/A) | Women Pro1/2 | Last Rank: NR

Who? All we know is that she rode away from the Women’s field on Saturday, only to miss the bigger day of the weekend with the more stacked field. Perhaps Allison is so new to this cyclocross thing that she wasn’t aware that Sunday is when the heavy hitters come out to play. Oh, does anyone know if Allison paddleboards?


 Photo: PHOTOSHOP!!!!

7. Rebecca Laborde (U/A) | Women Cat 4 | Last Rank: NR

Rebecca got a carbon cyclocross bike and rode away from the cat4 women setting up an upgrade to the Cat1/2/3 race to give the likes of Jen Kraatz and Zoe Mullins a battle for the podium, and hopefully a challenge to the upper ranks. This is, after all, assuming that Rebecca upgraded to Cat3. We don’t want to mention the words too early, but if the water starts to rise we will be calling on Rebecca to lend a hand to hold it back.

Photo: Unknown Twitter User

8. Sebastian Morfin  (Metronome/Team Florida) | Cat 3 | Last Rank: NR

Sebastian is a beast. He is a machine on the road and easily one of the fast riders in the Southeastern United States on the road. He is trying cyclocross for the first time and did the honorable thing of racing in the Cat3s, and not slaying all the Cat4/5s. This is the kind of thing we like about this kid. He raced in the category he belonged and put on a show and will quickly become a player in the Cat1/2s. Bravo, Sebastian. We give you two more race weekends before we call you out to get out of our quasi-old man, one-day-a-week training plan category.

9. Brian Davis (Treasure Coast Cycling) | Masters 55+ | Last Rank: NR

***STEREOTYPE ALERT*** Road racing masters have a horrible reputation, they sweat a lot, tend to yell a lot, they also charge a lot when you go visit them for a six-month check up (DENTIST JOKE!). Don’t ask any of them about their back pain, or about their favorite recumbent bicycle.

The masters racers that do cyclocross are the exact opposite. They are the dads we always wanted, especially the 55+ crew. Seriously, what a bunch of awesome dudes that are out to have a great time with us every weekend. They want to hang out afterward and give you a high-five. They also know some pretty sweet heckles referencing Bing Crosby, Tony Bennet and June Cleaver.

Brian Davis took the top step on Sunday and laid claim to the King of the old men, but watch out because there are a slew of Masters making this easily the most competitive field in Florida Cyclocross!

Photo: Gator Zone

10. Blake Norman (Top Gear / MuMu) | Category 4 | Last Rank: NR

Does anyone know who this kid is? QUICK OFFER HIM AN ELUSIVE CYCLOCROSS CONTRACT – looking at you Infinity Bike Shop – this kid had two great finishes this past weekend in the Cat 4s and if this continues to happen the grains of sand begin to accumulate and the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota comes calling (GEOGRAPHY JOKE!). Wait, on second thought, since we are both Cat3s, we would like Blake to stick in the Cat 4s and upgrade immediately to Cat1/2.

We See You: Bob Croslin – M3 (Orange State), Rolly Weaver – P1/2 (Pioneer Mortgage), Todd Leedy – M3 (352 Racing), Clayton and Harrison Knight – J10-12, J12-14 (Top Gear), Nicole Carson – W4 (Pinnacle Wheelworks), Jo Weaver – W4 (Swift Racing)

Falling Off This Week: N/A

Sandbagger of the Week:

Tic Bowen (M35+)

Us: “Hey Tic, have you been riding lately?”

Tic: “No, haven’t really be riding much,” or, “you know I have ridden a few times these past few weeks, but not much.”

Sorry Tic, but we are onto you and your schtick. It is endearing and it is something many of us have experienced and we are jealous. Congrats, sir.

NAHBS 2014

On March 17, 2014 by Christian

I look forward to Nahbs every year as one of the highlights of the spring- I’ve been to 4 of the past five of them. The brands/manufacturers/builders who show up are most of my favourites in the industry, and pretty much all the people who work for these brands are awesome too so it’s a great show to hang out at. It’s not a huge high pressure thing like the Vegas show, so it’s not 100% focused on deliverables and forecasted units and bullshit. The bikes are creative and beautiful and not stamped out of a Chinese mold.

That said, the builders are as subject to the whims of the component manufacturers and consumers alike, so there’s plenty of disc brake CX bikes. There was also a plethora of Titanium CX bikes, it appears to be making something of a comeback as a frame material. The rumour I was trying to get started all weekend concerned about half the bikes with the new Shimano DI2/Hydraulic brakes- they were assembled without fluid in them. The reason was probably just last minute builds and no time or spare parts to reseal the lines, but I like assuming the worst…

Now I’ll shut up and post some bike pics.

All pics are from my phone, I wasn’t trying for greatness in photography, and you can certainly see that in the results.

Peacock Groove Minneapolis Moline Cargo Bike

Peacock Groove Minneapolis Moline Cargo Bike

Hed Triple Crown Gravel Racer

Hed Triple Crown Gravel Racer

Boo Cycles Bamboo CX

Boo Cycles Bamboo CX

Avery County Cycles CX

Avery County Cycles CX. One of my favourites of the show.

Avery County Cycles CX. One of my favourites of the show.

More Angles

More Angles

Avery County Cycles CX

Geekhouse Mudville Disc- Pegged my WANT meter.

Geekhouse Mudville Disc- Pegged my WANT meter.

Schamrock Cycles made this for some Danish person. Probably not from Miami, however.

Schamrock Cycles made this for some Danish person. Probably not from Miami, however.

Hed Triple Crown Disc Gravel 2- with Grifo XS.

Hed Triple Crown Disc Gravel 2- with Grifo XS.

Challenge Chicane- so hot.

Challenge Chicane- so hot.

The Impeccable Moots CX bike.

The Impeccable Moots CX bike.

Super good beer list at a pizza place in NoDo.

Super good beer list at a pizza place in NoDo.

Very Angry Groundhog

Very Angry Groundhog

Hometown MFG CX. Hometown is an offshoot of sixeleven bikes.

Hometown MFG CX. Hometown is an offshoot of sixeleven bikes.

Richey Swiss Disc CX

Richey Swiss Disc CX

Shamrock Disc CX

Shamrock Disc CX

Snazzy dropout for Gates SSCX

Snazzy dropout for Gates SSCX

Appleman Disc CX

Appleman Disc CX

Wound Up fork on DiSalvo Gravel racer

Wound Up fork on DiSalvo Gravel racer

Suitcase of Courage.

Suitcase of Courage.

Moots Travel CX

Moots Travel CX

Better known for their tandems, but some sweet singles as well.

Better known for their tandems, but some sweet singles as well.

Co Motion

Fancy Ti CX Disc

Fancy Ti CX Disc

Kish Fabrication

Cielo Disc CX was just bonkers. So nice.

Cielo Disc CX was just bonkers. So nice.

Cielo CX

Cielo CX

Cielo CX

My editorial view of the show:

So apparently it’s not cool anymore to show up at Nahbs. There was certainly a lack of pre-event internet hype, and once I got to the show, I was struck by just how small the show has become. I don’t have the list in front of me, but my suspicion is that you could count the number of Oregon builders in attendance with less than one hand- and even most of the New England builders, stuck in a particularly nasty winter, couldn’t be bothered to spend a weekend in the warmish North Carolina hills. I don’t know if it’s a matter of not needing the additions to their already long work ques that kept show stalwarts like Vanilla and Richard Sachs from attending, or if Charlotte was just too expensive, or if there’s some conflict with the organizers, or it just isn’t worth the money, I don’t spend much time on Vsalon, and by much time I mean virtually no time. So I don’t know if it’s drama or dollars that kept builders from showing up, but in any case, planely stated, the show is not what it once was. Virtually everyone who did show up, including Shimano and Chris King, had smaller, simpler booths this year, with really only Mosiac beginning to approach the attention to detail in booth design that Vanilla/Speedvagen (and others) used to trot out every year.

