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2020 Season?

Will we have a season this year? Will all this crap be over by then? I hope so! I miss the cross gang. I don’t want Florida Cyclocross to die, just because of some virus. Anyone with me? John

2019 Power Rankings – Prior to Rodeo Crosss

Jonathan Perez has taken over the Power Rankings and there couldn’t be a better person to do it: Playing Bikes Facebook Page – FLCX Power Rankings We’ll try to figure out how to do a YouTube video after the next race! Updated: The Ghosts of CrossMas There have been many weekly installments but Jonathan has […]

Nat Pinheiro – First CX Season

MY FIRST CX RACE or “how I learned to stop hating and love to race bikes again” Cross racing is fun. I’ve been racing a mtb for a few years, and really burned out on the level of commitment one has to burden themselves with to be competitive, even in cat 3. So basically after […]

Open For Business has returned. Looking for authors and editors. In particular: Power Rankings Author “Person of Interest” articles and interviews Events Calendar Manager (Taken: Cross Kitty) Standings and Results Reporters Please use the form below to volunteer: