FLCX Summer Update

On July 6, 2013 by Super Rookie

I have gone through and updated the official calendar to list out the races and the new cross race in Dunedin!

Cross is getting bigger and bigger in Florida.

FLCX Summer Chatter

On June 12, 2013 by Christian

Judging by all the comments and general carrying on over on the FLCX facebook page, people are getting pretty excited about the upcoming season, and it’s hard to blame them. Lots of new races, promoters, and racers are stepping forward, there are already some training races popping up, and we haven’t even reached the first official day of summer yet. Keep checking back with us here, or on the book of faces, for all the news you can use.

As a reminder, the Clermont Short Track event is happening tomorrow night at the National Training Center. That’s the same place that the Clermont CX is held, but it’s a much different course- lots and lots of climbing, a little bit of descending, and no running, unless you show up even earlier and do the CrossCountry 5k. That’s a whole lot of uphill, too. Anyway, that starts around 7, more info is here.

Up in Mt. Dora, Rich Dybdahl is running a CX practice at the Mt. Dora trailhead on Tuesdays, give him a shout at his shop, Pure Cycles, for times and dates.

The Gainesville crowd at Swift Cycle are running their Summer MTB Series, check out their website for more info on fat tired sweaty summer fun in the dirt.

Let us know if you have an event to add to the list!

Florida Cyclocross Chatter: Vol 13

On December 4, 2012 by Super Rookie

We have missed you.

Have you missed us?

It has been a busy time here at FLCX Internet HQ with the racing season at the midway point.

A few little things of interest to keep your mind focused till the racing in Melbourne this weekend.

Lots of awesome news in here!

Infinity CX Trophies

We got a quick note from Mike King over at Infinity Bike Shop about the trophies they have cooked up for the racing this weekend!

I think they are pretty awesome.

Infinity Cross Flyer

We will see you all in Melbourne this weekend!

VeloChamp at Infinity!
We are stoked that our neutral support sponsor will be out making sure all of our bikes and wheels are in great shape at Infinity Cross. How many times has Jordan saved the racing experience for our competitors? His service is thankless and the least we can do is check out his awesome website and shop the next time we are in Tampa.

Ocala Cross Is Happening

Remember that there is an awesome cyclocross race in Ocala on December 30th! What a great way to work off some of that holiday laziness. It will also be a test event as Ocala is planning on being a part of the 2013/14 FLCX Season Calendar!

Here is the race flyer.

State Cross

Got off the phone with Dan down in Dade City and he has amazing things planned for our annual pilgrimage to the biggest cyclocross race in the state at the Little Everglades Ranch. The folks over at USA Cycling have finally signed off on the insurance and his race is good to go. Dan has the unfortunate task of being one of the few events in January every year which is when USA Cycling changes over their insurance! We appreciate all he does to keep racing exciting.

We can’t wait.

Team Points

We are thrilled that Dr. Fisher has tallied the team points and we hope to have that updated in the coming day, or so. Keep an eye out for a post about it.

Crazy Flier!

Those of you that are members of the Florida Cyclocross Series Facebook Group may have seen the teaser photo dropped on there by Clermont promoter and all-around good guy, Jason Guillen, the other day. Take a look at the crazy pay out he is putting up at his race!

If you finish in 10th place make sure you ask for a check!

Clermont Both Days!

It is with both happiness and sadness that we bring to your attention that the Clermont Cyclocross Weekend will now only be taking place at the National Training Center. We are thrilled because it is one of the most challenging and spectator friendly courses on the entire circuit. We are sad because there are hills and those hills are mean.

Mile Challenge

The gang from 352 Racing is having a running race on the Saturday of the Clermont Cyclocross Weekend at the track at the NTC. We are going to see who the fastest runner is in the mile. Four laps around the track. Must wear your cycling leotard. Running shoes are okay.

Don’t let Beardo beat you.

