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2020 Season?

Will we have a season this year? Will all this crap be over by then? I hope so! I miss the cross gang. I don’t want Florida Cyclocross to die, just because of some virus. Anyone with me? John

2019 Power Rankings – Prior to Rodeo Crosss

Jonathan Perez has taken over the Power Rankings and there couldn’t be a better person to do it: Playing Bikes Facebook Page – FLCX Power Rankings We’ll try to figure out how to do a YouTube video after the next race! Updated: The Ghosts of CrossMas There have been many weekly installments but Jonathan has […]

Florida Cyclocross, it’s way more than riding bikes in a random sweltering field…. Bowling Night with the Heavies.

  Florida cyclocross is an odd lot fo’ sho’. Not only the toughest 13mph you’ll ever do on a bike, not only the loudest spectators sporting water squirters and beer handups, not only the most eclectic, oddball bunch of regulars from every age bracket, every level of ability… not just those, it’s truly a family […]

Nat Pinheiro – First CX Season

MY FIRST CX RACE or “how I learned to stop hating and love to race bikes again” Cross racing is fun. I’ve been racing a mtb for a few years, and really burned out on the level of commitment one has to burden themselves with to be competitive, even in cat 3. So basically after […]

Open For Business has returned. Looking for authors and editors. In particular: Power Rankings Author “Person of Interest” articles and interviews Events Calendar Manager (Taken: Cross Kitty) Standings and Results Reporters Please use the form below to volunteer: