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We are the official Florida Cyclocross Series website that is 100% focused on cyclocross in the Sunshine State. This website is a venue for all cross promoters to advertise their races, as well as anyone that would like to contribute. Our goal is to have a site that covers a range of topics: race recaps, course previews, videos, tech-tips, power rankings and a friendly guide to heckling.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is cyclocross?

Take the best part of mountain biking and the best part of road cycling and make a baby. That baby will grow up to become the greatest thing in the history of cycling. You can read the USAC rules of CycloCross at this link.(pdf)

Do I need a license to race?

Yes, you need a USA Cycling license to race at all FLCX events. If you don’t have one you can get a one-day license for just $15 at every race.

What category should I race in?

We strive to have every racer in a field that is fair, fun and competitive. This means that you will race in the category that is listed on your USAC license. If you feel that you have the skills or the points to upgrade you need to make a request through USA Cycling.

We recommend you take a look at the USA Cycling category guidelines to get a better understanding on how the point system works.

Can you tell me what to expect on race day?

Yes, it will be our pleasure. Cyclocross races are between 30min to 60min long depending on your race category. Race courses are comprised of asphalt, grass, sand, and dirt. A lap is typically one to two miles long and features a few obstacles requiring dismounts: barriers and run-ups. First rider across the finish line after the allotted time is the winner. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

How much do races cost?

Races typically range from $20 to $30. Check the race flyer to find out for sure!

Can I use a mountain bike?

Absolutely. Just make sure you take off the bar ends.

How do I upgrade?

From the USAC Rule Book, pg. 25

1D4. Cyclo-cross Upgrades
Cyclo-cross categories are upgraded similarly to road
upgrades using the system below:
(a) Requirements for upgrading via points:
4-3: Experience in 10 qualifying races or 10 points in 12
3-2: 10 points in 12 months (two wins is a mandatory
upgrade if the field had at least 11 competitors)
2-1: 20 points in 12 months (two wins is a mandatory
upgrade if the field had at least 40 competitors)

Upgrade Points are different from FLCX Series points. They are awarded as following:

Number of Starters
Placing 5-10 11-20 21-50 50+
1 3 4 5 7
2 2 3 4 5
3 1 2 3 4
4 X 1 2 3
5 X X 1 2
6 X X X 1

USA Cycling may add additional requirements for upgrading
at their discretion. Any such changes shall be made available
on the website.
1D5. Cyclo-cross Conversion
Cyclo-cross categories may also be upgraded by conversion
from a rider’s earned road or cross country category. If during
the season, a rider upgrades his or her road category or XC
category, the cyclo-cross category can be upgraded to match

What is a sandbagger?

Sandbaggers are the enemy. A sandbagger is a racer that consistently podiums in their category, but refuses to upgrade. They usually cite an obscure rule, or an elaborate excuse, but the truth is that they belong in another category. Thankfully, sandbaggers are not too common in these parts due to the Sandbagger Committee that routinely studies the results to ensure fun and fair competition across all categories. It is actually pretty simple:

  • Cat 4 to Cat 3: Experience in 10 mass start cross events, or 10 upgrade points in 12 months.
  • Cat 3 to Cat 2: 10 upgrade points in 12 months (two wins is a mandatory upgrade if the field had 11 starters).

Why are people yelling at me?

That isn’t yelling. That is heckling. Heckling is what makes cyclocross fun. Need some heckling help? Wait around for a rider to come around and think back to your junior high lunchroom, clean it up a little bit and let loose. Just remember that it is in poor taste when you swear, or revert to the lame “you suck” heckle.