Florida Cyclocross Chatter: Vol 12

On November 21, 2012 by Super Rookie

Tampa Cyclocross Weekend

Lots of anticipation going into Thanksgiving weekend as there are two races on tap in Tampa. The Saturday race is all new and being brought to us by the folks at Orange State Cycling and Sunday is the return to Picnic Island for Kelby’s race. Make sure you check both flyers for the locations and race information.

11.24.2012 Tampa Riverfront CX

11.25.2012 Tampa Cyclocross Classic

Infinity CX Flyer Posted

We have posted the flyer for the #7 and #8 races on the calendar in Melbourne, Florida.

Ocala Cross Is Coming

Can’t get enough cyclocross? We are stoked to announce that there is an all new cross race on December 30th in Ocala. The course is awesome and it is a great way to keep the buzz alive over the holiday break of the FLCX Series. The group from Ocala is stoked to offer the race this year and has plans to be on the 2013/14 FLCX Calendar!

Race flyer is here.

Velo Champ Neutral Support

Quite a few racers had their weekends salvaged thanks to the generosity of Jordan Miller and his Velo Champ neutral support services. His appearance and expertise kept Eric Stubbs (352 Racing) on the podium as he worked out kinks on his bike while Stubbs completed a lap on a pit bike. He also wrote a little ditty about what he experienced in the pit. Take a gander and keep your bike in tip top shape!

Tally CX Results Posted

We have posted the results for Tally CX on USA Cycling and over at Cross Results. We have also gone ahead and updated the team and series standings. The gang here at FLCX HQ would like to thank Greg Buker and the folks in Tallahassee for getting us the race results in such a timely fashion.

Tally CX Video Excitement

We got a few videos from Tally CX:

#crosscopter crash:

#crosscopter race coverage:

Tally Cross w/ Tambourine Carnage:

Tally Race Recap

You may have missed it in the whirlwind of news on Monday and Tuesday, but here is the official FLCX race recap from Tally Weekend.

FLCX Team Competition

The team race is heating up just after four races. Looks like the Infinity Bike Shop team is taking advantage of having Jack Rich and Chris Slack. The 352 Racing team is closing in on second place with the emergence of Eric Stubbs. This write up is way more entertaining, though.

J-Pow Shout Out

Not every day that the defending National Champion links to your series website. Not a big deal or anything.




FLCX.ORG Site Traffic

What was the impact of the J-Pow tweet post on the website?

We had 2,922 unique visitors this past Tuesday (our most ever). Of those 2,997 visitors 810 came from J-Pow’s  tweet. 415 came directly to the page via retweets and over 1500 visits came from Facebook. We even got 58 hits from Sporza in Belgium that picked up the J-Pow story.

Pretty cool, huh?

Our three most popular days/posts are as follows:

  1. Tuesday Nov. 20th we got 2,997 unique visits for our JPow Crash post
  2. Tuesday Sept. 11th we got 2,023 unique visits for our USADA story at the Tally Mountain Bike Race
  3. Monday Nov. 19th we got 997 unique visits for race results and recaps from the Tally CX race.

Florida Cyclocross Chatter: Vol. 11

On November 15, 2012 by Super Rookie


There is a king-size portion of news about Florida Cyclocross that needs to be thoroughly digested before this weekend in Tallahassee.

Pull up a chair and enjoy.

Tally Cross

The FLCX Series returns to Tallahassee for another round of racing action this weekend. The race is being hosted by Florida State University and the Capital City Cyclists. The gang is led by Greg Buker (Team Sandbuker) and Jimbo Smart (Legend). They always put together a great course and there are lots of racers discussing their racing plans for the weekend. Rumor has it that there will be a cyclocross shindig on Saturday evening at about 9pm  at the legendary Waterworks Pub.

The course description from Jimbo Smart:

The course will vary between the two days, but here’s the first day description. Reverse it and you pretty much have the second day. You’ll start on a fairly long limerock stretch (3-400 yards) with a u-turn into a grassy/wooded straight, and then another, so three parallel sections. Then it’s a fast left turn onto an old paved section which is a shallow climb. A right turn takes you into the patented Tallahassee tree twisties. A fence barrier takes you a grassy twisty section. This is followed by a grassy loop around a dammed pond with a drop to the bottom of the dam and climb back up in two places, one definitely a run-up and the other TBD. After looping the pond it’s a gradual grassy/doubletrack climb back to the limerock road. The finish will be at the end of the limerock stretch.

