Extremely long winded pretentious posturing begins now…. First and foremost, I’m a lifelong bicycle nerd. Currently passing three and a half decades of riding splintery ramps, welding up highly questionable two wheeled contraptions, cruising for hours through beautiful Central Florida forest singletrack, racing in the old man league of extraordinary gentlemen, and desperately trying to hold the wheels of the young guns on our bi-weekly road beatdown sessions tends to produce a certain amount of teary eyed affection and devotion for our world of pedal power. This love is transmitted through community efforts to encourage existing riders and cultivate new ones through social and competitive events centered in our area. I am the secretary of our local tri-county IMBA/SORBA trail group, Flagler Area Biking Sorba, where we organize numerous events throughout Central Florida and assist in maintaining our darn rad 5 local mountain bike trails. I volunteer at our wonderful local bike shop (JC’s) for fund raising events and general rowdiness as well as consistent attendance in the local race scene for cyclocross, mtb and road. As a perk in karmic value, I also offer free bike repairs at my kid’s school. I have a deep-rooted urge to rescue unloved, discarded bicycles. Bringing them home to my ever growing garden of rusty steeds that is the mothball fleet. Usually the more decrepit and mechanically deficient, the better. The one thing they must have is character, this quality is difficult to convey in words, but I know it when I see it. These treasures are often rehab’d, rewelded, reworked and ridden back and forth to work every day (since 87!). As a random employment note, I have not taken a sick-day, or been late to work for 14 years ….that’s just mental. Bragging is lame, please take a moment to visit my website for examples of media/community involvement and general nonsensical behavior. Glad to be here among like-minded, cool folks.

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Florida Cyclocross, it’s way more than riding bikes in a random sweltering field…. Bowling Night with the Heavies.

  Florida cyclocross is an odd lot fo’ sho’. Not only the toughest 13mph you’ll ever do on a bike, not only the loudest spectators sporting water squirters and beer handups, not only the most eclectic, oddball bunch of regulars from every age bracket, every level of ability… not just those, it’s truly a family […]