2013 USA Cycling Changes to CX Upgrade Rules:

On November 30, 2012 by Christian

From the USA Cycling Email we just received:

Cyclo-cross upgrades

The Cyclo-cross upgrade section was rewritten to more closely match the road. There are two ways to upgrade, voluntary and mandatory. The number of points is now given for each of the mandatory upgrades. Please note that junior women are exempt from a mandatory upgrade to Category 2

Cyclo-cross riders must upgrade from Category 4 to Category 3 after either competing in 10 qualifying races or accruing 10 points.

Category 3 riders may upgrade to Category 2 with 10 points. Amassing 15 points or two wins in a field of at least 30 competitors is a mandatory upgrade.

Category 2 riders may upgrade to Category 1 voluntarily with 20 points. Category 2 riders receive a mandatory upgrade after amassing either 25 points or two wins in a field of at least 40 competitors.

These rules go into effect January 1, 2013, so they won’t affect this year’s series, but it seems as if it will for next year. It remains to be seen how this is enforced, of course.

Requesting an upgrade is an easy process and is done through your USACycling.com Member Account. In order to properly request an upgrade you MUST include the following pieces of information: Race Date, Race Name, Race Category, Result and Number of Participants. If you have questions about this please visit the USA Cycling Page on Cyclocross Upgrades.

No sandbags allowed at FLCX races. (Photo: doordam.com)