Final course layout doesn’t happen until Friday afternoon so some of this may vary, but only slightly.

There’s no rain in the forecast which will make the course pretty fast, though some of the grass will be a slog, but that’s probably 15%  of the course. If rain does mysteriously make an appearance there will be a mud bog in one part of the course.

Tally CX Race Flyer


This weekend marks the first race in which VeloChamp will be showing up for neutral support with wheels, bikes and all kinds of goodies to keep your race going at full speed!

Points Up For Grabs

We have updated the FLCX Point Series after the Miami weekend.

The team competition is currently a battle between Infinity and 352 Racing, but there is an expected influx of the Tampa crew from Orange State Cycling and GearLink as these squads hope to climb up the standings. Currently the point system worked out by Dr. Ryan Fisher of 352 Racing does not seem to favor one team based on size, but rather quality. Can his system continue to work?

The individual point competition opened up in Miami with only a few surprises as Calixto Manuel (Team Velocity) is tied for 1st in the 1/2s with Chris Slack (Infinity). The other surprise is that Christian Ahrens (352 Racing) has opened up a lead in the Single Speed category over his 352 teammates.

Men Cat4 FLCX Series Reminder

Just a quick reminder from the FLCX promoters. We are not offering a cat4 overall prize this year. We are keeping track of points, but only for upgrade purposes (50% carry over to cat3s after upgrade). This is in an effort to increase field sizes (at higher levels) and to keep fields fair and fun. If you have upgraded to category three and would like for your partial points to be carried over please let us know and we will take care of that for you!

Tampa CX Weekend

The excitement is building for the Tampa CX Weekend organized by Orange State Cycling and KelbyCX. The Orange State gang has gotten permission to use the Rivercrest Park on the banks of the mighty Hillsborough River outside of Downtown Tampa. The course looks ideal for some classic American style racing action with 180s, off-camber, surprising elevation and awesome fun.

Picturesque location for the Tampa Riverfront CX race (Photo: VeloChamp).

The Sunday race is a return to Picnic Island where Kelby is in charge and once again will be putting together a course that capitalizes on the ideal location next to the bay. This course has a ton of hard elevation changes and is a real challenge for all racers. Last year the race was one of the most popular on the calendar and with the addition of the Riverfront CX race this weekend promises to be one of the biggest on the calendar this year. Kelby recently announced that Fulcrum has stepped up and donated a pair of wheels to be raffled off for the Tampa Bike Co-Op at the event. Don’t miss this chance to get a new set of racing wheels for cheap, while supporting an awesome cause.

Tampa Riverfront CX Race Flyer

Tampa Cyclocross Classic Race Flyer

Tampa Saturday Night

Make sure to set some time aside for a get together at VeloChamp on the Saturday night of Tampa weekend. Make sure to wear your skinniest jeans and polish off those black horned rimmed glasses and come out to the shop to drink a beverage of choice and talk cyclocross with the rest of your friends in the FLCX community. Check back for more details about this get together.

Ocala Cross!

We are proud to announce that the good folks down in Ocala have applied for a permit with USA Cycling to promoter a cyclocross race on the last Sunday of December. This will be the first time they have done the race, but a few of us here at FLCX.ORG have gone to Ocala to inspect the course and we were very impressed with the terrain and facilities they have at their disposal. The course should feature a nice road section, off-camber hills, a shallow run-up and some traditional cyclocross terrain. We have the feeling that they have the makings of a truly special course.

Keep an eye out for the official race flyer once it gets approved by USA Cycling for the race on December 30th.

Infinity CX

We have been getting a lot of emails about Infinity CX down in Melbourne. They have submitted most of their paperwork and have gotten city approval for a brand new course on Sebastian Inlet. We look forward to seeing everyone down there in a few weeks time.

Little Everglades Ranch State Championships

We spoke with promoter extraordinaire, Dan Millstead the other day and he is stoked to have everyone come to the ranch in the middle of January. He is once again pulling out all the stops this year and is expecting a record turnout. The flyer has been submitted to USA Cycling.

The race flyer from Dan Millstead!

Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 10

On November 1, 2012 by Super Rookie

Tropical Cyclocross!

Our racing season starts this weekend in Miami! Are you ready to rumble? Here is the race flyer. This year the gang is putting on two days of racing action, rather than just one. Last year the Tropical Cyclocross title went to mountain bike uber-pro Bob McCarty and all eyes will be on the long-haired wonder if he decides to show up once again.

The first race of the year offers a great chance to get some points for the FLCX Series standings and ensure a prize at the end of the season!

Velo Champ Sponsorship

Did you read the news about neutral support being provided by Velo Champ at select FLCX races this season? If you missed this piece of news read all about it.

Tropical Cyclocross Course Video:

Ocala Course Inspection

We went down to Ocala on Wednesday to take a look at a possible race course for an early December race on the weekend of the 1st. We will have more information for you about this race, but keep an eye out for another chance to race your bike. The long-term goal of the promoter is to get included on the FLCX Series Calendar for the 2013/14 season.

We love how much cyclocross is growing here in Florida!

Miami Dresses Up

The FLCX.ORG HQ is far away from the gang in Miami, but things seem to be getting wild and crazy down there!

Sweet costumes! (Photo: Keith Lawler)

Savannah Recap

We have a recap of Savannah all complete, we are just waiting for our northern neighbors to publish the results online so we can list how Florida riders finished.

Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 9

On October 25, 2012 by Super Rookie

Savannah Super-Prestige

A bunch of Floridians are heading up to Savannah this weekend for their annual Savannah Super Prestige Weekend. This is the largest race in our region with fields routinely over the average in Florida. It is a great tuneup for the FLCX season that starts the following weekend in Miami.

Read our preview!

Staches For Cross Awareness

Yes, cyclocross is all the rage. Mustaches are also all the rage. How about we combine the two? Well, some folks in Florida have decided to grow some mustaches for cyclocross season. This allows you to tell the world all about your love of the greatest sport on two wheels. Get on it, folks. Show off the lip rug.

Upgrades. Upgrades. Upgrades.

You are only allowed to race in the category/age listed on your USA Cycling licence. So, if you want to upgrade you need to submit it via your USA Cycling account. When submitting the upgrade make sure to list the date, field, field size and result in your request. To figure out your points, or to learn more about the upgrade process read the USA Cycling upgrade guide.

Last week of JAX.

The last week of cyclocross racing in Jacksonville is this Thursday evening at Boone Park at 6:40. Fields have been hovering around 40 racers and the promoters are hoping to have an FLCX race next season in the Jacksonville area. If you have haven’t gotten to a race make notes to visit next season.


Seems like a few people are banding together to keep the scourge of pinwheels in cyclocross out of Florida. You know those stupid things that are the sign of a lazy course designer. Takes up a lot of space and are really confusing? Well, now there is a Facebook page for you if you share those feelings.

Powers World Cup

If you live outside of Miami you already know about Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) getting a seventh at the first round of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup. This has moved him into 10th place in the world in UCI points. His stated goal is a front row start position and this appears in reach as one rider (Stybar) ranked above him has already stated that they will not be in Louisville this February. If you live in Miami you are just finding out about this news now and we have a video for you:

Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 8

On October 18, 2012 by Super Rookie

We are only two and a half weeks out from the Florida Cyclocross kick-off race in Miami. Here is a heaping of fresh cyclocross news to keep you in the loop.

Jacksonville Training Race Series Continues

The race series in Jacksonville continues this week and through the rest of the month on Thursday nights. Race time is 6:40pm and it is located in Boone Park in the Five Points neighborhood. The series has been a roaring success for the past three years and the promoter is hoping to turn the series into an FLCX Series Race next season. Make sure you bring your light as the final laps are in the dark!