Charlotte, in retrospect, seems like an odd city to host a (once?) major-ish bicycle show, as it’s not really known for it’s cycling culture. It’s rated 49 out of 50 in US major cities in walkability, and while it has a very, very strong variety of good local breweries, the downtown area was a complete ghost-town on Sunday, with most businesses not even bothering to open. This is pretty common in many cities in the car-centric South, but it doesn’t contribute to cycling all that much, and it doesn’t make it all that attractive to local cyclists to attend the show. I would wager that many if not most of the attendees were from out of town. That doesn’t seem very logical to me- put the show where people who want to see it already live. If you can also do it where there won’t be a blizzard, well, home run. Next year’s show is going to be in Louisville, which drew a collective “(huh?)” from many people in the crowd after the announcement. It will be great for the foam party crowd on Saturday night, but again, it’s not a huge hotbed of local cyclists, it’s not particularly warm there on the first weekend in March, and ice storms are a real concern. And it’s pretty far (and pretty complicated to travel to) from both New England and Portland.

Speaking to a cycling journalist friend of mine who has provided extensive coverage of NAHBS in the past but didn’t even show up this year, the show just isn’t worth it these days. There is a general feeling of “meh” from twitter and elsewhere regarding the bikes, which was probably inevitable, as there’s only so many ways you can build a custom made steel(?) frame and let a painter take 3 weeks to do an eleven colour fade on it.

My feeling on the show is a mixed one- I’m sorry it looks like it’s on a downswing, because I loved this show since I attended my first one in Richmond in 2010, when it seemed to my idealist eye like the future of bicycle trade shows. I suppose the simple impracticability of high end small volume bicycle manufacturing doomed it- there just isn’t a large enough pool of customers to make the investment by a framebuilder in attending the show worth it, particularly a small framebuilder who doesn’t have a trust fund bank-rolling him. The already well known builders don’t need more time away from their workshops- they have bikes to get done, and maybe they aren’t the most social people in the world anyway. It’s at least a $2000 investment to rent a booth and a hotel room and pay the union to assemble your booth (which you also have to design and construct, or at least pay someone else to do it) and plug in your extension cords and then you still have to travel and eat and drink and of course make a couple of extra fancy bikes so Johnny Hipster doesn’t see your bike on Prolly is not Probably and say “Meh.” So really, consider it at least a $5000 investment including your time, and then it really becomes a question of are you going to see a return on it. I think it’s pretty obvious that most builders these days are answering that question with a no, which is a shame.

What NAHBS always meant to me was a party with all of my best bike friends (many of whom I haven’t met yet), with a bunch of stupidly, profoundly. beautiful bicycles. The bikes are still beautiful, but a lot of my friends went missing this year. Hopefully they can find a reason to find their way back for the next one.

Crosscopter Video Coverage!

On January 29, 2014 by Super Rookie

Many of you know about The Crosscopter.

Did you know it has a website?

Better yet, here are all the Cross Copter videos for the 2013-14 season!

Get some!

FLCX Series: 2014 and Beyond

On January 21, 2014 by Super Rookie


Gainesville, FL- The 2013/14 FLCX Season was the most successful year in the history of Florida cyclocross. Overall attendance was up 15% over the previous season and the racing was better than ever with numerous categories featuring several riders battling it out for the top step on race day. As the Florida cyclocross community has continued to grow the Florida Bike Racing Association (FBRA) has developed a keen interest in helping to take the sport further utilizing their own resources and expertise. Therefore, it has been decided that that FLCX Points Series will be discontinued for 2014 and beyond.

The FLCX Series started in earnest in 2007 when cyclocross aficionados and promoters decided to band together to help grow the sport in the state of Florida. The early days of Florida cyclocross are a distant memory to some and unknown to most. State Championships races were held at Camp Murphy and Tallahassee. Promoters would be thrilled if 60 racers took to the road for race day and the series was a footnote to the Florida Road Cycling Association (FRCA). Times have changed considerably and with the introduction of the FBRA-CX Series this past season the FLCX Series became a redundancy and is no longer needed.

From this point forward the FLCX website, facebook page/group and Twitter account will feature news and information about Florida Cyclocross, but the FLCX Promoters and member races will no longer be an organized series under the FLCX banner.

