About Us

This site is the “official” site for Florida Cyclocross, official that is in that there is no governing body really. FLCX is an “ad hoc” organization with a loosely defined set of leaders, rules, guidelines and numerous opinions on things that really don’t matter such as zip ties, podium bikes and old men on mountain bikes.

Although Florida Cyclocross is generally run under USA Cycling rules, and therefore part of the FBRA, it is not a requirement. Currently, all Florida races are being operated under USA Cycling permits.

We do not have a membership requirement or anything like that, we are just a group of cyclists who like riding around other people’s back yards.

Meet The Authors

Clint Gibbs is our Roving Reporter. He is well known for his video interviews, published on his YouTube channel.

Wayne Keller the Photographer. Wayne is known for his excellent photography and very well written articles.

Todd Leedy is the Swamp Thing. He is an admin for the Facebook group and also a race promoter (Swamp Cross).

Jonathan Perez is Trouble. He loves trouble, seeks trouble and finds trouble. But he’s very entertaining to watch.

Paul Troyer, aka CrossKitty, is an assistant admin and reports not only from the cat’s eye view of cross, but keeps us all up to date on the dating scene.

John Will Tenney is the Old Man on a Mountain Bike, the Slowest Rider on the field. He is also Chief Cook and Bottle Washer for the site.