Tally Cross and Swamp Cross Flyers Posted

You may have seen our recent post announcing the flyers of Tally Cross and Swamp Cross being approved by USA Cycling. They go in the books with Tropical Cyclocross as having all of the information announced and available. USA Cycling is also reporting that the Riverfront CX race in Tampa is also in the process of permitting.

Savannah Super Prestige Cyclocross Weekend

One of the biggest races in the region right around the corner up in Savannah, Georgia. The Super Prestige race is now entering its fourth year and it continues to bring in races across the area. We have been hearing from many Floridian racers that are planning on making the trip. This race provides an opportunity to race with large fields and to get in a final tune-up before the following weekends FLCX season opener in Miami at Tropical Cyclocross.

The race information for Savannah can be found here.

Lakeland Shorttrack Cyclocross Throwdown Results Posted

Head to our results page to see the results of last weekends mudfest in Lakeland.

Josh Thornton Gets Muddy. (Photo: Michael Ploch)

Ocala Cyclocross Race In The Works?

While in Lakeland this past weekend we chatted with some folks interested in putting on a cyclocross race in Ocala this December. Keep an eye on FLCX.org to get more information about this race. The target date will be Saturday, December 1st. The promoters are hoping to get their feet wet before going all in for a race next season. For those that are curious Ocala is about 45minutes south of Gainesville on Interstate 75.

Select FLCX Series Races To Feature Neutral Support

We will soon be making an announcement about a local shop providing top notch neutral support at select races across the state. Stay tuned to FLCX.ORG to see how a local business is going to make your race day worry free!

Louisville Worlds Tickets/Course/Announcements

The World Championships in Louisville have announced their tickets for the weekend of racing. Tickets cost $40 and are available here. Many Florida racers are heading to Louisville and plan on staying at the Hyatt Regency Downtown in Louisville. Also of interest was this tweet from the Louisville organizers recognizing Florida Cyclocross:


Graham Partain showed up to the Lakeland CX race and filmed it…the helicopter only lasted a little while before it fell to the earth faster than Felix Baumgartner. However, he was able to make this video. Feel free to share it with the world and get more racers out to FLCX events!

Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 7

On October 11, 2012 by Super Rookie

With racing starting up on Saturday you will probably want to hang out with the cool kids, so read up and act relevant.

Lakeland USAC Racing

USA Cycling racing action starts this weekend in Lakeland. Racing starts at 8:30am and registration begins at 7:30am. This will be a great opportunity to remove those cobwebs and get ready for the racing season. Plus, we want to see your smiling faces.

Here is the schedule as detailed in the above linked flyer (note the  wave structure is different from other FLCX races):

  • 7:30am Registration Opens
  • 8:30am Junior 10-14 / 20min
  • 9:00am Men/Women Cat4/5 and Junior 15-18 / 30min
  • 9:45am Men/Women Cat1/2/3 / 45min
See you out there!

Jacksonville Training

The third week of racing in Jacksonville continues this evening (Thursday) at Boone Park at 6:40pm. This is a USA Cycling sanctioned training event. The first two weeks of racing have seen fields of 45 and 35 racers. The course also features a fair amount of mud and a turnout of various skill levels. A great race for beginners and experts to hone their skills for the upcoming season.

Winter Garden Training

Jason Guillen (GearLink) is hosting another training race/evening at the Winter Garden venue this evening (Thursday). More information can be found here.

Permits In The Pipeline

A quick perusal of the USA Cycling page for cyclocross events in Florida shows that Swamp Cross and Tally Cross have filed for their permits and started the process to have their flyers posted. They will soon join Tropical Cyclocross in Miami as permitted USA Cycling events on the FLCX calendar. We have spoken to many promoters across the state and the process is moving along to getting the information for races up as soon as possible. Keep checking our schedule page, or our friends over at myfrca.org for the latest info on race permitting!