The FLCX organizers, member races and promoters would like to thank all of the racers, officials, and past promoters that helped raise the level of cyclocross in Florida to the point that the FBRA is willing to shepherd it into the future utilizing their own resources and know-how.

Pure Cross This Sunday!

On January 9, 2014 by Super Rookie

We all need more cyclocross in our lives and grassroots 100% payout cyclocross is some of the best stuff ever!

We will be seeing you in Mt. Dora!

Swamp Cross!

On December 20, 2013 by Super Rookie

We had a wonderful weekend of racing in Gainesville. We have posted results on the results page and all series standings have been updated.

While we could write you a recap, we have the best in the business covering our little corner of cycling in the form of a helicopter. So, take it away CROSSCOPTER!


Day One:


On December 6, 2013 by Super Rookie

It isn’t very often that the editors of the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ get to meet face to face and discuss the standings for the upcoming week, but the moons aligned and we were able to write the rankings high in the cheap seats in section 303 of the Tampa Bay Times Forum.


Taken immediately before GOB cheap shotted Rookie. (Picture: Emily)

There were some disagreement at first, but with the gloves off we were able to hash out the differences and produce the infallible and 100% accurate OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™.

BTW, if you disagree, you are wrong.

2013/14 OFFICIAL FLCX Power Rankings™: Tally CX

1. Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits) | W123 | Last Rank: 1



Hmmmm, that isn’t Laura! IMPOSTER! (Photo: Google Image Vanity Search)

When you show up and win two races in dominant fashion against top quality competition you must be doing something right. The only downside to the Laura Parsons cyclocross game is that she lives in Miami, which is as far away from the cycling world as you can get. It makes us wonder how Parsons would do if she lived in a cyclocross hotbed, but who are we kidding? They race in 15degrees on the reg. We know how Miami folk react to the “cold” and that is when it is just 65 degrees.

Well done Laura, you deserve the top spot…again.

2. Ryan Woodall (Team Top Gear/Biemme) | P12, SS | Last Week: 4

Four races. Three wins. It was a little tough trying to figure out where to slot Woodall after Ocala. He won three races in dominating fashion, but lost to Josh Thornton (Pioneer Mortgage) when it counted for the FLCX Points. That said, the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ are all about ‘what have you done for me lately’ and Woodall has been showing up week after week and winning at a higher percentage than anyone else in the series.

How good has Woodall been this year? We don’t even have anything snarky to say.

3. Vitor Alexandre (Colavita) | M45 | Last Week: 2

It may look like Vitor has dropped a spot since the last ranking, but in reality it is all an illusion. Vitor continues to win in the stacked 45+ field and has been instrumental in getting more South Florida racers interested in cyclocross. If it wasn’t for the performance of Woodall over the weekend Vitor would be a lock for the #2 spot.

A few weeks back Vitor told me he used to race in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup Series. I felt the need to check up on the mysterious juggernaut and I contacted a few of my friends from the Windy City and they confirmed that Vitor was the real deal and should be a marked man on race day. We then started to talk about Olive Oil. It was captivating.

4. Ed Dunne (CycleLogic) | M35 | Last Week: We See You

Ed Dunne is the real deal. He won the Cat3 FLCX Series last year and has since moved over to the 35+ field where he is currently leading the FLCX Standings. He may not be the fastest racer in the 35+ field, but he is by far the most consistent. Dunne may be able to lock up the FLCX overall with a win in Tally and the absence of Andy Mills (Saving Lives). That said, the 35+ field has really come alive this year and a lot of that has to do with the attendance of Dunne at a vast majority of the races. If a few people skip out on Tally and Dunne does what is expected we may have a new Power Rankings leader heading into Swamp Cross

5. Joshua Thornton (Pioneer Mortgage) | P12 | Last Week: NR

Wheelie Awesome, Josh. (Photo: Internetz)

Uh-oh. He’s back. Took some time off from racing and is back to stake claim to his rightful place at the top of the FLCX Series podium. He showed up on Sunday in Ocala and won when it counted over Ryan Woodall, but he may have left too many points on the table to win the FLCX overall. That is the bike racing side of Josh Thornton, but let’s get to the real stuff, Thornton and his wife Keleigh are entering into the promotion game bringing the Wicked Hardah CX race to Dade City in January!

