2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Semi-Final Pre-Season Rankings

On October 23, 2012 by Super Rookie

A good book takes a little while to understand. You have to read it twice to really get a grasp on things. The Power Rankings are no different and with the first race of the season in the books we have another chance to see how things stand before the start of the FLCX season in Miami in two weeks. The upcoming race weekend in Savannah will also provide a glimpse into seeing who is hot and who is not. Then, and only then can we determine who’s on top of the heap for the beginning of the year.

Let’s take a look at where things stand two weeks before the FLCX Series opener:

2012/13 FLCX Power Rankings: Pre-Season Pt. 2

1. Josh Thornton (Dunedin Cyclery) | Cat1/2 | Last Week: #3

  • When you lap everyone except for the #2 on the power rankings you deserve the top spot.
  • A win is a win. Lakeland is a small race, but Thornton turned the result immediately into success at the Downeast CX in Maine

2. Jack Rich (Infinity Bike Shop) | 35+ | Last Week #1

  • A victim of circumstance. The only reason Rich falls a spot is because Thornton showed up to Lakeland.
  • Stellar performance in Lakeland shows that Rich is the man to beat in the 35+ this season. And he got a new bike for this year.

3. Chris Slack (Infinity Bike Shop) | Cat1/2 | Last Week #2

  • Slack was a no show at Lakeland, but rumor has it that he lost 5lbs off of his 120lb weight.
  • That has to count for something, right?
  • He actually upgraded to category 2!

4. Zach Fout (Gearlink) | Cat1/2 | Last Week #UR

  • Where the heck did this guy come from?
  • Already upgraded to cat1/2 and finished with a strong 3rd at Lakeland.
  • Just welcomed a new child into the world, so who knows how often he will be able to come play.
5. Ben Smith (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More) | 35+ | Last Week #UR
  • Crushing dreams in Seattle for the first few races this season.
  • Best hope for taking Jack Rich down a step this season?

6. Taylor Norton (Orange State Cycling) | Cat3 and Single Speed | Last Week #9

  • Don’t understand how you can move up without racing? We don’t either.
  • On a mission to bring the pain to the front of the field, and to lap the back of the field with impunity
  • Taylor is now the man to beat in the cat3s, unless Greg Buker (FSU) still hasn’t upgraded.

7. Zoe Mullins (Colavita) | Women 1/2/3 | Last Week #4

  • Didn’t race at Lakeland + Training with John-Paul = Drop in the rankings.
8. Todd Frobish (U/A) | Cat4 | Last Week #UR
  • While in the process of winning easily in Lakeland the whispers started.
  • What were they saying?
9. Chase Tennyson (352 Racing p/b Bikes and More ) |Cat3 | Last Week #UR
  • Took a strong second place to Zach Fout in the cat3s at Lakeland.
  • A podium in the cat3 FLCX Series seems to be in the making for Tennyson in 2012/13.

10. Tony Timonere (Top Gear Cyclces) | 35+ | Last Week #UR

  • First race of the season and Timonere scores a strong fourth place.
  • Just think if he actually knew what he was doing out there!

Falling Off: Dario Perez (Miami Velo), Steve Noble (Infinity Bike Shop), Jackson Mehr (U/A), Keith Richards (352 Racing), John Hovius (Orlando Road Club), Brook Rich (Infinity Bike Shop)