UCI Cyclocross World Championships

Tickets for the UCI World Championships go on sale today (Thursday). $40 for the weekend. Promoters are expecting upwards of 25,000 cyclocross fanaticos in attendance. Are you going to be there?

Several Floridians plan on making the trip to Louisville and the Downtown Hyatt Regency is the hotel of choice.

Quad Copter

Graham Partain (352 Racing) isn’t just busy getting on the podium in 35+ races. He is also learning how to fly a model helicopter. Why does this matter to Florida Cyclocross fans? Because it is mounted with a GoPro camera. This is the first time in national cyclocross that someone has taken filming to such an absurd level. See his new video below:


Cross Bike Sales Rising

We have been hearing from shop owners across the state that cyclocross bikes are moving out the door. This is great news as the more people with cyclocross bike the less we have to hear, “I can’t race because I don’t own a cross bike.” We are hoping for a large increase in racers this year across the state in cyclocross and the rising bike sales seem to suggest we are getting there.

An example of the increase in sales comes from Velo Champ  down in Tampa. They posted on their Twitter account the following message:

If you, or your shop, has seen an increase in sales hit us up on email info@flcx.org or copy us on twitter at @flcxorg to let us know!

Little Everglades = Wonderland

Dan Millstead, promoter of the Florida State Cyclocross Championships, has been hard at work creating a new flyover for us in January.* Here is a picture:

What? That can’t be real! (Photo: Dan Millstead)

*Just kidding. This is a new obstacle for the Savage Run held on the grounds of the Little Everglades Ranch on October 20th!

Florida Cyclocross Chatter Vol. 6

On October 4, 2012 by Super Rookie

Jacksonville Training Series

The Jacksonville Training Series continues this evening at Boone Park with a 6:40pm start time. The course features lots of technical turns and quite a few dismounts every lap. With daylight getting shorter every day you will want to bring lights to the races. The series continues through the end of October on Thursday nights. The first week of racing had 45 competitors and promoters are expecting more this week.

Spaghetti 100 Dirt Ride

The Spaghetti 100 in Tallahassee offers a great opportunity to get some miles in on your cyclocross rig before the start of the season on October 13th in Lakeland. The winner gets a jersey and the losers have to listen to Jack Attack Tomassetti wax poetic about the good use of your entry fees to get kids on bikes in the Capital City.

Flyover Spy Pic

Another fly-over spy pic from Miami has appeared via the fabricators of the behemoth, Elito Sculptures. Our favorite part? The planters on the sides of the steps:

Sweet workshop, bro. (Photo: Elito Sculptures)

Officials Needed

We could use a few more people to help officiate races this year. We are looking for individuals to help with scoring of races, and the Men’s 1/2 and 35+ race in particular since our normal officials plan on putting on the kit and racing this year. If you have some spare time and want to become a certified USA Cycling official let us know!

Update: Thanks to Mike Weimar (Orange State Cycling) and Todd Frobish (Brick City Bicycles) for answering the call. We could still use more!

We have all been there before. (H/T Rick Buning)

We Want Race Promoters!

There is nothing better than hearing from individuals that want to put on a cyclocross races. How can you get on the calendar? Well, we want you! Currently, we have the FLCX series already set for the 2012/13 season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still put on a race. Just take a look at what Lakeland is doing on October 13th. They have a race and a venue all set-up, it just isn’t part of the point series.

The more cyclocross races we have the more racers are going to take our sport seriously in the Sunshine State. If you are interested in promoting a cyclocross race email us at info@flcx.org and we will tell you what you need to do. All we ask is that you don’t put on a race on a date that already has a cross race! We are working on making the cycling pie bigger, not trying to cannibalize one another.

We have already heard from promoters expressing interest in hosting races in Jacksonville, Ocala and Deland for next season and we are hearing through the grapevine of a weekly series being hosted in Orlando and Gainesville in the coming year as well. Cyclocross is blowing up and you are going to want to get in on the ground level!