This is great news and we all owe a big thanks to the fastest man in the state of Florida. The Thornton family stepped up when we needed it most (the NTC in Clermont has changed ownership) and now we get to have an amazing race at a sweet venue thanks to our friends. That is worthy of making the power rankings alone.

6. Duffy Danish (Rose Bandits) | W123 | Last Week: NR


  1. Amazing Name.
  2. Quality bike racing skills.
  3. Quality husband.
  4. Not Laura Parsons.

Reason Duffy Isn’t Higher On The OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™:

  1. Not Laura Parsons.

7. Steve Noble (Infinity Racing) | M45 | Last Week: We See You

Poor Steve Noble. The legend of Florida Cyclocross. The original Cyclocross Carnie that traveled around the state when there were only six races and five racers in the masters field. Now, after all his loyalty and dedication to the cyclocross promoters in the state he has to deal with Vitor. That said, we are starting to notice a slight change in the way the 45+ field has been turning out and Noble is slowly making up ground on Vitor and he is only 10points down for the FLCX Series overall heading into Tally.

8. Harrison Knight (First Place Racing) | Juniors 10-14 | Last Week: 9

We are not going to lie. We are a little afraid of young Harrison. He is a beast on the bike and can probably beat quite a few folks in the Cat4s. The good news? We still have a few years of respite before he is old enough to bring the pain to those twice his age. Our favorite part about young Harrison is that he is like the rest of the Juniors 10-14 field at FLCX Races, awesome. Think about it, we are pretty lucky to have the likes of Lachlan, Jackson, Brandon, Scott, Caleb, and Jacob racing in our fields. We have a bright future!

9. Jennifer Kraatz (Garneau Florida) | W4 | Last Week: We See You

A few weeks back we mentioned that Jennifer Kraatz was the first ever female recipient of the FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week­­™ Award in OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ history. It was almost as if the pressure got to Jennifer and she was only able to manage two second places at Infinity CX, but the truth is that was all just a flash in the pan and she won two races in Ocala to take back her place on the top step in the ever growing Womens Cat4 field.

10. Martin St. Louis (Tampa Bay Lightning) | Pro | Last Week: NR

Even pros bobble from time to time. (GIF: INTERNET)

In college Martin was a force for the Vermont Catamounts, twice a finalist for the coveted Hobey Baker Award, but his small 5’8″ frame left him undrafted in 1997. After toiling in the lower categories St. Louis upgraded to the pro ranks in 1999 and hasn’t looked back. A six time All-Star, two time Ross Trophy winner, one time Hart Trophy winner and three time Lady Byng Trophy winner the man has played in over 1,000 NHL games and is a legend in the eyes of his peers and an institution in Florida. It should be noted that St. Louis netted two goals under the watchful eyes of the OFFICIAL FLCX POWER RANKINGS™ editors, thus deserving mention.

FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week­­™: Jennifer Kraatz (Garneau Florida)

Pretty sure that Jennifer likes being a trailblazer. Because not only is she the only female winner of the FLCX Sandbagger Of The Week™ award she is also the only person to win it twice in one year!

It is time to move up and throw down with the top ladies in the state. We have been around cyclocross for a while and we assure you that you will do an amazing job. Plus, look at the track record of past Sandbagger Of The Week­­™ winners moving up to the next category; Tim Hayes (Swift Cycle) and Rich Dybdahl (Pure Cycles) both have performed ridiculously well in the higher ranks.

We see you: Michael Danish, Beardo, Ryan Fisher, Taylor Norton, Tony Sigrist

Falling off: Addison Zawada, Dustin White, Melissa Isenman, Tic Bowen, Kristin Apotsos, Andy Mills

Ocala CX Results

On November 28, 2013 by Super Rookie

We have added the results for Ocala to the Results page.

Please note that we have not uploaded to USA Cycling as we await the results for Saturday’s Single Speed race. The initial update on 11/27 was on

Have a great day!